Dog in Need of Help Got Help Thanks to Her

While on vacation in Turkey, a British family find a starving street dog and want to rescue it. The local Muslims laugh and mock them for their empathy toward man’s best friend.

Here’s a heartwarming story of the European’s love for animals, highlighting racial differences toward kindness to out four legged friends.

The Dodo

When Nicky Holden and her family booked their first holiday abroad last year, they had no idea that they’d be returning with an extra family member.

They spent their first few days in Turkey laying by the pool and swimming in the sea. But on day three, Holden decided to head to a local market in Fethiye with her partner, her daughter and her brother-in-law for some shopping.

“We were looking at the stalls and exploring the market when we turned a corner and I saw this black mass on the floor. It looked like a pile of rubbish, but I knew it was a dog,” Holden told The Dodo.

“She was laid there on the ground and everyone was just stepping over her,” she said. “It was shocking to see a living creature in such a state, needing help, and hundreds of people just walking past, paying her no attention.”

“As we got to her, she looked up at us and wagged her tail,” Holden said. “She was so skinny and could barely lift her head.”

Holden and her family bought some food and water from a nearby stall and fed the young, flat-coated retriever, whom they eventually named Kez, after a friend of Holden’s who had recently lost her battle with cancer.

“We sat on the floor with her and she just laid there, licking our hands,” Holden said. “She was skin and bone, she was filthy and her coat was so matted. Her eyes were so deep and she gazed up at me. I knew then that I had to do something.”

Holden and her partner, Sid, were both crying while a crowd formed around them.

“They were laughing at us,” she said. “They couldn’t understand why we cared so much about this ‘worthless’ street dog.”

Eventually, Holden and her family returned to their hotel without Kez.

“There was nothing I could do there and then,” Holden said. “I barely slept that night as I was so worried about her.”

The following morning, they spent four hours in the hotel lobby making phone calls and searching the internet for someone who could help Kez. But they couldn’t find anyone who was able to help them.

They walked down to a nearby village to speak to the locals when a woman handed them a leaflet advertising a fundraising event for a local charity and they rushed over. The group put them in touch with Mad About Mutts, a local boarding kennel for dogs, which agreed to help if the family could find Kez again.
The couple headed back to the market, but when they got there, they realized it had closed and all the market stalls had disappeared.

“Our hearts sank,” Holden said. “We searched the whole area, looking behind bins and showing people her picture. In a nearby residential area we knocked on every door. We went to the harbor and asked all the restaurant owners and shopkeepers.”

“I was losing hope and didn’t think we’d ever see her again, when we turned down an alleyway and there she was, slumped in a doorway — we couldn’t believe it,” Holden said. “She recognized us immediately and her tail started wagging.”

The couple bought a collar and leash from a local pet shop and put it on Kez before calling back Mad About Mutts — staffers from the kennels quickly came to collect all three of them.

They rushed Kez to a local vet’s office, and then back to the kennels, where Kez would stay for the next five months while her transport and paperwork could be arranged. It took just two days for Holden to raise the $2,000 she needed to pay for everything. And then they waited.

Finally, in November 2016, Kez arrived at Holden’s home in England as the family’s 10th dog. Now, she’s part of the pack — joining collies Bean, Bear, Tri and Tootz, Jack Russell terrier Pip, dachshund Tula, lurcher Otto, kelpie cross Dex and bearded collie Casca — though it took her some time to settle in.

“She was very nervous at first, particularly of men,” Holden said. “She would bark out of fear. She’d bark at people wearing hats or people on bikes. It’s taken time and patience, but she is fine with people now. She loves other dogs, she loves puppies and she loves children. She is so good with my grandson.”

When one of Holden’s other dogs, Tri, gave birth to five puppies, Kez took to them as though they were her own. “She loved the puppies, she worshipped them,” Holden said. “She is the sweetest thing I have ever met; she is so gentle.”

Kez quickly adapted to living in a home, learned how to walk on a lead and how to play with toys. And now, she has even started agility training with her new mom, a top agility trainer.

Lots of people tried to put me off going back for her. They said it was pointless and that we’d never find her,” Holden said. “But now, every evening she curls up on the sofa with us and our other dogs and we know she’s safe and will never be hungry or thirsty ever again.”

Nicky Holden now works to raise awareness about the plight of Turkish streets dogs and fundraises for Homeward Bound, a small, UK-based nonprofit working to rescue street dogs in Turkey.

Kudos to all who helped rescue Kez, who now has a forever home filled with love.

12 thoughts on “Dog in Need of Help Got Help Thanks to Her

  1. That’s the difference between White Europeans and shit stained 3rd world mouth breathers! What a nice story, glad the family got him out of there! I am sure there are many animals like this one in the same type of situation…Ihate thinking about it!

    • You’re right, of course, but ironically these particular White Europeans would no doubt hate you for saying it. Because race has nothing to do with it, you know, and anyway there is only one race, the Human race. That’s how I read them.

      • @AnalogMan WROTE – “and anyway there is only one race, the Human race”

        Here we go again, another PC social “scientist” and his egalitarian wishes, which “unfortunately” do not hold water … Biologically, Logically and even Semantically.

        Race OFFICIALLY – “In biology, races are genetically distinct populations within the same species; they typically have relatively minor morphological and genetic DIFFERENCES. Though all humans belong to the SAME SPECIES (Homo sapiens), and even to the same SUB-SPECIES (Homo sapiens sapiens), there are small genetic variations across the globe that engender diverse physical appearances, such as variations in skin color … but PC Scientists usually “omit” to say something MORE IMPORTANT – variations in FACIAL APPEARANCES TEMPERAMENT and BEHAVIOUR.

        As of behavior, they rather associate it with culture, which is, as they say, immanent to ethnicity and not to the Race. This “fact” also do not stands, because Europeans have a lot of COMMON in culture, while have NOTHING in common with Africans, Black or Muslim.

        As of Human’s DNA, which is, as they say, 99.5% shared … hmm; with mousses we share 95%

        Single-Race apologists fervently exalt the “poem” – we all bleed RED blood … well, what about animals, fishes … even insects … don’t they do the same – ?

        If Nations do exist, where no one ever said that Nations are Social Construct, than by the SAME logic, Races do exist too … and both are just subdivisions of Humans or Human species.

        When you say Human Race, than, by following such “logic”, it could mean that there are OTHER Races … Animal Race, Bird Race, Fish Race, etc.

        If we try to LOGICALLY analyze Sub-Saharan Black Africans and compare their APPEARANCE, primarily FACIAL, with Europeans and Chimpanzees … Chimpanzee resemblance is indisputable. Add to this BEHAVIORAL and TEMPERAMENTAL component … beyond any doubt, Blacks and Chimps have more in common than Blacks and Europeans.

        Following this comparison, and acquired result, we have two options left, under the theory of ONE Race, Chimpanzees should be upgraded to the status of Race … or Sub-Saharan Black Africans should be degraded to the status of APES or APISH Race. IMHO, second option might be more logical … appropriate, definitely.

  2. I will sound a bum note here, as usual on street dog rescuers. This story tells you all you need to know as to whites are going down the gurgler. The future belongs to hard men, not to weakling cucks and women like this couple. The Turks and their muzz allies will conquer Europe – if they have not already. While whites are crying and worrying about street dogs, blacks and towel heads are copulating and making somewhat human babies – by the billions.

    ““They were laughing at us,” she said. “They couldn’t understand why we cared so much about this ‘worthless’ street dog.” The Turks are 100% right. Almost no dogs are sterilised in shithole nations, including pets. And neither are cats. Hence street puppies and kittens are popped out by the millions. Only suckers take them in. “Loving” pet owners dump the unwanted pet babies so saps like these people will look after them.

    “I barely slept that night as I was so worried about her.”
    I can hardly sleep for worrying about whites and whether they will survive the Black Plague. I lose no sleep worrying about street dogs. In Sydney – there are none. In Eastern Europe there are a shitload of them, more than in Turkey.

    “It took just two days for Holden to raise the $2,000 she needed to pay for everything.” What does this mean, not their own bank account money but sucker money from bleeding hearts?

    “Kez arrived at Holden’s home in England as the family’s 10th dog.” So these fools already had nine dogs. They are the dog equivalent of cat ladies. I hope the dog spent 6 months in quarantine as required.

    “Nicky Holden now works to raise awareness about the plight of Turkish streets dogs and fundraises for Homeward Bound, a small, UK-based nonprofit working to rescue street dogs in Turkey.” How about putting all her effort into sterilising all street dogs in Turkey and ending the baby boom? Do not adopt them – kill them, and the same goes for human vermin from Mutism (sic) and Africoon nations. If white hearts bleed over stray dogs and cats – how will they have the hardness needed to ethnically cleanse the African population explosion?

    It is one thing to love ones own children or one’s own pet. But why fall in love with every piece of shit on the pavement, or dead tinted baby on a beach? May as well love gypsies, coons and homeless bums, and take them in. Actually – that is exactly what white nations are doing. Taking in street people from the worst nations in the world. Why not take all their street animals as well, lots of hungry sacred cows in India – move them to London streets and stop being so cruel.

    Having said all the above………If these people had zero dogs before Kez…………………
    “if you want love, get a dog’.
    If you want love, loyalty, gratitude for ever – get a street dog. They never forget what life on the streets was like.

    • Robert, you were too harsh on that one … I don’t see any problem with four-leg animal-immigrants to Europe … as long as two-leg Turd-herds remain behind.

    • I had a bitch turn up on my farm once, skin and bones and starving. I fed her, and of course that made her mine. A week later she surprised us with a litter of six pups. Unfortunately, the pups didn’t survive.

      Anyway, my neighbour looked after my dogs when I went on a holiday to visit my kids. When I got back, she was happy to see me, but preferred to stay with the neighbour. So much for gratitude for ever. Last I saw her, she was nearly as broad as she was long, so, yeah, she never forgot what being hungry was like, and made sure not to do it again.

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