Breaking! Fox News Trump Supporter Eric Bolling Suspended


Fox News host Eric Bolling comes across as a manly man with a healthy interest in the opposite sex. He’s the kind of male who is out of fashion today, where pajama boys, metrosexuals, and an assortment of fags are presented as role models to young men.

It’s easy to mentally picture Bolling flirting with the ladies. It’s not as easy, but not impossible to mentally picture him sending “inappropriate” photos to some of the seemingly sexualized Fox News “babes.”

The purge of Trump supporters at Fox should prove one thing: If Trump were truly controlled opposition, his high profile supporters would not be facing so much adversity.

Eric Bolling has recently become a big name on Fox News, after years of toiling in relative obscurity. By the time Fox is done, will anyone who supports Trump be left?

Bolling denies sending three Fox women pictures of male junk. It’s not clear if the pictures were of him or of other males, such as pron stars or perhaps news photos of Anthony Weiner’s private parts.


“Fox News Specialists” host Eric Bolling has been suspended from Fox News amid allegations that he sent unsolicited photos of male genitalia several years ago to at least two colleagues at Fox Business Network and at least one colleague at Fox News, Mediaite reported on Saturday. The claims were first reported by HuffPost, which cited a dozen sources.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” Fox News said in a statement emailed to Business Insider. The probe is being conducted by the law firm Paul Weiss.

The women who made the allegations against Bolling are either current or previous Fox employees who, when they received the messages, told colleagues they were very “upsetting” and “offensive.” One woman said that when she replied to Bolling’s text and told him never to send her photos like that again, he didn’t reply back.

When HuffPost contacted Fox on Friday, a spokesperson told the outlet, “We were just informed of this and plan to investigate the matter.”

When he was asked whether Bolling had ever sent any unsolicited or inappropriate messages to his colleagues at either Fox News or Fox Business, Bolling’s attorney Michael J. Bowe replied, “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Before getting a spot on “Fox News Specialists,” Bolling was a co-host on the popular evening program, “The Five.” He is an avid defender of President Donald Trump and has frequently drawn praise from the president. While Bolling’s suspension is in effect, rotating substitute hosts will be in place on The Specialists, as well as on Bolling’s weekend segment, “Cashin’ In.”

Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, has seen a stream of high-profile departures over the last year in the wake of a number of sexual harassment scandals.

It started last summer, when former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, now deceased, was forced to resign when then host Gretchen Carlson accused him of unwanted sexual advances. Carlson subsequently left the network.

In April, primetime star Bill O’Reilly was forced to tender his resignation as well, following an exodus of advertisers that came on the heels of an explosive report saying O’Reilly and Fox News had paid out $13 million to five women to settle sexual-harassment claims they had brought against him. Multiple other women also accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment after the initial revelations.

Primetime commentator Megyn Kelly also left Fox News this year, reportedly partially because she was upset by O’Reilly’s criticism of her for publicly commenting on the sexual harassment she faced at Fox News, The New York Times reported in April.

Kelly talked about having been sexually harassed by Ailes in her book, which O’Reilly criticized her for in November. During an appearance on “CBS This Morning,” O’Reilly shot back at Kelly’s remarks and said, “Look, it’s open season. Let’s whack the Fox News Channel. I’ve had enough of it. It’s a good place to work, all right?”

In July, Jamie Horowitz, then the president of Fox Sports, was also fired amid an ongoing sexual harassment probe into his actions when he spearheaded the network.

An informative profile of Bolling and family can be read at Heavy. Bolling has one son and is a devout Catholic, going to church seven days a week.

Let’s see what happens here. I hope that another normal white man hasn’t been taken down by feminists.

12 thoughts on “Breaking! Fox News Trump Supporter Eric Bolling Suspended

  1. The probe is being conducted by the law firm (((Paul Weiss))).

    This is one I don’t believe. It’s obvious what’s going on here. Targeting all of the media hosts supporting Trump. (((They))) already took a stab at Hannity. Jesse Waters will be next.

    • At Heavy there’s a pic with him, his wife and Andrea Tantaros. She accused O’Reilly, Ailes, or someone at Fox. Which makes me wonder if she’s one of the ones accusing Bolling.

      And yes, it is obvious what’s going on here. I’ll bet there’s this kind of stuff going on elsewhere in the news business, but only at Fox is it coming out.

      • Paladin,

        Of course, it’s a cesspool at CNN and MSNBC and they’re probably in on taking Trump supporting hosts down. Let’s see if (((they))) go after a female, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a huge Trump fan.

        Forgot about Tucker. He’s receiving death threats from liberals.

        Don’t know about Tantaros. She supported Trump, appeared to have high morals. All I know is her career is finished. That’s why women usually stay silent. The main problem I see is those telling the truth are accused of lying because so many women do lie.

        I think Ailes was guilty. He could have passed for a pedophile, too. A real slimy, creepy, looking guy to me. We’ll see about O’Reilly. He’s blames CNN and MSNBC for his lynching.

        I always thought Bolling was a decent person, a likable man, very good at his job, a good catch for any woman deserving of him; although, he is married.

        Let’s not forget 2 liberals inherited Fox after Ailes left. .

  2. For how many years do cellphone companies keep the records of text messages? Bolling began working at Fox in 2008, per Heavy.

    So sometime between 2008 & “several years ago” he supposedly sent the photos via text message.

    It’s probably not even true, but I would think he could prove it fast enough if there are records at his cellphone company.

    Then turn around & sue the beeches that wrongly accused him.

  3. “unsolicited photos of male genitalia several years ago”.
    These women were adults, not small powerless children. They did not come forward at the time and now is too late. He could never be convicted on this old evidence, nor should he have to give these women any cash compensation, or their (((shyster lawyer))). For example, anyone could have used his computer when he was not at his desk to send these photos. Only a timely complaint – e.g. the same or next day, would give the man any chance to say what time he had his breaks, and when he was at his desk, or even if he was at work, or used his computer that day.

    Employers like this allow people to break rules and say nothing. then fire the person later when they are no longer required. I worked for a US company where porn was banned. Nonetheless one dipshit there sent all the males porn, often. Then, now and again, this porn could be used to fire people who really were being made redundant, which cost more. So the porn on the ‘puter is “allowed” by the crafty employer for blackmail purposes, as with this guy.

    • They don’t need to convict him of anything, they simply use the publicity in the now, not the legal outcome a year or two later. That does all the damage you need. The publicity itself is the weapon.

    • How do they know it was his? Will there be a line-up to ID it?

      You only have to generate the accusation. Truth is irrelevant.

      • Yes. The legal system et al is window dressing, a formality. Waste of time. So many stupid people exist out here you simply feed them a buzz word and they bite. If you are not fat, non disabled, not a nog or Mystery meat, have two brain cells, and try to work you are guilty before you even get to trial.

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