Anti-Trump Presidential Assistant Loyal to Bush Threatens to Fire Fans of Infowars and MILO

Alt-light journalist Jack Pesobiac names a woman assistant to the President who is backstabbing Trump by preventing his supporters from taking White House Jobs. Jana Toner is her name. Here’s a link to Jana Colletti Toner’s Facebook. Trump needs to fire her!

Excerpt from Medium

Multiple sources within the White House have confirmed that Jana Toner, a member of the Presidential Personnel Office, is regularly heard publicly insulting prominent pro-Trump media figures, including former Breitbart Technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Infowars founder Alex Jones. Mrs. Toner has even told White House interns that sharing content from Mr. Yiannopoulos or Mr. Jones’ Infowars on social media is grounds for dismissal.

Furthermore, two White House interns recounted how other employees with the Presidential Personnel Office, at the direction of Mrs. Toner, have also threatened to blacklist them from the White House internship program if they have posted anything from Yiannopoulos, Jones, or Infowars on their personal social media accounts.

The first line on the White House internship program application demands to know the applicant’s “Contact information and social media accounts,” which in turn allows Mrs. Toner and her staffers use to weed out Trump supporters from the program.

One intern, who wished to remain anonymous described experiencing a “chilling effect” after a PPO employee who reports directly to Mrs. Toner declared: “We will search through your Facebook and we will find everything,” and “If you like Milo Yiannopolous or Alex Jones this isn’t the place for you” at the outset of the internship program. That same intern noted that the PPO employee who proclaimed this mispronounced both Mr. Yiannopoulos’ first and last names.

This news comes along with the firings of multiple Trump loyalists from the National Security Council by HR McMaster. McMaster was appointed National Security Advisor after the firing to Michael Flynn. McMaster was recommended to the White House by Senator Tom Cotton who has ties to notorious NeverTrump megadonor Paul Singer.

Members of the “Never Trump” movement have not only managed to sneak into the Trump Administration — they have now penetrated the upper echelons of the Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) and are wielding enormous influence over key hiring decisions across the federal government. Johnny DeStefano, who previously served as an aide to ousted House Speaker John Boehner, is currently the head of the PPO, and has used his position to block Trump supporters from key positions, as Cernovich Media first reported. (

Jeb and George Bush loyalist Jana Toner, is currently the Associate Director and Special Assistant to the President at PPO. Toner is leading a behind-the-scenes effort to hire establishment Republicans and DC insiders instead of staff who back President Trump’s American First agenda.

Toner has established herself as a prominent anti-Trump presence within PPO, going out of her way to limit the number of Trump campaign employees accepted into the prestigious White House internship program to just three (out of over 100 positions). Toner was heard justifying such efforts on her belief that students who took time off school to work for the Trump campaign are typically not “intellectually qualified” to work as White House interns.

Toner is a Bush family loyalist, having served the George W. Bush Administration in numerous capacities. From 2003–2004, she worked as a Special Assistant in the Department of Public Affairs in the Department of Energy under Bush’s first Secretary of Energy and top ally, Spencer Abraham, who was given that Cabinet position after he lost his US Senate reelection in Michigan. While he was a Senator, Abraham had infamously blocked Bill Clinton’s plan to cut legal immigration, for which he was awarded the “Defender of the Melting Pot” award from La Raza, a far-left, open borders group. Toner later went on to work in a number of capacities for Bush’s Department of Education, which oversaw the wildly unpopular “No Child Left Behind” policy, until the conclusion of Bush’s second term.

A White House source familiar with the situation confirmed Toner’s personal views align more closely with those of neoconservative politicians like George W. Bush and Spencer Abraham than those of nationalists like President Trump, insisting “it’s no secret that Jana was fiercely opposed to Donald Trump in the primaries.”

If true, good work by Pesobiac in giving the world some insight into how Trump is being sabotaged by staffers loyal to anyone but him.

It’s despicable and possibly a violation of Constitutional rights to fire people for liking alternative media figures like Alex Jones and MILO.

21 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Presidential Assistant Loyal to Bush Threatens to Fire Fans of Infowars and MILO

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  2. In sailing terms, I “like the cut of this ladies jib”. She hates poofters and Alex Jones, Jew disinfo stooge. That is great with me. She does not name any genuine alt-right people, or Pat Buchanan, David Duke, Bro Nate, Henry Makow. Nor Stormfront etc.

    ““We will search through your Facebook and we will find everything,”
    No, you could search my FB and find nothing. I would never click like to anything or anybody political. Even though I do not have a job and do not want to find a job. In any case, I do not like Milo the anal butt reamer and I do not like Alex Jones, Shrill Zioshill.

    “Trump campaign employees accepted into the prestigious White House internship program to just three (out of over 100 positions).”

    100, that is ridiculous. No man needs his cock sucked that often. Not enough taxpayer paid for cigars for all 100 of them. Trump should end the Internship program, and intern 97 of the 100 plus this woman. In tents in the Arizona desert, bread and water only. He should only keep the 3 who worked on his campaign.

    To allow 100 young people free daily access to the White House is an absurd breach of national security. Would Putin do this? I do not think so.

    • Two from each state? They make up the ranks of future political stars for the party. I’m pretty sure they’re vetted carefully before going to D.C. to intern. Monica L. wasn’t vetted carefully enough!

      As to Jones and Milo I would rather have a few of their fans in the White House program than to have a kid who’s a fan of George W. Bush. That’s not saying much, of course. The important thing for Trump would be to have students who supported him and not the Republican establishment. That way they can go home and later create more opposition to open borders,affirmative action,war, etc.–all the things that Trump ran on being against.

      • No fans of George III in there I suppose? As in the true head of the 13 Colonies?
        One of these Interred 100 took a leak on the Donald just a day or two ago, leaking a Jarhead Kushner talk. Or should I say, an Inturd took a Dump on the President of the USA?

        Here is a good comment from a US history site, which naturally is full of lefturds….
        “Sidney Alexander Loggins Jr.
        if you go back and read detailed history of the USA you will find we have always been testy with one another; this is because of the idea of Democracy, that anyone can say what they want. The point is made with what you said in that you want to remove a legally elected presumtive nominee from the process. Just because you think someone says ugly things does not mean they are wrong or that they should be removed. Defending Free Speech means protecting that speech with which you most likely disagree … welcome to freedom.”

      • The “100” do not compare well with the 300 Spartans. The 100 would look and act a lot more like the tinted multicult bums in the Army of Persia.
        The 300 willingly gave their lives on a suicide mission to protect their native Greece. The 100 would be running for the hills, or the newspapers, or Mommy.

  3. POTUS is digging his own grave keeping these GOPe & anti-Trumpers & Obama-leftovers around, like Mrs. Toner & DeStefano, McMasters, & whoever else we don’t know about.

    I agree w/Robert about interns. What do they do anyway? How many do you really need? Unless they are drop-dead serious-type personalities, young people at that age probably would love a joke (leaks, etc.) at POTUS’ expense.

    If the POTUS camp truly does not like Milo, I could care less; he’s gross. Yet Trump supposedly supports the fags. So go figure.

    As for Alex Jones, well, he dug his own grave as well when he first appeared on The View some years ago (2011-2012?) & acted like a maniac… probably to make all “conspiracy theorists” appear to be crazy.


    The post linked to Cernovich. Interestingly, he has decided to “pivot away” from being a “pro-Trumper,” per this message of his which was tweeted by Mitchell 24-hours ago:

    Notice near the bottom where Cernovich says there is no benefit to people personally to be pro-Trump.

    Mitchell’s comment re that was: “Oh well, I back Trump 100% and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome.”

    • Microchip had Cernovich’s statement among his Tweets. I was going to post it here as a stand-alone post, but kind of lost track ot it.

      Micro calls Cerno and Jones LARPers–Live Action Role Players, meaning not people of principle. We need people of principle, not people in it for the money they can make by supporting Trump.

      • That’s for sure, PRINCIPLE + with-backbone, a disappearing quality.

        People may have their own good ethics, but oftentimes you’d never know it when things get tough as they are too chicken to say/do anything.

      • Cernovic says that the Saudi’s control the CIA?
        He’s as pro israel as it get’s and yes, like all juice, he’s in it for the shekels.

  4. Evidently, Toner was originally to work under Betsy DeVos in the DOE, per this 4/13/17 article:

    “Meet the 9 New Staffers Tapped to Fill Key Roles in Secretary Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education”:
    Jana Toner, White House liaison — Toner worked in the U.S. Department of Education during the Bush administration as communications director, White House liaison, and chief of staff for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education.

    Was she promoted to PPO or demoted from the DOE?

    There’s a Linked-In account for Toner but you have to have a Linked-In account to see it. (I’m looking for a photo of this woman.)

  5. Politico, eh?

    “Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump – The new White House chief of staff is making it his first priority to gain control over the information that gets to the president.”

    If that’s even remotely true, Trump is an idiot or he must be drugged, mind-controlled, or senile.

  6. There are gatekeepers paid for by the taxpayer who may be bitter enemies of the POTUS and the Republican Party. If you think about it, 70% or 80% or all Government employees would vote Democrat. So how effectively do they work when given instructions to dismantle some leftist bureaucracy for example? “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister” showed this in a humorous way, a UK TV series.

    Not so humorous, I wanted to write to the PM of Australia so first made a phone call. I was advised who I had to send an email to, or hardcopy letter. I asked “Do you work for the Government or the Liberal Party”. Answer “The Government”. So even the PM of Australia has direct staff, who read and veto his letters from the public, who may hate his guts and his Party.
    So my letter probably went to a Labour voter (leftist) who no doubt prevented the PM from ever seeing my most sensible letter.
    I never got a reply.

    I also posted three hard copy letters to likely next Ministers in this man’s Government. I did not get a single reply. All may have been thrown away by postal workers who of course vote Left. My letters said I had an idea to save hundreds of millions of dollars per year of tax payer money, a teaser but true, without giving away my idea so the bastards would have to reply. Even Conservatives hate that idea, they all want to spend more money, not save it. What these people (politicians) say in the media is complete bullshit.

    • When I was a student years ago, I sent a letter to a Congressman. In reply, I got the obligatory form letter plus some bonuses. I can’t remember all of the bonus material, but included in the envelope was a red, white, and blue cardboard type nail file emblazoned with the name of the Congressman.

      • “red, white, and blue cardboard type nail file”.
        A hint you might need it after they locked you up behind bars in the Gulag?

  7. I am pretty sure that this Toner woman is a jewess. If she was a Bush Administration minion, then she is anti-Trump and trying to sow discord and undermine our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer.

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