Woman Who Provoked Boyfriend to Suicide Sentenced to 15 Months


Heartless psychopath Michelle Carter is as hated for her eyebrows as much as she is for pressuring a disturbed young man, Conrad Roy, to kill himself. The Sacramento Bee covers the eyebrow issue that has the Internet abuzz.

The comments across the Internet about the sentence Carter received indicate a disgust not only with eyebrows but also with the judge who gave the odd looking young woman a break through a light sentence.


TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman who sent her boyfriend dozens of text messages urging him to kill himself has been sentenced to 15 months in jail on a manslaughter charge.

Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June by a judge who said she caused the death of 18-year-old Conrad Roy III when she told him to “get back in” his truck as it was filling with carbon monoxide.


Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz also sentenced Carter on Thursday to five years of probation. Moniz allowed Carter to return home after sentencing her Thursday to a 15-month jail term plus five years’ probation. Her lawyers had asked for the stay.

Carter was 17 when Roy died in 2014.

During Carter’s trial, her lawyer argued that Roy was determined to kill himself and nothing Carter did could change that.

Carter faced a maximum sentence of 20 years.

CBS News elaborates on the case that shocked the nation.

If her appeals are successful, she may never serve a day behind bars. Her punishment left Roy’s loved ones shell-shocked and at a loss for words.

Asked if this case will ever be over for her, Conrad’s mother Lynn Roy, said, “No. It never will be.”

Roy’s family was distraught as it became clear they would not see Carter hauled off to jail

Carter was on the phone with Conrad as he was dying of carbon monoxide poisoning inside his truck in July 2014.

She never called for help. When Conrad apparently changed his mind and got out of his vehicle, she even told him to get back inside.

Conrad suffered from depression and before he killed himself, carter sent the 18-year-old dozens of texts pressuring him to commit suicide.

One read, “Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself I don’t know there’s a lot of ways.”

“Michelle Carter exposed my son’s weaknesses and used him as a pawn. Where was her humanity?” said Conrad’s father.

Carter, who herself has struggled with anxiety and eating disorders, wept at times during the hearing.

“This is a tragedy for two families,” said Judge Lawrence Moniz.

Moniz sentenced her to two and a half years in jail, but said Carter would only have to spend half of that – 15 months – behind bars. She also received five years’ probation.

The judge noted Carter was three weeks shy of turning 18 at the time of Conrad’s suicide, still a child in the eyes of the law.

“The fact that they are still of that young age offers a greater promise of rehabilitation,” Moniz said.

Moniz then put Carter’s sentence on hold to allow her lawyers to file appeals.

“I don’t think anybody would be prepared to go to jail for what they said. Words alone don’t end up putting people in jail,” said Joseph Cataldo, Carter’s defense attorney.


Judge Moniz had the option of giving Carter a longer sentence, up to seven years according to one source. The “judges” on the Internet would have done so, I believe. Carter will be shunned and shamed, as well as have to report to a probation officer once she leaves prison.

Hopefully, she won’t be able to find another disturbed young man to exploit for her evil purposes. Meanwhile, she’ll have plenty of free time to thin out those eyebrows everyone hates.

25 thoughts on “Woman Who Provoked Boyfriend to Suicide Sentenced to 15 Months

  1. An idiot encounters a vile deranged vicious cu nt (usually diagnosed as a “personality disorder”) and kills himself at her prompting him to…
    My own mother was one of these deranged vicious cu nts so I know this type very well….

    • Check out “Say Goodbye To Crazy” on Youtube. Paul Elam helps men who have been abused by mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. I do not agree with everything he says – e.g. he says cut your crazy mother off for ever – if you do this you may lose the rest of your birth family as well – e.g. Christmas Time might be very lonely. Stefan Molyneux also says ditch the family – and join his cult.

      Paul has several videos just about crazy Moms, you will like them. 9 1/2 minute starter….

    • Yeah Marxachusetts breeds them for their untold bitchy and psychopathic behavior ….unfortunately.

      I have o concur with saintquinn, she brings to mind my own dejavu with my own sainted mother….my mother gift wrapped it in her “we love you this is for your own good

      • Ha Ha Art….I wish that I had a dollar for every time my vicious whore mother told me “I love you” while mentally, emotionally and physically trying to destroy me as a kid and teen… and to a lesser extent everyone around her….She had “husbands” between whoring sprees….One husband she destroyed financially and gave him a nervous breakdown and another husband after destroying him financially she put him in a grave at age 46 after she put him in such a destroyed mental and emotional state that he willed himself dead….The night before he died he was laying on the couch and supposedly farted (I didn’t notice anything in the nearby room) and the vicious whore went over to him hald dead on the couch and sprayed lysol all over him….She had a daughter with this guy…This half sister treated the old whore to a trip to Puerto Rico 2 months ago and the now old vicious whore spent the whole trip trying to gaslight her into committing suicide….

      • The movie Gone Baby Gone might be the most authentic portrayal of Boston scum ever put on film. Another good movie about the disgusting underside of Boston religion and politics is Spotlight.

      • art, saintquinn, I had a BPD mother as well and she still lives. “The good die young”. All her children lived in fear of her – for ever. I stopped contact with her for 4 years, not enough. When I was over 50 I once said at a private visit, just me at her place “I am no longer afraid of you mum”. When I said this she stood and started screaming at the top of her lungs – this was a woman over 70 years of age. I sat calmly enjoying the moment, saying “why are you shouting” until I was thrown out and ordered to take the box of chocolates I had brought as a present.

        Sadly my upbringing makes me an ideal sucker for BPD women.

        Do mothers destroy their sons so that wives will have an easier time controlling them?

  2. The alcohol, soda, pharmaceutical, cigarette (pick your poison) industries spend billions annually convincing us to kill ourselves. Not a peep from the sheep.

      • Mentioned in the above article re “Meet Your New Pharmacist, Jeff Bezos” is a link to the Pharma Death Clock:


        Total Deaths in the United States Since January 1, 2000…
        Big Pharma’s chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all world wars and acts of terrorism combined…
        While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions.

  3. The judge looks elderly, maybe he’s too soft-hearted. He basically gave her slack due to her not yet being 18 at the time of the crime. She should have at least gotten five years jail time.

    If she is a bonafide narcissist, they are cold as ice & actually enjoy the suffering of others (vs. her simply being “stressed out” over the boyfriend’s repeated claims he was going to kill himself).

  4. She should be in jail just long enough to review her physical health and then be executed by whatever method does the least damage so that her carcass can be harvested for transplant parts. What remains is discarded as medical waste.
    Since she was a minor at the time, her parents are also guilty and should be fined an amount equal to the costs to the state plus the victim’s family’s legal fees.
    To prevent them creating another monster, her parents should be surgically sterilized … and they can pay for those procedures, too.

    Did I leave anything out?

    • In my nearly 50 years on this planet, I long ago developed the ability to look people in the eyes and pretty much nail their personality. One look at this little bitch should have had alarm bells ringing. But, I think a BIG problem is that people have simply lost their power of discernment. How else to explain ANYONE voting for Hillary Clinton? That, or they’re terrified of being labeled “judgmental”. Another angle is that there are so few decent looking women out there and men have lowered their standards to the point that they’re willing to ignore what is screaming in their faces just to get a piece of pussy. What a world…..

      • Several months ago there was the story about a blonde, white high-school teacher in Bridgeport, CT having sex with one of her students. Since I used to live in CT, my comment was that the only part of the story that was newsworthy was that there was a decent looking white woman in Bridgeport.

      • In the top pics she looks kind of pretty. In the picture next to her attorney she looks bad with the brows. Very overdone.

        Considering the amount of photoshop that is done out here, one has to wonder if the media purposely took some ugly pictures and filled in the brows. It’s possible. So much manipulation out here to make white women look bad.

    • Charlie…Sometimes the greatest people could have psychopath offspring….
      I wouldn’t hold her parents accountable….

  5. The twin myths of happiness and romantic love often lead to suicide, mostly by men. Neither is obtainable for most people, so they think they have been cheated somehow, might as well be dead.

    Men should never kill themselves because of the judgement of any woman, or the fact that she ends their relationship. In some cases he will be better off out of the relationship.

    Romantic love has been pushed on the Western world for nearly 1000 years now and is mostly bullsh. Certainly it does not last a lifetime. It does exist for a year or two but fades over time, replaced by companionship, friendship, or hate. Serial marriers, sex addicts and cock carousel riders are trying to recreate the initial fun and excitement of new love. This is an addiction and an illusion.

    As for happiness, we trick our young kids in to believing that life is fun. Maybe that is a good thing, maybe not. This would not have happened much in the old days. Modern early expectations by children will almost never be met. Most will not love their jobs for example. Hollywood and TV trick us that people are having fun and happy. Most shows have a happy ending. I hate that. I often prefer an unhappy ending, which is hard to come by in Western cinema. The truth is a lot gloomier than Tinseltown nonsense. I like the movie “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster. Check it out – especially for men aged over 55 or so. Burt was 57 when he made this movie.

    So, drinking, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, smoking, overeating, sugar foods, TV addiction, other addiction like gambling and sex are all used to try to feel happy. Result – almost always – unhappiness. Suicide for some

    Hard work, duty, loyalty, church going, tradition, unselfish family love, exercise, moderation in all things, sobriety, clear thinking – all of these make people more happy than the list in the previous paragraph. Yet few follow this path these days and are likely to be mocked for it.

    Friends are important also. Good friends will themselves exhibit the second list of behaviours. Bad friends the first, for example pretty much all drug addicts start due to their so called friends. Most pushers use their friends to sell drugs. Alcoholics have alcoholic friends.

    I have had depression for 50 years but survive somehow. How does suicide improve one’s life?

    “You’re a long time dead”.
    “I would not be dead for quids”.
    Re suicide “You will regret it afterwards”.

    • Those morning radio shows, usually with two male presenters and one female. They spend most of the time laughing hysterically. What drugs are they on? I hate those shows like death. This sick radio habit exists in Eastern Europe also. Is it some sort of society brainwashing? Laugh and the world laughs with you or some such nonsense? Makes money too, for the radio channel, the advertisers and the overpaid presenters.
      Morning TV is also unrelentingly cheerful. Yuk!
      Entertainment for idiots.

      • Robert….the morning “radio presenters” are usually 2 sickening jews and a shiksa ….Almost all try to copy Howard “the jew” Stern….

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