Mother of Conrad Roy Files $4.2 Million Lawsuit Against Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter could be paying off a judgement against her in monthly installments for the rest of her life, once she leaves prison and finds a job. Alternatively, she may be able to declare bankruptcy and get her debt discharged. It’s difficult to call the outcome of lawsuits where the defendant has no assets and no income.

You may recall that the family of Ron Goldman won a lawsuit against O. J. Simpson, but according to reports I’ve seen over the years, they were able to collect nothing from the Juice as his lawyers were able to shield his assets.

Excerpt from Mass Live

The mother of Conrad Roy has filed a $4.2 million wrongful death lawsuit against Michelle Carter, following Carter’s manslaughter conviction for pressuring her son into suicide.

Carter was sentenced Thursday to two and a half years in jail, with 15 months to be served and the rest suspended until 2022. But the judge in the case approved a stay in the execution of the sentence until Massachusetts courts rule on her appeal, meaning that for now she remains free under probation conditions.

In the suit, filed in Norfolk Superior Court on July 6, Lynn Roy claims that Roy’s death has caused $4,224,000 in reasonably anticipated lost wages, citing the captain’s license he obtained shortly before his suicide as evidence of his earning potential.


Carters’ negligence and reckless conduct caused Roy to sustain “severe personal injuries, great conscious pain and suffering of body and mind and ultimately death,” the suit alleges.

Attorney Eric Goldman, one of the lawyers representing Lynn Roy in the suit, said the goal is to establish a memorial for Conrad, not profit financially.

“The family would obviously rather have their son back,” Goldman said. “What the Roys are looking to do is somehow memorialize Conrad.”

Daniel Medwed, a professor at the Northeastern University School of Law, said that wrongful death suits often focus on lost future earnings as the most concrete economic damages that arise from a loss of life.

“There’s often debate or battle over what those earnings might be, especially with teenagers,” he said. “How do you speculate what earning potential is when we all evolve?”

Many wrongful death suits end in a settlement and the $4.2 million claim could be a baseline for those negotiations, Medwed said. But members of the Roy family, some of whom voiced dissatisfaction with the stay in Carter’s sentence yesterday, could also see the case through to a jury if they want a more public form of justice.

“Part of it depends on if this is a message lawsuit where they really want their voices heard,” Medwed said.

Goldman said no settlement talks had begun but that the family is open to negotiations.

Carter’s attorney Joseph Cataldo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

19 thoughts on “Mother of Conrad Roy Files $4.2 Million Lawsuit Against Michelle Carter

  1. If you look at that photo of the boat captain, 90% of men would change jobs with him in an instant. He felt depressed and hard done by. Had he never thought what it would be like sitting behind a desk at a bank or a call centre or selling insurance door to door? Maybe a life in a Dilbert style cubicle, or with those shifting partitions, or no partition at all? They guy did not know how lucky he was.

    He had alternatives to suicide. Check in full time for some mental health therapy, on tax payer dime, or maybe his employer/insurance might have to pay. Travel round the world, spend his savings. Chuck the job in, live on welfare, drink beer and watch TV. Become a drug addict or alcoholic. Become a criminal. He was ideally qualified to smuggle in huge quantities of drugs and make tens of millions of bucks. He wanted to die anyway so what did he have to lose? Could have kept a handgun handy to shoot himself if ever caught. He could have become a MGTOW and blogged nonstop against crazy psychopathic bitches. He needed to get this psycho female out of his life. “Just say no” as Yul Brynner used to say. Or did he, I may have my Quit campaigns mixed up?

    • One of the odd things is that their “relationship” was only over the Internet. I’ve read that after they met once in person, everything subsequently played out via messaging. To be blunt, there was apparently no sex for Conrad Roy. Momentary despair is no reason to kill yourself. I always did a brief class presentation on the economics of suicide where I made that point. Maybe I saved a life or two. Who knows?

    • That’s right. It’s her fault…. not really.

      He manipulated her into doing his dirty work. He wanted to kill himself and needed a scapegoat.

    • Robert you captured some of my thoughts on the subject.

      This young feller had everything going for him; youth, lots of quality poon in the future, good earnings over the years, and life at sea with adventure most of us have no chance at. A long weekend with a decent honey-gal in the sack and a little moderate boozing is the common way of handling life’s bullshit young white guys find along the way.

      When I first came upon this case, I figured the state might go for first degree murder against Carter. She involved herself in pre-planing and in encouraging a death. She intended that it all end in a homicide whether or not she physically did the deed with her own hand or talked the young man into it. She urged him back into the truck when he chickened out, and she listened to him on the phone as he died, getting her jollies no doubt. Her involvement showed callous disregard and cruel indifference which in some states is are special circumstances for the death penalty. Second degree murder seemed particularly well suited. As it was, she got off easy and likely will serve no time in the pen. I suspect her family is well heeled there in Massa2shits.

      I noticed that Amanda Knox defended Michelle Carter in an article that appeared recently in the L.A. Slimes. Amanda, with two partners, cut the throat of her roommate Meredith Kercher, a Brit, killing her. Both Knox and Kercher were students in Perugia Italy and roomed together in a cottage. Amanda claimed the courts convicted her because they considered her a femme fatale just like Carter. Nope, the Dagos convicted Amanda on the evidence. The Italian cops and courts did a professional job and arrived at the correct outcome. Neither Amanda nor Carter were convicted because of some femme fatale notion: ‘they did it’.

      Amanda says that Michelle was wrongly convicted. Like Amanda is aware of so much more than the judge who heard all the evidence and watched the demeanor of the suspect during the trial.

      Due in large part to Trump’s efforts, the Italian Supreme Court eventually dismissed all charges against Amanda and her boyfriend and closed the case. After release and safely back in the sewer known as Seattle, Amanda subsequently, in a manner, stabbed Trump in the back and called him everything he is not but that Bill and the Hilldog really are. Amanda is now a big lefturd and vagina gal at thirty with three cats and no kids. Sad really because she has such wonderful Germanic genetics.

      BTW the Italian court upheld the conviction of the nigger who partnered with Amanda and her boytoy in Kercher’s murder. Ha, ha, the nigger gets it.

      Half nuts Michelle is a handsome girl and at her age she yet has a good supply of fresh eggs. Maybe she’ll ‘square away’ and pump out four of five white kids.

      I wonder how Conrad kept his boat license with his history of mental problems?

      • Yes good point about his captains license. He could have used his boat to kill many people. I can think of some ideas but better not post them. Most suicides forget that they are killers, about to murder a human being and defying all moral and Gods law. They can never be buried in hallowed ground, not gain the Kingdom of Heaven. So why not take an enemy or three along for the ride? Maybe a noisy neighbour or two?

        About Trump getting a criminal killer female released in Italy “No good deed goes unpunished”.

  2. Whenever I see situations involving losing young White lives, I think about how they could have had children helping White decline.

    Whenever anyone talks to a non-professional about committing suicide, they probably are very depressed and looking for help. For men, it’s a sign of weakness. Society always expects them to be strong. But, it’s frequently found in men.

    • A few people have talked to me about committing suicide. I am proud to say they are all still alive. Maybe it helps that my life is more rotten than theirs.

      1930s Australian radio comedy “Yes What”, 300 or so of 500 episodes are still available.
      Mr Snootles “My brother was a member of a suicide club”.
      Dr Pym “I suppose he is dead now”.
      Snoot “No,they kicked him out for not keeping up with his subscriptions”.

  3. Carter “…may be able to declare bankruptcy and get her [wrongful death civil lawsuit] debt discharged.”

    Do bankruptcies allow the cancelling of judgments from lawsuits?

    In the 1990s, at least, you could not even have student loans cancelled via a bankruptcy (I knew an LPN friend who wanted to do that but learned it was not possible).

    It does seem useless to sue a pauper, but I’m glad the family is doing it anyway, as a public statement of their angst over Carter’s too-light of a sentence.

    • Destroying her life won’t bring their son back who was determined to die anyway. He triangulated her into his shit such that he could avoid taking responsibility for wanting to kill himself. I am not saying she is a good person. I am saying that really the blame does not lie with her.

      Millions of people take their lives everyday via self destruction. This guy chose to deal with a woman who helped him along to suicide. These people mirrored each other.

      I have been good to men who have left me and ultimately end up with women who abuse them. People make bad choices. He chose Carter because she was distant and could do his psychic self harm from a distance. He was fucked up when he met her. She probably thought she was helping him – young and dumb or calculating? Who knows,

      The beef I have with this case is that it is being used to demonize white Germanic looking women just as Knox was demonized. These rich assholes get mad over the tragic deaths of their kids, but in place of trying to examine things more deeply, they try to shift blame. Of course their precious sons and daughters had no issues or problems (sarcasm)

      The Rich always deflect and work through their shit via the middle and working class female, specifically moreso white working females …. women with backbone. If these pieces of shyte had their way these women would be whored out as indentured servants serving their vile and debauched displace anger and psychosexual frustration.

      The only problem most of these spoiled brats have is that no one kicked their azzzes enough as kids

      • I haven’t been able to find what economic status the Carter family occupied. The Roy’s run a tugboat operation so I presume they are well off.

        Amanda Knox was demonized by the facts in her case. She’s guilty. When the case first broke I saw that two Negroes were involved with her in the crime. So, figuring she was a mudshark, I didn’t care what the Dagos did to her.

        One Negroid Knox falsely accused of the murder and he had nothing to do with it and she knew that. The other groid assisted her in killing Kercher. The following is good website on the Knox crimes.

      • It is illegal to help anyone commit suicide even if they ask for this help. So it is wrong to say she was doing what he wanted. I.e. typical helpful female.

        20 years ago I stopped to help a distressed female pedestrian aged 18 or so walking on the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway. She was trying to climb the wire. She said “Help me to climb this I want to jump. Tell my boyfriend. Mr X at this address’.
        I replied “If I help you I will serve 20 years in jail. There is no way I will remember his name and address.”
        I used a public phone to call an ambulance; I was told “we can only send the police”
        So I reluctantly agreed.
        When I told this story to my Scottish neighbour, a cynic, he said “the police probably raped her”.

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