Black Girl, Age 8, Dies from Drinking BOILING WATER Through a Straw on a DARE

Would anyone without a race realism background expect a black child to drink boiling water? It’s among the stupidest things you’ll ever read about.

There is an alternative thought that should be expressed however. Could it possibly be that some adult poured boiling water down the girl’s throat as punishment.

The good news is that the girl won’t grow up to be a welfare queen with half a dozen equally retarded offspring of her own.

A FLORIDA girl has died after she was injured months ago on a dare from her cousin to drink boiling water through a straw.

Ki’ari Pope, 8, suffered medical problems since March when she burned her throat and mouth upon performing the dare, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The Boynton Beach girl, who had undergone a tracheotomy, reportedly said that she couldn’t breathe Sunday night before becoming unresponsive.

She was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead at 12:15 a.m. Monday.

Authorities investigated the March incident, which left Pope deaf and with chronic respiratory issues, as well as at least nine other allegations of abuse or neglect in her life.

The investigation into the dare determined that Pope had been “medically compromised,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

Officials said they also plan to probe her death.

“We have opened a child death investigation to examine the circumstances surrounding her death and will deploy a Critical Incident Rapid Response Team to review all interactions this family has had with Florida’s child welfare system,” said Mike Carroll, secretary of Florida Department of Children and Families.

A GoFundMe page was created to raise money for her funeral expenses

“Due to the fact kiari had a tracheotomy the insurance refuses to pay for funeral arrangements,” the GoFundMe said. “We need help assisting with Kiari’s funeral and burial arrangements.”

I’ll donate a dime. Cardboard boxes and garbage bags aren’t that expensive. A quick trip to the town dump and it’s over and done with.

2 thoughts on “Black Girl, Age 8, Dies from Drinking BOILING WATER Through a Straw on a DARE

  1. The girl’s name was Ki’ari? Is there a book or list of nigger names out there or do they just make these names up?

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