Trump Rocks A Packed House at WV Rally

Excerpt from Breitbart

President Trump gave a full-throated populist speech at a packed rally in West Virginia Thursday, where he took aim at both Republican and Democratic lawmakers for their failures on everything from foreign policy to trade to the inability to scrap Obamacare.
“We don’t need advice from the Washington swamp,” he said to the electric crowd in Huntington, West Virginia. “We need to drain the swamp.”

Trump’s rally marks part of a broader tour of the rust belt, where he has re-engaged with the vital constituency that helped him to his win in November. Trump won the state by 42 points in November and it showed. Crowds lined up hours ahead of the rally to fill the venue and gave Trump a rockstar reception.

He used the rally to tout his successes in office, including an all-time high on the stock market, a low unemployment rate, and his decisions to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris climate agreement. He also pushed the plan unveiled Wednesday to cut legal immigration in half, and repeated his promise to build the wall on the southern border.

The rally was reminiscent of his signature speeches during the campaign, peppered with boisterous rhetoric and greeted by a crowd that already knew the lyrics: “Drain the swamp,” “Lock her up,” and “Build the wall.”

27 thoughts on “Trump Rocks A Packed House at WV Rally

  1. About 18,000 watching on RSBN. Another, 8,000 on a different website. 123,000 watched the RSBN repeat after his last rally. Didn’t check others or those watching Fox today. This represents many more than during his campaign.

  2. It won’t be lost on the Russians that Trump wasn’t happy about signing. I suspect they understand the War on America as well as Trump probably does by now.

    • Here’s the youtube of “Are there any Russians here tonight?”

      POTUS begins talking about Russia & Hillary/Dems at 3:00 for two or so minutes, then at 5:20 mins. he asks if there are any Russians in the audience, lol, though he was not joking at all, he was in a serious mood:

      • It makes sense what he said, that:
        –Mueller has had all the power in the universe to look for & find anything, any evidence vs. Trump.
        –And that if Mueller had anything whatsoever on Trump by now, that he would NOT have to empanel a Grand Jury for THEM to try to find something, lol.

        He says Mueller & Company, just for spite for not having anything on Trump, are now going after low-level people at the bottom of the totem pole, in order to destroy lives, because those type of people cannot afford $500-$1,250/hour attorneys to stand with them before the Grand Jury. (He claims to know some low-level person who has been subpoenaed for that, but he can’t say who.)

        In the meantime, he says, H.R. McMasters & Susan Rice have colluded against America. He says there IS evidence they have committed treason to spy on Americans. He also mentioned Sara Carter at this point, but no details. (I have heard of her, that she is always full of fake news.)

        In between all that, Cernovich brags about himself repeatedly; I guess he can’t help it. 🙂

      • Mitchell is uprooting his Charleston, NC, abode & moving to Palm Beach area. I’m not sure all he’s rubbing shoulders with, besides one blond lady who is on his show a lot, but he/she/they are also planning a “New Media” social media platform (which he mentioned a few nights ago in their program), to combat the censorship & control of twitter, youtube, facebook, etc. He said it would take about a year before it is ready, & that it will not be some small tacky thing, but that it will be well-funded.

  3. Shame about the 300-lb women in the pic. Oh well, one step at a time, I guess. First we need to make White life worth living again, then fix our health issues.

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