Senators Unveil Two Bipartisan Bills To Block Trump Firing Mueller


Probably less than one percent of Congress is not beholden to the New World Order. Thus, the bills described below will sail through Congress, with some pols voting no to make it look like the process is legit.

The problem for Donald Trump is that if he fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller it will make him look guilty. Mueller is in the catbird seat. He smells as bad as an old dishrag but the press constantly pushes the idea that he’s beyond reproach. That’s fake news for you.


Two separate bills – both with bipartisan backing from two Senate Judiciary Committee members – are being put forth to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job. As NBC News reports, the new legislation aims to ensure the integrity of current and future independent investigations, and “ensuring that the special counsel cannot be removed improperly is critical to the integrity of his investigation.”

As a reminder, Mueller was appointed as special counsel following Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey. Mueller, who was Comey’s predecessor as FBI director, has assembled a team of prosecutors and lawyers with experience in financial fraud, national security and organized crime to investigate contacts between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

NBC News notes that Trump has been critical of Mueller since his appointment, and the president’s legal team is looking into potential conflicts surrounding the team Mueller has hired, including the backgrounds of members and political contributions by some members of his team to Hillary Clinton. He has also publicly warned Mueller that he would be out of bounds if he dug into the Trump family’s finances.

However, Mueller has strong support on Capitol Hill.

And now, as NBC reports, two bills are being unveiled – from within the Senate Juduciary Committee – blocking a president from firing any special counsel, without a federal judge’s approval if the president or his Administration is the center of the investigation.

Bill 1.

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware plan to introduce the legislation Thursday. The bill would allow any special counsel for the Department of Justice to challenge his or her removal in court, with a review by a three-judge panel within 14 days of the challenge.

“It is critical that special counsels have the independence and resources they need to lead investigations,” Tillis said in a statement. “A back-end judicial review process to prevent unmerited removals of special counsels not only helps to ensure their investigatory independence, but also reaffirms our nation’s system of check and balances.”

“Ensuring that the special counsel cannot be removed improperly is critical to the integrity of his investigation,” Coons said.

Bill 2.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, another member of the judiciary panel, said last week that he was working on a similar bill that would prevent the firing of a special counsel without judicial review. Graham said then that firing Mueller “would precipitate a firestorm that would be unprecedented in proportions.”

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey is also working on Graham’s legislation, according to Booker’s office. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has yet to signal support for either measure.

So the difference is Tillis-Coons bill is ‘reactive’ – once the firing has taken place, it can be challenged; where as the Graham-Booker bill is pre-emptive – forcing the decision to fire a special prosecutor to a Federal judge (as a reminder, only the attorney general or the most senior Justice Department official in charge of the matter can actually fire the special counsel).

These bills had been generally expected.

We look forward to Trump’s tweet-sponse to all of this, though it is kind of ironic that the only thing that brings the two sides of the aisle together is wanting to control Trump…

The Deep State is closing in on Trump. In all honesty, he doesn’t have any wiggle room left at this point. All he has is we the people. I don’t know if we’re up to the job.

25 thoughts on “Senators Unveil Two Bipartisan Bills To Block Trump Firing Mueller

  1. This is plainly an assault on the fabric of America. The Constitution calls for a SEPARATION of powers. So a president can no longer fire executive branch employees without the approval of Congress?

    This is nothing more than a Digital Tenure of Office Act, much like that completely debunked statute that Congress used to justify its shameful (failed) impeachment of Andrew Johnson in 1868.

    Yoo-hoo, all you ultraconservative friend NeverTrumpers? You say that you love the Constitution – do you really want a unitary government where the Congress is King?

  2. Lots of proof the uniparty is in bed together with the Commie Deep State.

    Jay Sekulow, member of Trump’s legal team, had a bit of good news on Hannity tonight. BTW, Sekulow is a Christian Jew. For 30 years he has been representing conservative, Christian religious and antiabortion groups, some involving the supreme court. Never saw him pass bad information.

    “Trump’s legal team doesn’t know of any evidence of Robert Mueller or people within his office going before a grand jury.”

    “We have no reason today to believe the president is under investigation.”

      • So what’s changed since Hannity was basically a mouthpiece for the Bush 2 administration via Fox? Bit late to the party, like Coulter, and still with a little blood under his nails from the American soldiers he cheer-led to their deaths. Have they all suddenly had the same epiphany?

      • I’m not sure about the answers to your questions. I had quit listening to Hannity for a long time because of his shilling for Israel. He still does that, but at least he’s willing to admit now that there’s only one party–the Uniparty. He seems genuinely shocked at the Republican party. Maybe it’s an act? He does reveal good info from time to time though.

  3. “…blocking a president from firing any special counsel, without a federal judge’s approval…”

    Oh great, they want to give those rebellious fed judges even more power over the Executive Branch. It needs to be the other way around. Let the POTUS fire those judges.

    Anyway, this is all getting out of hand, but Mr. Positive never gives up, so that’s a good thing we could use more of:

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 10h
    –Since the Democrats went down the #Russiagate rabbit hole, they’ve done nothing but lose.

    –This whole #Russiagate travesty will end badly for the Democrats, trust me. It already has. Have you seen their fundraising? My God.

    –I mean, in Hillary, Comey and Lynch’s case, actual crimes were committed.

    –Trust me, Hillary gave Trump a $1.2 billion colonoscopy leading up to her devastating loss. They have NOTHING on him we don’t already know.

    –Dearest DOJ. Where is the Special Prosecutor for Comey, Lynch and Hillary that our Congress DEMANDED?

    –This whole Mueller circus is going to backfire on Democrats badly. Wait for it.

    –Know what this grand jury means? Democrats will stay stuck on stupid right up until 11/6/18 and get their no agenda asses handed to them.

    –Honestly, you cannot investigate Russian Collusion without finding Democrats all over the place. This will all end badly for them.

    –The deeper Mueller digs, the more Democrats he’ll find. [Me: That’s only if Mueller digs Honestly.]

    Bill Mitchell Retweeted
    Joel Fischer @JoelFischerNYC 11h
    BREAKING: Samantha Power Caught Unmasking ‘Hundreds’ In Final Year Of Obama Admin to undermine incoming Trump

    • It’s gotten pretty obvious that they are trying to criminalize opposition to Clintonism. That’s what this Mueller nonsense is all about.

      • I’m guessing that if one is threatened, that there is a proviso that goes with it: “If you tell anyone that we threatened you, you’re a dead duck as well as if you don’t do what we threatened you about in the first place.”

        Did Rose Perot himself announce publicly that he was threatened back in 1992, or is everyone speculating about that ever since?

  4. This is going nowhere, it’s for prole consumption that’s all, there’s only one party in the US and Trump would not be president unless they put him there. I have no faith in any of our governments, they were all bought and corrupted a long time ago. Sorry to be so cynical but Trump IS the swamp.

    • If the effort to get rid of Trump is Kabuki theater, the convoluted script must have been written by Stephen King or someone like that. Jeff Sessions could either be a dupe in the script or an actor playing a role. The latter boggles my mind.

    • Interesting analysis re Mueller in this tweet:

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