Obama Dreamer Raped Teen, Tore Off Her Ear in Kettlebell Attack at Apartment Gym


A young Latino male, in the U.S. because of former President Obama’s generosity, has been arrested for the horrific rape of a young Washington state woman.

President Trump had recently revoked the Mestizo’s ticket to stay in the U.S., but he lives in a so-called sanctuary city in a sanctuary state.

Every time one of these maggots faces deportation, the left raises a hue and cry about what a racist Trump is. They care not at all what happens to the victims of these demons in human form.

Congress should tax sanctuary cities in order to set up a fund to take care of the victims of these savages. That’s if the cities can’t be made to comply with the nation’s immigration laws because of liberal judges. At one point Trump was talking about locking up city officials. That’s what should happen in this case.

Daily Mail

A man who was living in the United States on a Dreamer status is accused of raping a teenager while she was working out at her apartment complex’s gym.

Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23, faces charges of rape and assault from a horrific attack where an unnamed 19-year-old woman was raped and badly beaten on June 25.

Diaz-Garcia, an undocumented immigrant who was a recipient of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, allegedly attacked the woman while she was working out at her apartment complex’s gym in Burien, Washington, which is a sanctuary city.

The victim returned home following the assault wearing only a tank top with ‘extensive injuries’, including missing teeth, a ripped ear and a broken jaw, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Diaz-Garcia also faces child molestation charges for allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old girl on the same day the 19-year-old was raped.

The incident occurred at the Discovery Landing apartments, where the 19-year-old lives.

Diaz-Garcia lives adjacent to the complex at Maple Pointe, and both buildings are located in the 15400 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive, reported Seattle Pi.

The victim told police she saw Diaz-Garcia follow her home after she got off a bus and he went inside the complex’s gym after her, saying he also lived there.

When she was on the treadmill, around 9.15pm, she allegedly asked Diaz-Garcia not to stand behind her and he kept asking her questions, reported Fox News.

The last thing the woman said she remembers was going to leave before she woke up at Harborview hospital.

The victim’s mother said the teenager returned home around 10pm, stumbling, bleeding and unable to string together a sentence.

Police reported that at the gym, they found blood covering the front of the treadmill, carpet and walls.

Officials believe the victim was hit over the head with a kettlebell, which was covered in blood.

The victim had a broken jaw, required several stitches and a black eye, according to reports.

A rape kit found a male’s DNA, although it is unclear if it belonged to the suspect.

After the brutal attack, other witnesses came forward and claimed they had come in contact with Diaz-Garcia during other unsettling acts.

The apartment’s pool surveillance video showed him staring at young girls, including a 12-year-old, according to court documents.

And a mother of a 14-year-old girl claimed that Diaz-Garcia had groped her daughter’s butt while making an expletive remark, the same day as the alleged rape.

Diaz-Garcia was granted Dreamer status three years ago in 2013 and has since renewed it twice, reported Fox News.

His last renewal application was this past January but officials said his status was recently revoked.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program allows the children of undocumented immigrants who came to the US as youngsters to stay in the US legally as adults.

The word “sanctuary” implies that someone is being unfairly attacked. When it comes to illegals in the United States there’s nothing unfair about them being detained and deported. They don’t deserve sanctuary. They deserve punishment.

7 thoughts on “Obama Dreamer Raped Teen, Tore Off Her Ear in Kettlebell Attack at Apartment Gym

  1. Lock the piece of crap up, try him, convict him, sentence him. Then, a class action suit against the city, county, and state for allowing this animal the opportunity to commit acts such as this. Once this is all over complete emasculation comes to mind.

  2. The only way anything will ever change is if they are hit in the pocket, they can’t run their dumb programs without funding. Everyone that lives in that state should find a way to take money from them and especially civil suits over the mishandling of illegal immigrants, they are not undocumented, they are criminals.

  3. I just read a book about Ernesto Miranda, the punk-ass Mexican serial rapist for whom the famous “Miranda Warning” is named. It seems he wasn’t a wet-back, but possessed the genes of the Mestizo rapist/armed robbery artist, just the same.

  4. Burien, Washington, located in King Kong County is about 66 percent white, the rest being mystery content, likely chink. Kong County went for the Hill-Dog by almost 70 percent.

    Kong County Sheriff John Urquhart, white, is for sure a worthless POS. In a radio interview a while back, Urquhart was asked if black lives matter. The good sheriff answered, paraphrased: “Yes of course. I’ve made it my policy to kiss every black ass in King Kong County and I’ve done exactly that. Some black asses I’ve kissed several times.” Well, at least his answer met that sentiment.

    When axed about turning over illegal Messcuns to the Feds he invented a sob story:

    “A dad is arrested for stealing baby food at a store — he’ll get a few hours or a night in jail. Deputies should not concern themselves with the man’s immigration status, even if they suspect he’s undocumented. In a second scenario, deputies arrest a man who is a known drug dealer working with the Mexican cartel and they suspect he’s undocumented. We better darn well be calling ICE. There’s a finesse to all of this that is totally lost on most people, not the least of which is Donald Trump.”

    Libturds like to use words like ‘finesse’ and ‘nuance’ which makes them seem deeeeep thinkers who see all sides of a situation and the many different complex points of an issue before making a highly sophisticated judgment.

    “..totally lost on most people, not the least of which is Donald Trump.” What an arrogant jackass know-it-all is this fool for sheriff. BTW most of his LE experience was reserve deputy and office flunky. Very little as beat cop if any.

    What if it turns out noble spic Salvador Diaz-Garcia was arrested in the past by a Kong County Deputy for stealing baby food or some other small crime and sent on his way? Well it makes no difference. Die-versity is the greater good here. A young woman’s life scarred forever makes little difference to dieversitoids. A small sacrifice here and there is very little cost for such vibrancy. We don’t know the race of the victim, presumably she’s white and that will deflect some of the seriousness of the spic’s crime.

    We have so many questions. At 23, how could this greaser afford $1200 per month apartment at minimum? Is it really 23? Did Kong County veterinarians check it’s teeth? Will the city of Burien abolish it’s sanctuary policy? The answer to the last is, of course not.

  5. Another YT girl pays the diversity tax. Hopefully, her father is man enough to seek revenge and massacre a goodly number of these spics as payback. He would not get the spic perp, but the point would get across nonetheless. Or, maybe some jews, since they are the creatures behind the curtain who fought for the spic monster to become one of Obamohammed’s dreamers.

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