(((Mueller))) Impanels Grand Jury, Goes After Trump Jr.

The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the affairs of President Donald Trump is heating up.

This is Post #1 today on a developing story that hints that the Deep State is progressing rapidly toward the removal of Donald Trump from the presidency.

Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

If you’re Donald Trump that Mueller has reportedly convened a Grand Jury in his probe won’t keep you up at night. It is pretty-well settled that the DOJ cannot indict a sitting President.

However, if you’re anyone other than Trump and have either assisted him in the election process, in the transition or afterward and have had any sort of contact, directly or indirectly, with anyone Russian or for that matter anything else that might be construed to be a problem you won’t be sleeping well for quite some time.

Nobody else is immune from indictment while Trump is in office — not his kids, not his wife, nobody.

The opportunity to fire Mueller, which I think there’s a pretty clear argument for based on the appearance of conflict of interest, just expired. Firing him now may not get Trump impeached but it will destroy any ability for him to get one vote from a Democrat and a sizable number of Republicans for anything he wants for the remainder of his term.

Oh, and Trump can be indicted on the day he leaves office — so the fact that he can’t be indicted while President is no protection — it’s only a deferral. Theoretically the proceedings and votes of a Grand Jury are secret. In truth given how badly so-called “secret” things leak these days I expect that “secrecy” to last all about 30 seconds.

Mueller thinks he has something worthy of presentment to the Grand Jury or he wouldn’t do this. I have no idea what it is, but whatever it is he’s reasonably certain he can get at least one indictment out of it — and probably more than one. Remember that a Grand Jury only hears one side of the case — the prosecution’s side. There is no right to be heard or defend yourself before a Grand Jury; that comes later after you get indicted.

This is going to get ugly.

Denninger’s website includes comments, which you may want to read.

Trump can be criticized for not more quickly draining the swamp. As a consequence, Donald Jr. may either go to prison or be pardoned by Trump, which would likely result in his impeachment.

Trump is increasingly being closed in by the enemies of the people. I wonder if President Mike Pence will appoint Hillary Clinton as Vice President, then step aside to allow Hillary to become President, in a magnanimous gesture of bipartisanship.


25 thoughts on “(((Mueller))) Impanels Grand Jury, Goes After Trump Jr.

  1. Trump has been watching a slow motion coup and the best he can do is piss and moan on twitter? People here still take this fucking carnival clown seriously? WOW……… WOW. WOW. WOW.

  2. Wasn’t Mueller the guy who led the Anthrax investigation? The one where they misdirected away from the Jewish scientist (Phillip Zack I think) to dump the blame on Stephen Hatfill, then when that didn’t fly onto the dead Bruce Ivins? That Mueller? The revenge of the undrained swamp?

  3. It’s really gotten to the point where there needs to be a revolution. The American people plainly do not want this, but Congress is behaving as if all future elections have been cancelled. We might actually need to get rid of Congress and the Courts for three or four years – not to mention the treasonous deep state. During that period, Trump and the Army could lead a provisional government, hunting down and punishing the bad actors from the last year. Once that was complete, and all the pathogens were removed, they could transition back to democracy.

    • Capitol Hill destroyed by mysterious overnight fire. Some dodgy foreign Jew arrested. Trump dissolves Congress and the Senate, declares Martial law and a State of Emergency. Starts rounding up jews. Deports undesirables. Puts political enemies in Camps such as the disloyal (((media))), antifa. All healthy unemployed people put immediately to work building highways and the like. Less welfare for scroungers. This script played out nicely in 1933. The US Military is not infested with Jews because it is too much like hard dangerous work and demands obedience and loyalty.

      The proposal I suggest above would be the biggest task given to the Military since WWII. The plan might work, it is worth a try. Nice to see 500 (((traitors))) with no Assembly Hall for their plots and plans, at the least. Rebuild them two tents in the Arizona desert, all votes taken at noontime in Summer. No air conditioning of course.

  4. Our in-house “dreamer,” Bill Mitchell, is trying to spin this (convince himself) that this is really a “cover” to go after Hitlery:

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 4 hours ago
    Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller could be the greatest political psyops ever to destroy #Hillary and the #DeepState. #TheSting

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 4 hours ago
    It just doesn’t add up that Mueller would be so intentionally and blatantly biased. Something else is going on here.

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 4 hours ago
    CONSPIRACY THEORY: Mueller hiring so many Hillary lawyers because he’s really after her. When he indicts they can’t say his team was biased.

    Bill Mitchell‏Verified account @mitchellvii 4h4 hours ago
    Bill Mitchell Retweeted Betsy OShea
    Weird part is he doesn’t know any Republican lawyers.
    Bill Mitchell added,
    Betsy OShea @BetsyOShea
    Replying to @charleen_ecuyer @mitchellvii
    Mueller has impeccable credentials; decorated Vet, ex head FBI
    and a registered REPUBLICAN. Respected by all except for trump

    Me: Barf on that Betsy O’Shea tweet as compared to what PB & PJ said above re Mueller! Trump obviously understands you guys’ version of Mueller vs. what O’Shea tweeted!

      • I think Mitchell is one of those people who believes that thinking/saying negative things actually makes negative things happen; but if you always say positive things, then positive things will happen.

        I have a brother & a sister who think like that & it drives me batty; as if it is some kind of “sin” to speak REALITY because Reality is really BAD some, if not most, of the time.

        There’s a biblical Proverb that says, “Life & Death are in the power of the tongue.” I think Mitchell probably takes that literally.

        (My siblings wouldn’t have a clue about that verse, however; the brother was duped by an EST-like seminar 30 years ago, & the sister was duped by a “Self-Realization”/New-Age type guru boyfriend 25 years ago, & they both STILL “think” along those lines of “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” even if it means ignoring Reality. And sadly, Mother is duped by the TV. I’m alone in this Truth War, as I’m sure you & most everyone who posts here can relate.)

      • Sounds like your family is engaging in magical thinking. It’s the idea that wishing for something causes it to happen on its own. Or that stating your wish as a fact will cause it to become real.

        Read basically any anti-Trump news story and you’ll see magical thinking in full blossom.

      • Thanks for the terminology, Jim. Next time I converse with the siblings re the news of the day, I’ll be sure to let them know they are “engaging in magical thinking.” 🙂

  5. I haven’t had time to listen to these yet, so merely FYI > Last night’s 8/3/17 YourVoice radio show w/Adam Gingrich of PA hosting, in 2 parts, approx. 30-mins. each:

    YourVoice™ America (8/3) “Adam Gingrich: “Grand Jury Seated!” (Part 1):

      • I was afraid of that. 😦

        Truth be known, it has not set well that Trump never released his tax returns like he promised during the campaign that he would do once they finished “auditing” him. Fast Forward to post-election, then it’s, “Presidents do not have to show their tax returns; it’s voluntary,” etc. etc.

      • Re: Trump’s taxes, just saw this great comment at CTH which gives the low-down…

        Bull Durham says:
        August 4, 2017 at 12:30 am
        Did any of you all read through the 98 page FEC financials in 2015, and the 104 pages in 2016?
        That was all the 500 legal entities of the Trump Org, and DJT’s revenue streams.

        His businesses are really very traditional incomes streams, just big numbers and so many different sources. There is not much opportunity for him to do any criminal activity. He uses credit lines secured by properties. He starts and shuts downs lots of small entities. He expenses every penny to reduce his exposure to taxes. He’s meticulously cheap about giving government a dime.

        The IRS has never found anything out of line. The reality is DJT is clean. The family is cleaner, being mostly salaried. Jared may have some shady stuff. His dad was not clean. But I doubt he has done anything wrong.

        Mueller is trying to flip Manafort against Trump. Ridiculous. Paul Manafort is one tough dude. He’s afraid of nothing. He got paid by Ukrainians. He’s not connected to Russia.

        This is all bullsh*t. If there is an irregularity in the income taxes, they are audited by big CPA firms, and reviewed in IRS audits each year. It’s not Trump’s “crime”. Everyone certifies the returns, year after year. 3000 pages of returns.

        Stay rational, folks. DJT is going on vacation. He’s going to play golf and eat steak with ketchup, enjoy two scoops.

      • Two replies to the above Bull Durham comment:

        Fingolfin says:
        August 4, 2017 at 1:05 am
        Another point I don’t see mentioned very often is that PDJT’s financial dealings AND TAX RETURNS have ALREADY BEEN REVIEWED and investigated by every state he has (or has attempted to have) a casino in…and none of them found anything irregular or illegal. If they had, it would’ve been leaked during the campaign against Clinton.

        Here’s a CNN article from last summer that goes into some of what’s involved to secure a gaming license: http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/11/politics/donald-trump-casino-licenses-tax-returns/index.html


        filia.aurea says:
        August 4, 2017 at 1:08 am
        Another small detail that’s been glossed over – the Ukrainians, in collaboration with Rotten Clinton’s campaign, developed a fake ledger in support of the false remuneration reportedly received by Mannafort. They have since been forced to retract their lies.

    • I missed this from two days ago.

      8/2/17: “Russian Mafia” -Trump’s Connection to Russia? David Livingstone thinks Trump & Putin connected by Jewish money:

      I just read it while half asleep, so maybe I missed something, but it basically says Chabad Lubivichers (sp?) are all over Putin (his buddies) & ditto in the USA (nothing new) & that Jared is in big with Chabad (Ivanka, too), also nothing new. It nowhere gives a direct connection to Trump that I could see — except that he MAY HAVE needed some loans at some point — though everyone in the comments thinks it’s a slam dunk/proof that Trump is “one of them” or beholden to them.

      The big question is: Is Chabad the Deep State, or do they control the Deep State, or is Deep State an Enemy of Chabad, hence an Enemy of Trump if Trump is a puppet of Chabad?

      That’s a brain twister, lol.

      Oh, & Nuttyahoo slept in Jared’s bed when Jared was still living at home with his parents, because they were/are friends with Nutty. So, wow, that must mean Trump is guilty. (sarcasm).

  6. Comment from CTH blog w/Sekulow video that PJ & Wullfe mentioned somewhere else…

    MakeAmericaGreat says:
    August 4, 2017 at 12:09 am
    Here is the interview Hannity did with Sekulow tonight (different than Sekulow/Cavuto interview earlier). Sekulow says that if Mueller looking into old real estate deals that would seem to be outside of the special counsel’s mandate and could be challenged.

  7. These are more of Mitchell’s tweets from last night which I was trying to find earlier (especially the one in bold re the colonoscopy, lol). His twitter is a bear to scroll through due to the incessant video/tweets of his radio show, ugh.

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 18 hours ago:

    –This whole Mueller circus is going to backfire on Democrats badly. Wait for it.

    –Know what this grand jury means? Democrats will stay stuck on stupid right up until 11/6/18 and get their no agenda asses handed to them.

    –Honestly, you cannot investigate Russian Collusion without finding Democrats all over the place. This will all end badly for them.

    –The deeper Mueller digs, the more Democrats he’ll find.

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 17 hours ago:

    –I mean, in Hillary, Comey and Lynch’s case, actual crimes were committed.

    Trust me, Hillary gave Trump a $1.2 billion colonoscopy leading up to her devastating loss. They have NOTHING on him we don’t already know.

    –Since the Democrats went down the #Russiagate rabbit hole, they’ve done nothing but lose.

    –This whole #Russiagate travesty will end badly for the Democrats, trust me. It already has. Have you seen their fundraising? My God.

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 13 hours ago:

    –The White House continues to be upfront in its desire to see this investigation come to a swift conclusion. If empaneling a grand (1/2)
    jury is a step toward that, then so be it. The president’s counsel, Ty Cobb, echoed that in a statement just now. (2/2)

    –In fact, this is yet another example of just how toothless the Comey investigation into Hillary Clinton actually was – perhaps (1/2)
    because of interference by AG Loretta Lynch (2/2)

    –If no one at the White House has been informed about the Grand Jury then no one at the White House — at this point — is a target (1/2)
    of the Grand Jury or the investigation (2/2)

    –According to Jay Sekulow on FOX News this evening, the President is not under investigation for anything that they are aware of.

    –In fact, this is a perfunctory function of the Special Counsel’s office – this was always a next possible step along the way

    –According to counsel Jay Sekulow, it is NOT unusual for the White House not to have been notified this was coming.

    –This simply gives Mueller the ability to get a subpoena and collect evidence.

    –This does NOT mean there has been criminal activity or that someone is guilty

    –Only a grand jury enables the FBI and prosecutors to have subpoena power. This is a discovery or investigative tactic.

  8. More positive-thinking from Mitchell earlier this morning:

    Bill Mitchell‏ Verified account @mitchellvii 2 hours ago:

    –For those claiming I am “overly optimistic”, I present to you 11/8/2016.
    [Haha, he read my mind.]

    –Dear Democrats:

    –This all feels like one of the greatest stings in political history to me. We’ll see.

    –Question to ask yourself: Why is Mueller building such an overtly biased team if not to make their results against Hillary unimpeachable?

    –Mueller’s team is effectively 100% Democrats. When he finds evidence of #HillaryCollusion, Dems cannot call it a right wing conspiracy.

    –Hillary’s crimes with Russia don’t even require a Special Prosecutor to discover. They are common knowledge.

    –I’m not in the least bit concerned for Trump about Mueller. However, if I were Hillary, I’d be terrified. All roads lead to her…

    –Unfortunate that we actually need a Special Prosecutor to investigate illegal leaking by the Special Prosecutor. #Mueller

    –Trust me. #Russiagate will come back to bite the Democrat Party hard. It already is. Look at Special Elections and fundraising!

    –YourVoice™ America: “We are not here to be fair & balanced, but to provide fair balance to the 24/7 liberal #FakeNews hype machine.”

    –What’s our ace in the hole here?
    Trump isn’t guilty of anything.

    –If Mueller is really after Trump, why isn’t he trying to appear more independent?

    –Folks, seating a grand jury is a normal part of Mueller’s job. It merely grants him subpoena power. No implication of guilt or even a crime.

    –How could trump’s tax returns not be immaculate? A guy like him has been audited constantly for decades.

    –The ultimate punk? Mueller gets Trump’s tax returns, they leak and we find out Trump’s returns are squeaky clean. Poor media fools.

    –Mueller had to hire 16 lawyers to investigate Trump. It would take a 12 year old with access to the Internet to find #Hillary guilty as sin.
    [Haha, that’s funny!]

    Up to date as of now! 10:42am EDT.

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