(((Laura Loomer))) is Trending on Twitter for Confirming a Jewish Chutzpah Stereotype: #Tiregate

This is my second post on Laura Loomer this early morning of August 3, 2017. She’s got a lot going on what with finding a Jewish boyfriend, getting that much needed nose job, and now #tiregate.

You have to admit that asking for $2,000 from strangers to buy a new tire is CHUTZPAH galore.

Twitter has responded:

If you look at the picture of Laura’s tire at the Gateway Pundit, I think you’ll be able to see that her tire is old and worn out. It’s doubtful it was slashed. It just failed from old age. I’ve had them do that when they get to be about 7 or 8 years old, or even newer with Chinese tires.

Here’s the pic:

A set of high dollar new tires at Walmart should set her back less than $1,000 and as little as $500.

Chutzpah! Chutzpah! Chutzpah!

6 thoughts on “(((Laura Loomer))) is Trending on Twitter for Confirming a Jewish Chutzpah Stereotype: #Tiregate

  1. Another JUbag brought about by Zio fat ass gas bag fear monger Mossad mouthpiece Alex Jones ….all his guests and commentators are either JUs or Shabbat Goys …they are all well versed on how to extract cash from the gullible dim wits in our society! It’s pretty much a litmus test ..if someone appears on Jones’s Info Whores you can bet they are JUed up disinformation agents and deemed IRRELEVANT!

    • Microchip has been advising his followers to stay away from Jones and Cernovich:

      I personally am not that down on any of them, including nutty Loomer. Disinfo agents must reveal part of the truth to be successful. For me the key is take whatever truths they reveal and remain skeptical about the rest. The problem is that some of their followers get led into dead ends by them.

      We need to strip Jones and other alt-light people of their guru status. That’s essentially what you’re doing in your comment. To put it another way, we need to teach people how to think and how to be skeptical.

  2. There’s no doubt her tire’s rubber degraded from old age! My word, it’s all pitted and rotting, dangerous to drive on! Does she get that Jeep inspected? These symptoms didn’t start yesterday!

  3. Did this jewess really solicit funds for her nose-job? That honker is so jewish that it makes her look like the caricature, Le Happy Merchant. In all seriousness, I have wondered why God gave the jews such horrible features. Or, maybe it is from breeding with other Semites in past history, since all Levantine peoples have those awful camel noses.

  4. Typical jew car, totally neglected and when a tyre perishes from old age she try’s to get the stupid goy to pay for her tyre, what a cheek, I hate her. Don’t you have any laws in the US? If she was driving on those tyres in the UK she would have had it impounded.

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