Jared Taylor Feeling Empowered: “Young white guys are hopping mad.”


Jared Taylor has been in the trenches for 20 years laying the intellectual foundations for a white ethnostate. Mr. Taylor has red pilled many of us, including Richard Spencer. He deserves our respect, even if we disagree with him about the Jewish Question.

It takes all kinds to shift the Overton window. Taylor’s “scientific racism” appeals to those who don’t want to go full-blown Nazi by joining Andrew Anglin’s stormer army.

Here he gets reasonably positive press coverage from Britain’s leftist paper.

Excerpt from The Guardian

“We are soldiers in this war,” Jared Taylor told an overwhelmingly male and entirely white audience of around 300 late on Saturday. “And we will win.”

The founder and editor of American Renaissance, once a print magazine and now “the internet’s premier race-realist site”, no longer thinks whites can have America to themselves. But he wants an all-white “ethnostate”, carved out of US territory.

This weekend, American Renaissance held its annual conference at a venue in Montgomery Bell state park, an hour west of Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees and speakers clearly felt a growing confidence. They have seen appreciable growth in membership of established and emerging far-right groups. They have also seen the election as president of Donald Trump.

Speakers at the event addressed subjects including “Race realism and race denialism” and “Has the white man turned the corner?” One considered “The Trump report card – so far”.

When Taylor spoke, his audience was generationally diverse. Some, well into middle age or beyond, had heard it all before. But when he asked who was attending for the first time, the great majority raised their hands.

Many were millennials. Though all attendees wore conference dress code – jacket and tie – more than a few younger men sported the “fashy haircut”, short back and sides with a severe parting, which has become a signature of the so-called alt-right.

Many such young men lined up for selfies with Richard Spencer, the president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute thinktank who has achieved fame since greeting the election result with a cry of “Hail Trump”.

Taylor said such men were flooding to his group because they were “hopping mad”. “These young white guys,” he told the Guardian, “they have been told from infancy that they are the villains of history. And I think that the left has completely overplayed its hand.”

Taylor spoke of war, but acknowledged that he wanted only an ideological battle. Speakers urged the audience not to engage with antifascist protesters gathered outside the venue. One conference attendee nonetheless ended the night, Taylor said, in hospital and under arrest. State police confirmed two arrests on the day.

Organized under the banner “Oppose the Hate”, about 150 protesters spread out from the sidewalk, up a set of stairs and on to a grassy hill overlooking the venue.

While more militant activists picketed the front door and took photos of attendees, on the hill there were speakers and a picnic. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) attended. So did anti-gun groups.

The Rev Brian Merritt, pastor at Renaissance Presbyterian church in Chattanooga, gestured towards the conference centre. “What’s going on in there is sin,” he said. “White supremacy is sin. They’re on the wrong side of justice.”

Groups like American Renaissance were attracted to Tennessee and the south by its politeness and hospitality, he said. But he added: “Well-mannered Christianity is going away. The church is not going to be told every time it stands up for justice that that is politics. That is bullshit. It is not political to stand up for justice, especially under this racist administration.”

The Rev Brian Merritt is a professional protester and anarchist. Read more here. The sneaky Guardian would leave you thinking that a true Christian (Merritt looks like he might be a crypto-Jew) has condemned the right of the white race to exist and prosper free of the undertow that diversity brings. Merritt is scum disguised as a Christian.


5 thoughts on “Jared Taylor Feeling Empowered: “Young white guys are hopping mad.”

  1. I know a man who looks just like the REV BRIAN MERRITT.
    The man I know drinks a huge amount of beer every day, gets drunk every day even though he is a married father, and looks overweight like the Rev. He is pure white Scandinavian and has avoided work for most of the past ten years – most of his adult life in fact. He is a lefty and a Coon lover, like this Rev. He is a deadbeat dad to another kiddie, but of course in a welfare nation that does not hurt the child or the mother financially.

    Is the anarchist Rev a heavy beer drinker – or does he just eat too much? How is this selfish greed and indulgence Christian in any way? The Rev is a glutton and a sinner. He should get the log out of his own eye before pointing out the splinters in the eyes of white nationalists. He should take a look in the mirror.

    This Rev is only against white authority. He is not against black, yellow, brown or jew authority – anywhere. He says nothing for the Palestinians – they are invisible to him. Nor does he care about those Christians living in Israel – or Syria.

    This man is the antithesis of what whites should stand for. He represents about the opposite of everything I believe in.

    “I voraciously read the Latin American, African American and African Liberationists during my missionary studies. They presented the strongest challenge to fundamentalism by those who took the Bible seriously. I consider Leonardo Boff, Ernesto Cardenal, Gustavo Gutierrez, Alan Boesak, Desmond Tutu, James Dolan, Dorothee Soelle, Johann Baptist Metz, James Cone and Ismael Garcia my main theological conversation partners.”

    I have never read any of those tinted swine and I never will. Unless I get reedumacated one day, by force of the State.


    White hate is sin.
    Feminism is sin.
    Liberalism is sin.
    Black criminality is sin.
    Affirmative Action is sin.

    Looks like I know what is sin better than you do, “Reverand”.


    Liberal Christians like him and the sick evil mentally deranged Pope who kisses the feet of the alien invading scum remind me to go the above site and read it again to try to understand the pathology of left wing alienist negrophiliac Christians.

    In fact, the above site is also a good way to educate these left wing Christians.

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