Cop Demonized, Assigned to Desk Duty for Wearing “White Supremacist” T-Shirt in Court

Blacks and white liberals are trying to have a white police officer fired for wearing the shirt you see above. This story broke a few days ago. As of today there’s been no updates on any of the sites covering it.

Death and Taxes

A police officer in Washington, D.C. has been placed on desk duty after the department received complaints about a t shirt he wore to court that supposedly features white supremacist imagery.

According to Law4BlackLives, an activist group made up of lawyers who support Black Lives Matter, officer Vincent Altiere was seen at least three times in court wearing a shirt that showed the grim reaper holding an assault rifle, and an O with a cross through it, known as a sun cross or Celtic cross. The Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center note that the Celtic cross is often used by white supremacist.

The shirt also says, “Let me see that waistband jo,” which refers to jump outs, a tactic where a group of cops jump out of unmarked cars and swarm people who they think are acting suspicious. Basically a more aggressive version of stop and frisk.

The officer was at the court house on official police business in all three instances. According to the Washington Post’s Radley Balko, this is not an isolated incident, either.

Going stealth is the only way to go for now. Put away the symbols that can get you fired and work like a saboteur to silently undermine the antiracist system that means white genocide.

One thought on “Cop Demonized, Assigned to Desk Duty for Wearing “White Supremacist” T-Shirt in Court

  1. T-shirts be rayciss. I did not know that the Washington, D.C. police department had any evil YT officers. My daughter lived in the District of Coons til earlier this year. Whenever I visited her, all I ever saw were jigs with badges. Evil YT cops. Who woulda thunk it?

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