Wild Pack of Gorillas Attack Human on a Train in Dallas

A decent black man (the human in this story) politely asked a group of teens (the wild gorillas) to stop smoking weed on a DART train in Dallas, Texas.

That request set off the horrific mob beating you can watch in the video below.

Making matters worse is that until the video of the beating surfaced on Facebook, the authorities dismissed the whole incident, ignoring it.


A group of five males and two females violently attacked and beat a Dallas DART train passenger because he asked them to stop smoking marijuana.

The video, which was filmed on a cell phone and disseminated on social media, shows the man being punched and kicked. He tries to leave the train, but the mob of attackers follows him outside to continue the attack.

Steve Eager, a Dallas news anchor, wrote on Facebook, “This video is maddening and outrageous. The beating victim had the audacity to ask young people on a DART train (Green Line) in Dallas to stop smoking weed. Of course there was NO Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Official DART page) police officer on the train, or on the platform once the beating spilled there. DART officials claimed the victim didn’t want to press charges. The victim, Kennan Jones says that is false! DART’s police report also lists the case as ‘closed’ with no arrests.”

According to WFAA-TV, the victim “was violently assaulted by a group late Sunday night (July 31) on a Northbound Green Line train near the Deep Ellum Station.”

The station confirmed with a DART spokesman that the victim had asked the attackers to stop smoking. The victim was taken to the hospital.

According to WFAA, there have been rising concerns about safety on the trains since another man was jumped in June, and a DART spokesman said the DART wants justice for the recent victim.

Jones, 44, told WFAA that he is a student and said, “All of a sudden, they started smoking. I’m like come on man. We’re on the train. Put that out right now. Wait until you get off the train. It’s not that serious to smoke. You got other people on here who don’t want to smell all that. That’s when it escalated.”

The cell phone video was posted to Facebook by another passenger on the train.

People who have information helpful in the case can call the DART police at 214-928-6300.

If these conscienceless monkeys would do that kind of attack on one of their own, imagine what they would do to a white man.

Kennan Jones deserves justice. His attackers deserve to be beaten as viciously as they beat him. In reality, if they’re caught, they’ll be sentenced to community service. After all, dey mamas be sayin dem chilluns dindu nuffins. Dey beez good an all dat sheeeeeit.

3 thoughts on “Wild Pack of Gorillas Attack Human on a Train in Dallas

  1. “I have a dream….of a world where my children will be judged
    not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

    That day has come: FAIL.

  2. This is what happens when the government does not allow people to discipline their kids anymore. Actually, people in the community snitch on one another to such organizations like CPS/DFS. This is the result- kids who then in turn beat down on adults. The same adults on that train would have no hesitation to call DFS\CPS on the single parents or two parent families on these kids. Don’t blame the kids, blame the community that snitched on their parents when the parents tried to discipline them.

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