White South African Farmers on Trial For Scaring Thieving Nog by Putting Him in Coffin

Like in the United States, the Negro is a sacred god. He must be worshiped, not criticized. And a white man had most certainly not terrorize the sacred god.

The two white farmers now on trial in South Africa made one mistake or maybe two. Don’t record your bullying of the god.

Alternatively, it may have been a mistake not to carry though and kill the thief who threatened to kill their wives and children.


Two white farmers who forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to pour in petrol and burn him alive have told a court they were just trying to ‘scare’ him.

William Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, both 29, claimed trespasser Victor Mlotshwa had been caught stealing corn-on-the-cobs and that they had ‘arrested’ him.

However their defence told a judge that when they said they were taking Mr Mlotshwa to the police, he threatened to burn their crops and kill their wives and children.

They therefore decided to ‘teach him a lesson’ and drove him to a barn where there was a coffin with the intention of frightening him into not carrying out his threats.

The High Court in Delmas, Mpumulanga province, South Africa, heard how a video taken of the pair forcing their victim into the coffin went viral and caused outrage.

The farmers received death threats and spent eight months in custody awaiting trial over fears that the racial tensions the footage had triggered put them in danger.

The assault took place at the JM de Beer Boerdery, near Komati power station in Mpumalanga on August 17 last year when the men in two Land Cruisers followed the victim.

Investigating officer Constable Dimaktso Bahula previously told the court the two men then stopped and assaulted Mr Mlotshwa for no reason and then terrorised him.

A 20 second clip went viral on You Tube in which they forced him into a coffin and threatened to throw a snake in onto top of him and pour in petrol and burn him alive.

The video led to the arrest and imprisonment of both for their own safety in November last year.


One of the men is seen trying to force the lid of the coffin down as a second man filming the incident threatens to ‘put a snake in’ as the young man whimpers in total terror.

The two white men, who are yelling in Afrikaans and Zulu throughout, live in an area of South Africa where violence on farms is common with over 50 murders in the last year.

The advocates for the two accused farm workers claimed farm owner Mr Johannes de Beer kept the coffin for the purpose of scaring people who were stealing his corn-on-the-cobs.

They claim they used it for the same reason after catching Mr Mlotshwa allegedly trespassing.

Defending Oosthuizen, advocate Wayne Gibbs said:’He thought it would be an opportunity to scare Mlotshwa to not steal and to not carry out the threats that he had made’.


Farm owner Mr De Beer denied he had ever used the coffin to terrorise thieves at his farm.

Advocate Org Basson for Jackson also put it to Mr de Beer that it was common knowledge that the coffin had been used before to scare thieves but he again denied it.

The two men deny charges of kidnapping, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, attempted murder and possession of an illegal firearm and the trial is set to last ten days.

3 thoughts on “White South African Farmers on Trial For Scaring Thieving Nog by Putting Him in Coffin


    Any time the coloreds become a majority, whites are in big trouble.

    They must really get out of South Africa.

    Though I wish more white countries would open their borders to white South Africans, I do think they have choices of being able to move to better places for now, relocate there and then eventually try to move to USA or EU.

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