Trump Advisor Stephen Miller DESTROYS CNN’s Jim Acosta at Press Briefing

Verbal conflict arose at a White House briefing today. A CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, was called “ignorant” and “foolish” by Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump’s nationalist adviser and speech writer. Miller, who is Jewish, is the architect of Trump’s plan to cut legal immigration in half.

CNN’s Acosta, whose roots lie outside the U.S. in Cuba, accused President Trump of being a racist for proposing an immigration plan that requires immigrants to speak English.

This is probably the most widely covered story today.

Long version:

Short version:

Heavy offers 5 Fast Facts about Acosta. In short, Acosta is a troublemaker.

13 thoughts on “Trump Advisor Stephen Miller DESTROYS CNN’s Jim Acosta at Press Briefing

  1. All Jews are not bad guys > > “Miller, who is Jewish, is the architect of Trump’s plan to cut legal immigration IN HALF.”


    • I’m 2:50 in to the long version, & that Acosta dude needs to be accosted & thrown out of the press room.

      What an irritating annoying crybaby, so sick of people like him, incessantly interrupting Miller & not letting him finish; whining about the POEM on the Statue of Liberty (it’s not a LAW); & he is obviously too DUMB to realize that countries CAN become TOO FULL.

      So BACK OFF, dummies, stay home until you learn English & make yourselves worthy to enter the USA. And when the human influx levels get too high, as Miller said, then LULLS in immigration naturally follow. We do not want to become Bangladesh.

    • “…..All Jews are not bad guys ……..”

      Name 5 Jews who denounce Jewish Perfidy i.e. condemn and expose the lie of the holocaust as just one example. How many Jews are condemning their brethren for the events of 9-11??? How many Jews are condemning their brethren for ALL the wars of the past 2 centuries???

      “Bad” is the wrong word to use. Of course not all Jews are “Bad”. But now you must define ‘bad’.

      Jews are loyal to Jews. Period. Whites get COLLECTIVELY blamed………….so why can’t we collectively blame and EXPELL all Jews.

      it is people with your philosophy/attitude who allowed the Jew to exist in our world in the first place. Do you think the Jews, that we know who are devils, started that way??? They come in as WOLVES in Sheep’s clothing.

      You need to read and then STUDY the Protocols. I sure hope you are not a person of influence. Shut up or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

  2. Haven’t seen one thing that would indicate Miller’s not on our side. He’s been saying the same things since his high school days when he lived with his liberal family. Of course, they tried to change his mind, but obviously, he remained firm.

    • Wulfe…..if you were the President of a White Nation, would you allow the Jew to reside within our Realm?

      See my comment to “Sob a Tear” above.

  3. ‘Well, Mr. Acosta, that sounds more like a statement of opinion than a question. And your opinion has no credibility. CNN is, after all, a network that was caught blackmailing one of its critics. And it continues to this day to employ the blackmailer. Why is that, Jim?’

  4. How did someone so dumb get the job in the first place? Oh right, I get it now, he’s from Cuba, he’s not a real American. He’s obviously showboating and getting as much face time as possible with his eye on bigger things in the future, he’s a fraud and he couldn’t care less about the huddled masses, he’s just thinking about his career. I hope something really nasty happens to him.

  5. Richard Spencer’s latest video discusses his nays and yays for RAISE.

    He’s spot on about high IQ immigrants replacing high IQ Americans just as low skilled immigrants replaced low skilled Americans. This same thought hit me yesterday at which time I decided I didn’t like the bill. I agree with Spencer there are good parts, but bringing in 500,000 non-Whites every year with ‘so-called’ high IQ’s will be hired first because they will accept jobs for lower wages and Commies want Whites gone. Will the U.S. be giving them IQ tests or accepted from their countries? That’s a joke since Asians cheat.

    Will a White with a 135 IQ be able to compete with a 135 Chinese who takes a job at a lower wage? NO!

    What this bill admits, as White numbers decline, so does the country’s IQ and innovation. It also means more Commie liberals.

    If child bearing White males and females don’t get their act together, we can write the White race off. I’m sick of their childish, ignorant, whining, behavior. I will place the blame for our demise on these selfish brats. Did anyone see, “More millennials are listing their dogs as the biggest factor in their home-buying decisions, behind marriage and children.” For them, there’s no wife, children, and dogs. It’s only dogs! See link below.

    • Well thought out analysis, Wullfe. I may want to use some of your thoughts as talking points in future posts. Right now I’m grappling with the Mueller grand jury story. Also trying to get updated on McMaster. Hannity as much as called him a Deep State traitor on the radio today.

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