Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Linked to White Nationalism After Comment About Jewish Penned Statue of Liberty Poem

Even as a child, I knew this poem was silly and stupid. It’s nice that the French gave the U.S. Lady Liberty, not Lady Immigration.

But then a damn Jew had to come along and ruin it with a misleading poem.

According to much of the media only White Nationalists know that the poem was added later. That’s a laugh. The media and liberals are projecting their abysmal ignorance on to everyone else.

San Francisco Chronicle

A poem at the Statue of Liberty that is a national symbol for the country’s embrace of immigrants became the topic of a rancorous exchange Wednesday at a White House news conference to announce President Donald Trump’s push for immigration reform.

Senior White House aide Stephen Miller told reporters the poem written by Emma Lazarus about the “huddled masses” is not part of the original Statue of Liberty.

Miller said the statue is a “symbol of American liberty lighting the world” and suggested it had little to do with immigrants.

Miller’s comment prompted ridicule on social media and angry responses from immigrant rights advocates.

Miller was responding to a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta asking if the Trump administration’s new merit-based green card proposal was keeping with U.S. tradition.

The reporter read a line of the Lazarus sonnet, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.”

“The poem you were referring to was added later,” Miller said. “It’s not actually part of the originally Statue of Liberty.”

The National Park Service says Lazarus’ sonnet depicts the statue “as the ‘Mother of Exiles:’ a symbol of immigration and opportunity — symbols associated with the Statue of Liberty today.”

The statue was a gift from France commemorating its alliance with the United States during the American Revolution. Edouard de Laboulaye, a French political thinker and abolitionist, proposed the idea of the statue and made sure broken shackle and chain were at the right foot of the statue.

Writers and authors later asked Emma Lazarus, a poet and descendant of Jewish immigrants, to write a sonnet to be sold at an auction to raise money for a pedestal to hold the Statue of Liberty.

She wrote “The New Colossus” on Nov. 2, 1883, inspired by the plight of immigrants and refugees and her own experiences. The poem appeared in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and The New York Times.

She died four years later and the poem eventually faded from public memory.

In 1901, a Lazarus friend, Georgina Schuyler, found a book containing the poem and started an effort to resurrect the work. Her words were eventually inscribed on a plaque and placed on the statue’s pedestal.

The poem reads, “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

The Statue of Liberty and nearby Ellis Island have since become welcoming symbols for immigrants and refugees coming to the United States.

It draws thousands of visitors each day.

Miller is of course correct. When leftists don’t like the truth, they mock it. Here’s a nice rewrite of the poem I found:

22 thoughts on “Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Linked to White Nationalism After Comment About Jewish Penned Statue of Liberty Poem

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  2. “Give me your Coons, your lazy,
    Your huddled masses yearning for gibsmedat,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, violent rapefugees to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden welfare door!”

  3. I always thought that poem was stupid because the Statue has nothing to do with immigration. Sure, it was the first thing immigrants saw from the boats but it’s not a welcome sign!

  4. Liberty was dedicated 1886. The poem was placed in 1903, 17 years later!

    For anyone interested here’s Miller obliterating Acosta.

    Seeing as our monuments are being removed, I think we should make it a priority to get that rotten plaque off of OUR Statue of Liberty. I’m serious! Those who have Twitter accounts, let’s push this!

  5. The Statue of Liberty should be dismantled and melted down for its cash value. France has little to be proud of politically and the USA should be ashamed to be associated with the French cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    The USA had a revolution to pay less tax to the lawful British Crown. The French King very unwisely helped these tax dodgers. Soon after he and all of his family and all aristocrats were slaughtered in a tidal wave of brutality and theft. Then the violent turds killed each other, the best part of any revolution. Then Boney came along with his short man syndrome and killed about one million Frenchmen in nonstop wars of aggression. Since then the French have had several violent incidents, restoration of kings and ditching them again. Most tall men murdered during and after the revolution then the remaining tall men intentionally killed in WWI, by their own Generals. France was defeated very easily in 1870 and again in WWII.

    In England from 1770 to today has been stability of the English King with not one single Regicide murder or violent overthrow of any Government. Not many massacres in the streets, well much less than the Frogs anyway. So, the USA is on the wrong side of history, IMO. The British King George III should have remained King of the ungrateful US colonies. Had he done so, the population of what is now the USA would be about 50 or 60 million in total (in 1965) mostly white people. Instead of 300 million with half of them brown or black scum. Slavery would have ended before 1830, due to a worldwide ban by the British on slavery. Civil war would never have happened. There has been no civil war in Australia, New Zealand or Canada nor any single currency collapse to my knowledge – unlike the worthless Continentals and also Greenback devaluations. What does this say about the superiority of the US democracy over the British model?

    Also the Jew domination of the USA since 1913, then the world due to US financial and military power since WWII, has led to the current immigration policies in all white nations. Had the US revolution never occurred the current Africoon invasion of the West might not be happening.

    • The French sure dig Afro poon. Louisiana is the armpit of the USA. Octaroon balls parading about Mystery Meat bitches. Irishmen in New Orleans shagging sistahs while their own women had a mortality age average of 18.

      More Kwans procreated with the Nogs. Look at the Abos…. most still look like apes. But not Kwan blacks… nope…. many are by products of fetish fucking.


      Anyway, I know I posted a link about Hugh Grant and Divine brown. I really think he was set up or paid by the Jews to dis Liz Hurley. Those pieces of shyte are always trying to cut down the Northern European woman.

      Anyway, Divine Brown did not get that the reason he chose her over the white prostitutes was that he just wanted a hoe blow snd who better than a Divine Brown.

      Keep sucking hoez.

      White girls need to stop doing anal and giving blow jobs. Keep that market for the brown hoez and stay in the market for marriage. If the off white mayonnaise male nogs of the Kwa pass them up because they won’t suck dick, they should move on to other shores. These white nogs sold them out to massa anyhow and had the nogs with penises be given more rights to them.

      White women are the true slaves of amerikwa.


    She openly states in her “poem” that give me your wretched “refuse.”

    Refuse is garbage, waste, manure, feces.

    No normal person asks for feces.

    Emma Lazarus therefore had fecophilia and necrophilia. She was mentally deranged.

  7. It was difficult to hear Acosta at times, but he accuses Miller and the President of “trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.”

    Yes, that’s exactly what we want to do.

    That’s been our historical precedence until 1965, now slanting heavily in favor of Islamists and Africans and away from white Europeans, particularly under the Hussein Obama regime.

    • Shhhh. Better to keep it on the downlow the way Miller did. LOL.

      It’s interesting that the (((left))) can trumpet the idea that they want to make America nonwhite, but arguing against it is political incorrect racism of the worst kind.

  8. Well, let’s think for a second about the startling implication of Jim Acosta’s idiocy:

    He literally thinks that anyone is ‘tired’ has a right to US citizenship.

    I long for a faraway, fairytale land in which our nationality laws are set by Congress – not a ‘poem’ that has never been put to a vote.

  9. I have never met an Anglo Saxon named Miller who looked like this Miller, and with this non white skin. Is his real name Melnick, or Melnik?
    He also has a nasal whiney New York style voice. So 1 minute of searching found……..
    He is a Jew, so he should never be given too much power, or trusted – he can wreck the Republican Party from within. Both parents Democrats.

    Below quoted from a site politico dot com…….

    “How did Stephen Miller come to occupy such an extreme position on immigration? Strangely, it was his experience coming of age in a liberal Jewish family in liberal Santa Monica, the Berkeley of Southern California. “I think it was growing up in California, he saw the role that mass migration played turning a red state blue,” says one former Senate colleague. “He was fearful that that would happen to the rest of the country.”

    Miller was born into a family of lawyers and salesmen, two professions he never pursued but clearly has in him. His parents were Democrats, but Miller was pulled in a different direction early, converted to the conservative cause by a copy of National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s 1994 book, Guns, Crime, and Freedom, a blistering takedown of the arguments for gun control. “

    • Even if it did make sense in1883, surely in all reason, in 2017 and with 330 millions population, using this twaddle as an excuse for Mass Invasion of diseased Parasites and cretinous Vermin is insane.
      Cui bono ?
      Yids bono.
      @ Jew names. Kikes change their names to hide their histories. They chose place names and occupation names. Taylor, or variations, was a common choice, as was Needleman, etc., Miller, Merchant, Grocer.
      In Eastern Europe the Schmaltz chose place names, with many variations when they invaded USA. Baron, Barron, Barow and variations were used by Yids who lived near the town of Baranowicze
      Amongst the Jew immigrants a name would become a hit, and boat loads of Kikes would claim a favorite surname.

      • I looked it up earlier. Melnick is a Slavic name for Miller. Melnik is the Hebrew variant.This “Right Wing” Melnik may be, like (((Barry Goldwater))), trying to wreck the republican party with fake “far right wing” views.
        I.e by attacking the Jewess Lazarus – he is actually supporting her and mocking people that hold his opinion.
        He does not actually name the Jew as the real power in the USA – and the White House.

  10. ‘ hot ones…. I may grab them by the pussy’

    And so this blog reveals its true colors, though subtly.

    White men grabbing cheap brown poon ‘by the pussy’ is what wrecked this country.

    Good job mayonnaise white patriarchy. Glad we can count on you. How ‘White of you’.

  11. By 1903, there were jews advising our presidents. (((Their))) great migration to the U.S. began in 1870. They insinuated themselves fast and furious into our society. Ten years later they got Congress to pass the 16th (The Income Tax) Amendment and create the Federal Reserve. The Christ-killers waste no time trying to create hell on earth.

    • Many of the slave importers, dealers and owners were Jews. Then the carpetbaggers were joos also. So somehow a lot of these kikes got in to the USA long beofre 1861.
      These alien (((people))) were much less welcome in the British Empire. the Founding Fathers blundered in not considering who would be suitable as future emigrants, or even how many should be accepted. Those few men threw away their own Anglo Saxon heritage to a mongrel future.
      Australia has 22 million people and the USA 330 million. I am sure the Founding Fathers never meant their nation to be a dumping ground for the (((slums))) of Europe, and later Asia, the Middle East. Africa, South and Central America. Finally, Africa, the deepest cut of them all.

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