Report: Bannon May Walk Over McMaster Purge of Trump Loyalists

McMaster must go. The crisis can’t be put off any longer.

Link to McMaster Facts.

Weekly Standard

The national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, has removed three NSC aides loyal to Trump aide Steve Bannon in the last three weeks. Bannon allies inside and outside the administration have fired back, starting rumors that McMaster is on his way out the door and documenting the Army general’s deviations from President Trump.

The latest move against Bannonites came Wednesday when McMaster fired the NSC’s senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick. McMaster’s previous attempt to remove Cohen-Watnick from the staff had been blocked by Bannon and Trump himself. A White House statement confirmed Cohen-Watnick’s removal, saying McMaster is “confident that Ezra will make many further significant contributions to national security in another position in the administration.” The news was first reported by Jordan Schachtel, a former editor at Breitbart, which Bannon ran before joining the Trump campaign last year.

This was not the first change. Last week, McMaster fired Derek Harvey, the NSC’s top Middle East adviser. Harvey was perceived as too close to Bannon by some White House aides, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis had disagreed with Harvey at times.

And another Bannon acolyte, Rich Higgins, was given the boot on July 21, as Rosie Gray at the Atlantic first reported on Wednesday. (This was before the arrival of Kelly as chief of staff.) Higgins, a former Pentagon aide, wrote and circulated a memo charging the “deep state,” “globalists,” and “bankers” with aligning with “Islamists” against the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, Bannon’s allies outside the White House are trying to put the squeeze on McMaster. On Wednesday, radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted a months-old article from the New York Times about McMaster’s “break with the administration on Islam.”

Meanwhile, blogger Mike Cernovich has been tweeting links to a website called McMasterLeaks, which contains a single blog post with multiple examples of how McMaster is undermining Trump. At the top of the page is a cartoon depicting McMaster (incorrectly labeled as “McMasters”) and David Petraeus as marionette puppets with strings controlled by liberal billionaire George Soros. In turn, Soros is depicted as a puppet controlled by a green, monstrous hand simply labeled “Rothschilds.”

7 thoughts on “Report: Bannon May Walk Over McMaster Purge of Trump Loyalists

  1. Too bad the disgusting warmongers never stop & put a damper on all the good news today:

    –Trump Attack vs. Affirmative Action.

    –Trump move toward Merit-Based Immigration (which will hopefully include speaking English at least).

    I’m no fan of military men, especially the higher-ups who most likely are part of Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, NSA-CIA spying on Americans, & ALL THE REST of the evil technocracy crap.

    Oh, and Susan Rice can TAKE A HIKE. Who is she to be advising anybody in Trump Land, since she is an Obama-puppet.

    And good for Bannon for WALKING OVER McShafter. I hope his plan works, & he brings back the realists who are telling the truth, such as the Higgins guy & his memo.

  2. “fired the NSC’s senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick.”
    Even (((Get Smart))) would never have dared to use any name this Jewey.
    Ezra – Old Testament, Torah.
    Cohen – a rabbi
    Watnick a made up Yid name sounding like Melnik and similar names.

    “Here lies the body of Ezra Pound.
    Lost at sea and never was found”.

  3. Bannon must never resign, no matter what the threat. He must insist on being fired and the reason made public. This way he is more likely to be kept on. Weaklings walk away from a fight. Cowardly bosses love resignations as nobody find out the truth. Often resigning people are bribed in some illegal or immoral way, top avoid a formal firing process.

    • Agree. Never resign. Never apologize. Sometimes people are told that if they resign, they can more easily get a job than if they are fired. There may be some truth in that or not. But high profile guys like Bannon should not resign. It’s like an admission of guilt.

      • President Trump needs a good Soviet-style purge of anyone who does not have absolute loyalty to him.

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