The Military Coup Against Donald John Trump

Kurt Schlichter‏ at has penned a two-part article on a future violent military overthrow of President Trump. The scenario is plausible. The desperation of the Deep State would probably result in Trump’s assassination rather than a coup, but nonetheless, this is interesting fiction.

Excerpt from Part 2:

Regardless, Washington was effectively held by the plotters. The coup-friendly commander had his Marines from the infantry school at Quantico south of the District getting organized into tactical units – by morning they would reinforce the coup forces already in the capital. All the troops were told they were going to “secure the White House from terrorists,” but it was only a matter of time before they discovered they themselves were the enemy. Smith had argued against putting Hillary Clinton on television so soon, but the other plotters were sure her appearance would rally the people. It seemed to in New York – people had come outside to celebrate and it had turned into a riot. Mayor De Blasio had ordered the NYPD into its stations and on the streets it was a bloodbath. But in red America, the response was different. Patriots watched Hillary on their television, then unlocked their gun safes.

The E-4 command and control aircraft took off from Offutt Air Force Base heading east. The networks were broadcasting Hillary Clinton’s awkward speech over and over – but there was no news coverage. More importantly, there was no word from the president other than Hillary’s ambiguous and odd statement that “the Trump is neutralized.” Secretary Mattis could not raise the White House, nor the Pentagon.

Link to Part 1

Link to Part 2

7 thoughts on “The Military Coup Against Donald John Trump

  1. If Deep State attacks, hopefully this Trump will come out fighting…

      • More plausible and chilling would be Obama slithering out of the shadows to reclaim the throne “didja miss me folks? I’m back and readyreturn the country to it’s rightful heirs non white voters.”

        Don’t laugh I fear the applause of 99% from Obama’s reclaiming the throne speech would take months to calm down. The communist luciferian MSM would be broadcasting 24×7 Obama approval rating at 99.7%

      • All this, including that, is now plausible. Enough people will believe she is the saviour and may see too late that she is anything but that.

        “The Devil sends the Hildebeast with wrath because he knows the time is short”.

  2. Just saw this comment over at CTH:

    Marian says:
    July 31, 2017 at 5:46 pm
    Not sure I like the General isolating Trump. It’s not very Trump like. Firing Scaramucci so quickly seems so disloyal, which is also [not] Trump like. I miss Trump being Trump. Finally, feel free to push me off my crazy ledge here, but is this the beginning of a coup?

    Evidently, everyone will have to go through Kelly to get to POTUS, including Bannon, Hope Hicks, Jared, Ivanka, Scavino, etc., per a prior comment who repeated that that is what Sanders/Huckabee had said when they announced Scaramucci was gone.

    People do not want Bannon/Trump to be isolated from each other.

    A few other people said Kelly needs to be “watched” because he is too friendly to CAIR & has said that “radical Jihadists give Islam a bad name.”

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