LEAKED TAPE: Jared Kushner’s Intern Talk About Middle East Peace Reveals Insider Policy Thinking

People on the alt-rght are not Jared Kushner fans, most centrally because he’s Jewish. However, listening to him speak to White House interns off the record shows an intelligent, honest guy willing and eager to speak certain politically incorrect truths.

Jared’s talk was leaked, presumably by one of the interns in order to damage the Trump presidency.

The press is so in love with empty, retarded statements by smooth-talking politicians that this slice of honesty by Jared seems to offend them.


ON MONDAY, WHITE House senior adviser Jared Kushner spoke to a group of congressional interns as part of an ongoing, off-the-record summer lecture series. During the question-and-answer portion of the event, Kushner may have inadvertently offered some insight into the negotiating tactics he is using in the Middle East.

Prior to Kushner’s talk, Katie Patru, the deputy staff director for member services, outreach, and communications, told the assembled interns, “To record today’s session would be such a breach of trust, from my opinion. This town is full of leakers, and everyone knows who they are, and no one trusts them. In this business your reputation is everything. I’ve been on the Hill for 15 years. I’ve sat in countless meetings with members of congress where important decisions were being made. During all those years in all those meetings, I never once leaked to a reporter … If someone in your office has asked you to break our protocol and give you a recording so they can leak it, as a manager, that bothers me at my core.”

WIRED has obtained a recording of Kushner’s talk, which lasted for just under an hour in total.

The speech—which was peppered with self-deprecating jokes, as reported by Foreign Policy—offered a rare insight into the man President Trump has tasked with criminal justice reform, managing the opioid crisis, updating the government’s technological systems, and creating peace in the Middle East, among other tasks. It’s the latter, though, that’s both the most deeply personal for Kushner (a staunch supporter of Israel) and that prompted him to embark on his longest, most rambling answer during yesterday’s question-and-answer session.

While the recording doesn’t catch the entirety of the question, it appears to have centered on how Kushner plans to negotiate peace between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as why he believes he’ll be successful where every other administration has failed. He doesn’t directly answer either question, but he does reveal that, in his extensive research, he’s learned that “not a whole lot has been accomplished over the last 40 or 50 years.” He also notes that he’s spoken to “a lot of people,” which has taught him that “this is a very emotionally charged situation.”

Later in the clip, Kushner expresses frustration at others’ attempts to teach him about the delicate situation he’s been inserted into, saying, “Everyone finds an issue, that ‘You have to understand what they did then’ and ‘You have to understand that they did this.’ But how does that help us get peace? Let’s not focus on that. We don’t want a history lesson. We’ve read enough books. Let’s focus on, How do you come up with a conclusion to the situation?” He then goes on to lament the press’s treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a family friend who he’s known since childhood.

Kushner’s dismissal of the nuances of the conflict has already been an issue. Last month, when Kushner met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a Palestinian official told Haaretz that Kushner “sounded like Netanyahu’s advisers and not like fair arbiters” and that they were “greatly disappointed” after the meeting. Abbas himself was “reportedly furious.”

Finally, Kushner closed with the following statement of reassurance: “So, what do we offer that’s unique? I don’t know … I’m sure everyone that’s tried this has been unique in some ways, but again we’re trying to follow very logically. We’re thinking about what the right end state is, and we’re trying to work with the parties very quietly to see if there’s a solution. And there may be no solution, but it’s one of the problem sets that the president asked us to focus on. So we’re going to focus on it and try to come to the right conclusion in the near future.”

You can read and listen to Kushner’s answer in its entirety below. WIRED has reached out to the White House for comment and will update if and when we receive a response.

Read a transcript and listen to Jared at the link.

Meanwhile, USA Today took a different tack in trying to undercut the Trump presidency.


In a leaked, off-the-record conversation with congressional interns, White House adviser and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner said the Trump campaign was too unorganized to collude with Russia, according to media reports.

“They thought we colluded, but we couldn’t even collude with our local offices,” Kushner told the interns, according to Foreign Policy.

When asked about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, Kushner reportedly admitted, “We don’t know where it’s going.”

An intern director told those attending the talk not to leak what was said, and Kushner himself said he was “a lot more comfortable talking to you guys today ’cause there isn’t any press,” Foreign Policy reported. However, the news outlet said that it obtained written notes from the conversation.

9 thoughts on “LEAKED TAPE: Jared Kushner’s Intern Talk About Middle East Peace Reveals Insider Policy Thinking

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  2. Oh brother, that last bit by USA Today is total fodder for hysterical media. Jared, 36, should have thought twice before saying that.

    As for the top portion re M.E. Peace, naturally Jared would be more like a Netanyahu patsy than not, so Abbas shouldn’t be surprised.

    Trump certainly gave Kushner a full plate of assignments to work on. Wow. Here, son-in-law, finish building the technocracy, then go save the world…

    Re leaks during these intern meetings, they should remove all writing utensils & ask everyone to leave their phones in a box at the door. (Of course someone could have one in their pants or shirt pocket, etc. Maybe a “pat down” by Gen John Kelly would be in order prior to the meeting, lol, just like at airports.)


    More leak news…

    • Jared was speaking off the record, but of course with all the leaks it’s now on the record about how disorganized the campaign was.

      He comes across as an honest guy in my opinion. Others can disagree if they wish.

      • For the campaign having been so “unorganized,” Trump did a thousand times MORE than all other candidates combined during the campaign.

        It did not appear “unorganized” out here among us (except for the few firings/replacements, Lewandowski/Manafort, etc.).

        Otherwise, it was a non-stop Nascar-pace campaign. Somebody had to be “organizing” ALL of those speeches & events, & well in advance at that.

        Bottom Line: What’s important is their thinking, whether Kushner, Ivanka, McMasters, or whoever. Are they America.No.1-God+Country, or wishy-washy half-Leftie/half-Righty, etc.

  3. “WHITE House senior adviser (((Jarhead Abu Dhabi Isaac Moses Kushner))) spoke”. The world whimpered at his mighty (((feet))).

    This man looks like he is just out of nappies; he is “wet behind the ears”. Trumps own wife is too young to be an adviser – IMO. She is Jarhedds mother in law. Advisers should be male and over 60 years old, according to me, and history. Excepting any advisers on “youth” and “women’s” issues. Spartan council elders had to be male and 60 years old. That is the exact same age that male Abos were allowed to first marry. The abo lifestyle lasted unchanged for at least 40,000 years; nothing else in human recorded history comes close. Abos permitted no feminism whatsoever in their tribes. Sparta did very well for hundreds of years – longer than the British Empire lasted, or the American Empire will last. It is a mere 119 years old after stealing the Spanish Empire.

    Does the USA have no laws against Nepotism? This is flagrant criminality by the President, in open view. This dangerous wimpy looking (((man))) is married to Trumps own (((daughter))).

    “the man President Trump has tasked with criminal justice reform, managing the opioid crisis, updating the government’s technological systems, and creating peace in the Middle East, among other tasks.”

    Is that all a 36 year old man has to do these days? Why not also North Korea, China trade and island building, and genociding the Palestinians? Wait, he already has the last task and he will manage it splendidly. “Peace” means the last tiny bit of Palestine is called Israel. Is a 36 year old man able to prevent WWIII with Russia starting in the Middle East, i.e. Syria or Iran? How can he stop the Jew run narcotics trade in opiates – both legal and illegal? This is appointing a fox to guard the chicken coop. Why not make him the Federal Reserve overseer – (none are allowed by the way), or failing that nonstarter – Trump’s el Supremo monitor of (((media))) bias and corruption?

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