Active Duty Nog Marine Who Murdered White Sorority Girl Sara Mutschlechner For Saying No to Sex is Found Guilty



If the American military accepts lowlife scum like murderer Eric Jamal Johnson, then we’d better be wary of going to war.

Johnson was arrested for the murder of sorority girl Sara Mutschlechner at a Marine Corps facility. Whatever happened to the slogan: The few, the proud, the Marines.

Sara’s murder was originally reported by the press as a road rage murder. That was an outright lie. Johnson and the other blacks in his vehicle demanded to f*ck the girls in her car. Sara was given a choice. A black d*ck or a bullet.

She ended up taking the bullet.

Daily Mail

An ex-Marine will avoid the death penalty after being found guilty of shooting a sorority sister in the head on New Year’s Day 2016.

Eric Johnson, 21, was found guilty of murder in Denton County, Texas, on Monday in the death of 20-year-old Sara Mutschlechner of Martindale.

He faces up to life in prison.

Mutschlechner, a junior at the University of North Texas and philanthropy chair of her sisterhood, Zeta Tau Alpha, was driving friends home from a party at 2am when a black SUV pulled up beside them.

An affadavit says men in the SUV, which Johnson was riding in, made sexual remarks toward Mutschlechner and a woman riding with her.

Denton police say people from both cars had attended the same New Year’s Eve party.

The party wasn’t a traditional sorority party. It was a rap party. No white female should ever think that she can safely be present at a crap fest like this one.

As the people in both cars got into an argument, they began to drive through the intersection and Johnson fired several rounds at Mutschlechner’s Sedan, striking her in the head.

Her car then crashed into an electrical pole.

Responding officers found the woman lying on the ground.

She was taken to hospital to be placed on life support, and was pronounced dead hours later on January 1, 2016.

Johnson was arrested five days later at a Marine Corps facility in Yuma, Arizona, and then discharged by the Marines.

An affidavit says Johnson was associated with an address in Fort Worth.

Sara made the mistake of attending a rap party, where blacks were out in large numbers. You can’t do that. You’ll be raped, murdered, hassled, whatever. When we say the mantra, we mean it: Avoid the groid.

Texas is well known for imposing the death penalty on murderers. It’s disappointing that somebody fumbled the ball so that Johnson will spend a lifetime vacation in prison, with three hots and a cot.

Our ancestors knew better than we how to deal with scum like him.

9 thoughts on “Active Duty Nog Marine Who Murdered White Sorority Girl Sara Mutschlechner For Saying No to Sex is Found Guilty

  1. “An affadavit says men in the SUV, which Johnson was riding in, made sexual remarks toward Mutschlechner and a woman riding with her.”

    ‘Gibs muh sum, beech!’ Remember the jigaboo that raped his own grandmother? Said he din have no gofren so he wuz gonna ‘git him sum’.

    I wonder what Dad thinks of the sentence. I hope he’s not one of those types that thinks he will get into heaven if he forgives the POS. I would have a much more appropriate sentence in mind.

  2. Behold the mighty flying monkeys of ZARDOZ. The big stone head has filled his Fairy Tails military with these amazing denizens of the urbane jungle. The Best The Stone Age has to offer. Besides the rape and murder, ZARDOZ has things like the USO Franklin to show for getting YT out of guns. That crackhead ship that was almost sunk by a Filipino Cargo Vessel full of cheap Asian crap cartons.
    UMM, them’s sitting Ducks there ZARDOZ. Lets have Duck Soup for Freedonia. Hail, hail Freedonia land of the Brave Ghey Unfree.

  3. We have US Navy ships stop over in my part of Australia, and I’m always amazed at the volume of mystery meat, squats and Niggers cruising looking for White girls (and the odd boy) while hiding behind the veneer of maleness given by the Navy uniform. Australian women are a true Eloi, more so than American White women. They have no idea whatsoever.

  4. I checked and it looks like Sara had a white boyfriend. Seems her problem was more naivete than anything. She learned never to refer to niggers as niggers, spics as spics, etc. I suspect she believed colored fellers were just ‘black white men’ and they bleed red like everyone else. After all didn’t she cheer for Tyrone the Ape, star fullblack, on the team? And didn’t pretty white girls date Tyrone the Ape? Sara would have never gone to a cRap party had she been nigger-wise.

    Of course we get the usual drivel about the guilty negro: ‘I never knowed Jamal ever do nuffin wrong,’ and ‘I knowed he fambly down da skreet and they’s good peoples.’

    Naturally, neither Sara’s parents nor her boyfriend ever moved an inch to state the problem by calling out the nigger menace and demanding that whites unite to get control of these savages. Even with the murder of a daughter, and a girlfriend, it’s best to suffer that death than to publicly call a spade a spade and a nigger a nigger. If done, this would breach the protocol of holy radical egalitarianism, holy multiculturalism, and the holy cult of the noble dindu. What’s the loss of a pretty white girl when compared to casting stain on these three gods?

    Now the Aztecs were all heart, and studying about them sort of cuts your heart out. We, of course, condemn their barbaric practice of human sacrifices. Yet white people sacrifice lives daily to gods few dare question. My theory is the Aztecs demised themselves by sacrificing too many maidens of childbearing age. They sacrificed themselves out of existence. Whites are doing much the same.

    Yeah, the U.S. Marines (AKA the Suck, the Crouch) is no longer that of your gandpappy’s. When on occasion a young white fellow axe me about joining the military I try to steer him away, or at least point him to the Air Farce as an option.

    • She probably also didn’t realize that by rejecting the nog’s advances that it would make him very likely to pull a gun. Everyone should be aware of the idea that you’re always in danger around them. If you’re armed so you can fight back, then stand up to them. Otherwise, try to cautiously back out of any tense situation involving nogs.

  5. Young girl with tattoos, a nose ring, and no avoid the groid sense. Can not wait until we start hanging niggers again. Hang them just to their tippy toes then beat them to death with rebar.

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