The Biological Extinction of Europeans


Africans are turning Europe into Africa, a turd world continent of stupid, violent, lazy, fecund monsters. The facts are presented here nicely, but the author’s policy conclusion is totally wrong.

Originally Published at Sputnik News.

Lew Rockwell

Some European countries, namely Italy, Germany, France and the UK, are facing the so-called “substitution of nations,” where the national ethnical majority is disappearing physically and biologically, and is being substituted by migrants, according to a recent report. Sputnik Italy discussed the issue with Daniele Scalea, the author of the report.

The recent report of the Italian-based Machiavelli Center of Political and Strategic Studies (Centro studi politici e strategici Machiavelli), “How immigration is changing Italian demographics” has revealed that a number of European countries are facing the “biological and physical extinction” of their national ethnicities.

Ethnic majorities in such countries as Italy, Germany, France and the UK, are gradually turning into ethnic minorities, while being “substituted” by incoming migrants.

Sputnik Italy discussed the issue with Daniele Scalea, an analyst at the center and the author of the report.

Migration is drastically changing the habitual course of life in Italy, he told Sputnik. The reason for the influx of African migrants into Europe is not wars or catastrophes, but an explosive demographic increase on the African continent, from 9 percent to 25 percent of the global population throughout the last century.

While Europe, which accounted for over a fifth of the entire world population in 1950 (22 percent), is expected to make up just 7 percent of the world population in the year 2050, the percentage of the African population will make a sweeping rise from 9 percent to 40 percent.

Italy’s fertility rate is less than half of what it was in 1964, the analyst explained in his report. It has dropped from 2.7 children per woman to just 1.5 children per woman currently, a figure well below the replacement level for zero population growth of roughly 2.1 children per woman.As of the first half of this year, Italy had over 5 million foreigners living as residents, a remarkable 25 percent growth relative to 2012 and a whopping 270 percent since 2002. At that time, foreigners made up just 2.38 percent of the population while 15 years later the figure has nearly trebled to 8.33 percent of the population.

Moreover, even the children being born in Italy are overrepresented by immigrants, whose birthrate is considerably higher than native Italians, the study revealed. It is “unsurprising,” therefore, that Italian regions with the highest fertility rates are no longer in the south, as was usual the case, but in the Italian north and in the Lazio region, where there is a higher concentration of immigrants.

If current trends continue, by 2065, first- and second-generation immigrants will exceed 22 million persons, or more than 40 percent of Italy’s total population.

By comparison, it was only in the not far-off 2001 that the percentage of foreigners living in Italy crossed the low threshold of 1 percent, which reveals the speed and magnitude of demographic change occurring in Italy, a phenomenon “without precedent” in Italy’s history, the study asserts.

An added concern brought forward by the report is the high concentration of immigrant populations from just a few countries of origin, which has often resulted elsewhere in the formation of “closed, homogeneous communities that fail to integrate with their host society,” or what Pope Francis has termed “ghettoization.”

“Traditionally, African migration took place only within the continent, in other words, Africans have been migrating from one African country to another. However for the past decade, there has been a tendency to migrate outside the continent,” Daniele Scalea told Sputnik.

He further explained that it happens due to sweeping demographic growth on the continent (from 9 percent to 25 percent of the global population.) The migrants have more financial (money for long-distance travel) and cultural (ability to evaluate their chances and become participants of more developed economies) opportunities, which enable them to search for a better life in Europe and not in a neighboring African country.

There are certain reasons why the streams of migrants are pouring into Europe: Europe is rich, it is easy to reach and its population is aging fast, thus young Africans are able to find their place among aging Europeans with low fertility rates.

Unfortunately, Italy is not alone in its demographic turmoil. Extrapolating from current trends, British citizens will no longer be the majority of the population in the United Kingdom around 2065.

In Germany today, 36 percent of children under five are born to immigrant parents, which presages a significant demographic shift in the next generation in that country as well. France is also in a similar situation.

“We are witnessing what I would call a “substitution of nations.” Ethnic majorities are becoming minorities in their own countries, physically disappearing, and it disturbs the native population,” Daniele Scalea told Sputnik.

“The European peoples will soon get anxious about this issue, as we are currently witnessing their physical and biological extinction. Europeans don’t have many children, and thus there are more and more people of other nationalities in Europe,” he explained.

The idea of multiculturalism partially facilitates this process. Migration has always been welcomed in Italy and it was hard to find a community where all the people had come from the same country. The situation, however, is changing now. The top 10 foreign ethnicities in Italy make up more than 60 percent if the total number of migrants.

France, Germany and the UK are in a similar situation. Turkish migrants dominate in Germany, Pakistanis – in the UK, Algerians – in France. The Italian society will soon consist of different communities, each with its own culture, rules and ways of existence. It will ruin the Italian society.

“There are only two ways of development. If we continue with the policies of the leftists, by viewing as positive the idea of multiculturalism and the erosion of national native ethnicities, the European civilization will cease to exist and Europe will become a territory, occupied by various ethnicities, which belong to various civilizations,” the analyst explained to Sputnik.

However there is another way: radically reconsider the migration policy, ban the entrance of migrants into Europe and toughen the assimilation of those who have already come.

This will prevent migrants from residing only with their compatriots and speaking only their native language, without assimilating into the European society. Migrants should learn the language of their country of residence and acknowledge the fundamental European values. This will enable them to become real Italians, Germans and French, Daniele Scalea concluded.

The conclusion is off. Blacks can never be real Europeans. They’ll always be muh dikking, thieving, and aspiring to be rappers.

10 thoughts on “The Biological Extinction of Europeans

  1. “an explosive demographic increase on the African continent, from 9 percent to 25 percent of the global population throughout the last century.”
    That means more than two billion black as spades Coons are alive right now.

    “While Europe, which accounted for over a fifth of the entire world population in 1950 (22 percent), is expected to make up just 7 percent of the world population in the year 2050, the percentage of the African population will make a sweeping rise from 9 percent to 40 percent.”

    These numbers are shockingly bad, and hopefully not true. The UN, who I am sure love whites, and always tell the truth, cheerfully say there will be “only” 4 billion Coons alive in the year 2100. Based on the numbers in this article, it will be 6 or 7 billion Niggers in 2100. Not 9 billion humans in total but more like 11 billion – more than half of humanity (or apemanity) Black Africans!!!!

    “an explosive demographic increase on the African continent” must be defused, stopped, reversed, dismantled, destroyed, wiped out. By any means necessary.

    Calling Mother Nature. Wherefore art thou?

  2. Unfortunatly mother nature will have little impact on black numbers in Africa. They can live in situations that would be unthinkable to a white. I’ve even had them tell me directly that “we thrive on chaos”. And they do. In war torn countries it’s a way of life. The combatants are actually terrified of peace,because as they tell me” it’s all we know…there is nothing else for us if peace comes about” That’s why peace settlements are always hijacked. For example, if the taps run dry,which is normal,they happily walk for miles to a filthy pond to draw cholera laced water, then come home and tell everyone how clever they are. Boil it?? What for?? If they get sick,it’s witchcraft! Nobody stops to think maybe we should fix the pump….hell no. We cannot compete with them…..they can out breed us,and frankly,”out survive” us. The harder the conditions the better. They have no problems living in the gutter in terrible,squalid conditions in Europe. I’m sure u see it in the media every day. Well,that’s normal life to them back home. We better wake up and soon……very soon because it will all be over for us if we don’t.

  3. What a load of crap! This is the master plan of the JU World Order genocide all white Christian Europeans..the US destroyed Libya which they say took the cork out of the African invasion bottle …allowing the flood…also being a member of the JUed up EU means (((they))) dictate all invasions!!! If you read the racist JU writings PNAC, “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, Talmud, writings from their rabid Rabis you will conclude these filthy satanists are 100% behind the genocide of Europeans which is totally against UN dictates ..but who cares! Those filthy insane (((Devils))) control the banks, all the EU countries have compromised dictators installed who sell out their own people for the JWO. All these invaders should be dumped in Israhell…how many invaders does Israhell take in from the wars they cause …….NONE….hmmm …Israhell needs a lot more diversity in my opinion!

    • If Africans become more than 25% of the world poopulation there is no way that Judah can keep them out. Even China, India and Japan will be Cooned. Unless these tinted people are willing to shoot all Coons on sight, which is quite possible for any strong nation which hopes to survive.. Rats live with humans everywhere, as do cockroaches.

  4. I remember shortly after wrecking ball con Obunghole was installed in the former White House, his veep Joe Biden made a passing comment that the US can easily, and should take in at least 500 million inky black African apes by 2025 . I’m sure they’d all be registered Demoncrap socialists.

    There are some bible thumpers who claim that the negro and jihad monkey plague is directly due to God’s judgment on a sinful world and that god is using them to rape, torture, murder us until the West turns form sin and cleaves only to Jesus; yes there are white bible believers who are praising god and singing hallelujah for this plague that this is an act of love by the creator, a tiny slap on the wrist………..if this is god….well

    • “…bible thumpers who claim that the negro and jihad monkey plague is directly due to God’s judgment on a sinful world…”

      Some “Bible thumpers” know not of what they speak.

      God is not plaguing any nation at present for anything whatsoever. Christians who preach what you describe are taking scriptures out of the Old Testament which pertained to Ancient Israel ONLY, & are applying them to the Here & Now, because those Bible Thumpers are completely “out of place” in God’s timeline.

      Simply put: No scripture verse from the OT that applied to Ancient Israel has ANYTHING to do with the Here & Now.

      Besides, it was Christians from the “sinful world” that sent & went as missionaries to all the “dark” nations. They would have never heard of the true God otherwise.

  5. Stupid Cucktianity whites started this nonsense by abolishing slavery/segregation, initiating the White Man’s Burden, etc. However, do not forget that the nigger is the jew’s protected pet and foot-soldier bio-weapon against us goyim. The jew is the ‘master-mind’ and ultimate enemy. Regards the Europeans, they have chosen suicide. F*ck them.

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