Men Reveal How They Were Forced to Have Sex with Women


Since I was forced to have sex with two different students at the university, 15 years apart, the subject of female on male “rape” (not recognized by law as rape) interests me. Like the males in this study, I did not report the crimes to police nor did I disclose them to family or friends.

A survey of men who say they have been forced to have sex by a woman claims blackmail and threats were the most common methods used.

A research project of 154 men ‘compelled to penetrate’ a woman found more than a fifth of them were forced into it by threats and blackmail.

Telling lies, threats to end a relationship, warnings of rumour-spreading and verbal abuse were cited by 22% of men in the survey.

The research project, led by Dr Siobhan Weare, from Lancaster University Law School, and supported by charity Survivors Manchester, also found the use of force, such as pinning down with bodyweight or having a weapon, was reported by 14% of men who completed the survey.

The project aimed to explore one of the ‘last taboos’ – sexual violence by women against men.

Dr Weare said: ‘Whilst the sample size of 154 may be smaller than typically expected, this must be considered in the context of an issue that is under-reported and under-discussed, and that this is the first and only survey of its kind to be conducted in the UK.

‘The ‘hidden’ nature of this crime and the ‘complex’ gender dynamics involved means that huge numbers of survey participants were highly unlikely – not because this isn’t happening to men, but because many are made to feel too ashamed or feel too distressed to report it.’

Dr Weare said it was difficult to know the prevalence of forced-to-penetrate cases in the UK, but research in the US in 2010 found that approximately one in 21 men reported being ‘made to penetrate’ someone else during their lifetime, with 79% of cases involving a female perpetrator.

She added: ‘The term “forced to penetrate” has been coined for these cases because, while they involve non-consensual penile penetration, they do not fall under the offence of rape.

‘The offence of rape can only be committed by men due to the requirement of penile penetration of the victim. In “forced to penetrate” cases, the offender is the one being penetrated by a non-consenting victim.’

All 154 of the UK male survey participants had experienced compelled penetration.

The men shared their most recent experience of being forced to penetrate a woman, as well as their engagement with the criminal justice system, how they would label what had happened to them, whether they had experienced multiple victimisation, and emotional and psychological harms.

The majority of the participants who completed the survey reported that they knew the woman, often as an acquaintance or a friend, and just over half were in, or had been in, a relationship with the perpetrator.

Only two men said that they had reported their experience to the police and in both instances the case did not make it to court.

‘Rape’ was the most frequent label used by the participants in describing their ordeal, despite the law not recognising such cases in this way.

‘Sex’ was used least frequently.

The vast majority, 80% of them, did not disclose their experience to family or friends and 74% had not sought support, suggesting that men are left feeling isolated and alone in dealing with their experiences.

One of the women who assaulted me was a fat feminist who hid her hatred of men very well. The other was a woman who wanted to be my girlfriend. She too was not anyone that most men would enjoy having sex with.

Although some men’s fantasies about women raping them may be good, the actual situation isn’t.

10 thoughts on “Men Reveal How They Were Forced to Have Sex with Women

  1. “One of the women who assaulted me was a fat feminist who hid her hatred of men very well.”

    My sympathies on your ordeal. My biggest fear of being raped by a fat hog would be contracting a filthy disease that you can’t get rid of. For legal reasons, I cannot describe what I would do if that happened to me.

  2. I appreciate your candor. Sounds very traumatic.

    As a White male attorney, I live a peaceful middle class lifestyle (being the sole breadwinner means modest living) and I’m well-adjusted. Most people assume I was born privileged. They’re wrong.

    I was in a foster home at a young age. Orally and anally raped by my male babysitter. It takes both hands to count the other sexual crimes committed against me, most but not all of them by males, including family.

    People who think sexual “liberation” is a good thing are uniformly horrible people, in my experience.

  3. Male rapes by women was first studied in the 1980’s, so can we reasonably think numbers were growing along with the degeneracy of our culture?

    • I’ve seen several stories out of England where males were held at gunpoint, tortured with lit cigarettes, and raped. In my case I have a blood sugar condition that makes me fall asleep, sometimes even standing up. That’s when I was violated.

      • Want an advice for it? Do a diet without carbs and high fat. Keto afaik. And intermittent fasting for long hours to help your body recover. Your blood sugar should stabilize after some weeks.

  4. Women on male violence is vastly under-reported, how many men are going to the police station to file a report? Even for a man to call the police is a bad idea. If anyone is locked up – it will be him, often under compulsory laws/policies where Police must do this every time, even if the man has a black eye and the women is unmarked.

    This equality idea is very good, as per bottom poster. Men must demand equal rights with women now! Equal access to single parent welfare. Equal chance to win custody – all courts must give custody to the male father 50% of the time on average under a compulsory quota system. In the old days, women got the children because it was assumed she would bludge at home looking after the nippers while he went to work and pay tax. So why not let her pay tax and work while the man bludges at home looking after his own children? Equal rights now! Men must be half of all school teachers including those first starting school. Men must be half of all pre-school kindergarten workers
    Women to do 50% of all outdoor jobs including felling trees, deep sea fishing, driving tractors spreading nice Monsanto products. Women to do 50% of all abattoir jobs including killing cows with big brown eyes. Women to be 50% of all State executioners – this one is a worry –women might enjoy executing men!

    More – equal access to public housing. Again men must get 50% of all places on average, as per the total number of applicants. E.g. if men applying are 80% due to so many Coon invaders – then men must get 80% of all places. Women must get 50% of all dirty and dangerous jobs like coal mining and ditch digging, garbage collection, sewerage workers including those that must work in the active sewer system underground. Women to get 50% of all front line combat jobs – and 50% of all military casualties must be women.

    Women wanted equality – why not give it to them? 50% of all homeless bums must be women. If men are more than women – the surplus men must be immediately housed in emergency housing at taxpayer expense – until he number is 50/50 again. 50% of all winos and alkies and druggies staggering about city streets must be women. If less, repeat – send the surplus men to 5 star hotels or rehab clinics at tax payer expense.

    Equality for women – now!

    • Robert,

      But, but, but, what size trees? Hope they’re not redwoods and sequoias!

      Sequoias can grow to be about 30 feet in diameter and more than 250 feet tall. General Sherman is 275 feet tall, has a 102-foot circumference, and weighs 2.7 million lbs.

      Redwoods, tallest of trees reach more than 350 feet. The tallest tree in the world is named Hyperion, 379.7 feet. Redwoods can reach a diameter of 24 feet and 1.6 million lbs.

      • I am not in favour of felling any such trees, anywhere, by either men or women. Men used to fell huge trees like that with only hand tools.

      • Redwood highway is a great drive. Seeing the redwoods was one thing I really wanted to do and it surpassed my expectations.

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