Hundreds Bid Final Farewell to Heroic War Dog Stricken with Terminal Cancer


Fox News

Hundreds turned out to say goodbye to the hero dog whose Marine veteran partner put together a bucket list for him after he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Cena, a black lab who served three tours in Afghanistan as a bomb-sniffer with the Marines, lived his final years with Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung, as his service dog.

DeYoung and Cena were first paired in 2009 after a personality test, and later deployed to Afghanistan together. In 2014, the pair reunited when DeYoung adopted Cena as his service dog for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He said having Cena around made it easier for him to be in public.

Last week, a veterinarian diagnosed 10-year-old Cena with bone cancer and gave him weeks to live. DeYoung set out to create lasting memories with his beloved pooch, which included taking a ride in a Jeep with the top off. DeYoung’s wish came true on Wednesday, as he and Cena piled into a decorated Jeep named “Cancer Response Team” for one last ride together.

Cena wore his decorated Marine vest as DeYoung carried him in front of hundreds to a museum ship in Muskegon, where he was euthanized. He was carried off in a flag-draped coffin.

“We walked in front of the group that we served with and everything that they faced, we faced first,” DeYoung previously told Fox 17 of his service with Cena. “Overseas it was me and him against the world.”

A GoFundMe page was started to help DeYoung cover the cost of a headstone.

8 thoughts on “Hundreds Bid Final Farewell to Heroic War Dog Stricken with Terminal Cancer

  1. What a beautiful and touching story. If all people were as compassionate to animals as this gentleman, the world would be much better. Our dog was diagnosed with cancer 4 yrs ago. Cancer in her mouth. It was horrible. Special meds and special foods. We kept her on meds til it was obvious she was uncomfortable and in pain all of the time. We tried to put her comfort above our aching heart. IT STILL HURTS. Thank you sir for your service and your dog’s service. May he RIP. God has a special place in heaven for our four-legged friends. They do not sin. At all. Everything a dog tells you is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. There is no deceit or greediness in them. They live to love. This story made me cry.

    • My dog was diagnosed with a tumor in her mouth, melanoma, last September. Surgery removed the tumor and she received radiation treatments and melanoma vaccine. Came through it like a champ, but two months ago, we found it metastasized to her brain, untreatable. It’s bad enough dogs die from aging conditions, heartbreaking to see her go through this.

      FYI, everyone with dogs, oncologists that treated her are doing research to prove overvaccination is the primary cause of cancer in dogs. Also, overuse of flea products. Vets know about this, but say if dogs don’t get them, owners won’t take their dogs for yearly examinations. It’s all about money, folks.

      Cancer is increasing in dogs. They say vaccinations aren’t needed every year, most initial vaccinations provide life long protection and automatically giving them is a scam, dangerous to dogs. There are tests to determine if dogs are still immune to the diseases, but not all vets offer them or stopped giving because owners don’t want to pay.

      They told me no more vaccinations for my dogs, including rabies. Get the test to see if your dog has immunity to rabies. In my state, it’s required to renew my dog licenses.

      • When my fox terrior type dog came down with cancer in 2003 I found that the local animal cancer center was full of disgusting money grubbing losers. It was unbelievable the way they milked me for money. I would not do it again.

        Condolences on the loss of your beloved dog. It’s tough seeing them go downhill. Dog lady lost a big white Akita a couple of weeks ago. For years he had no control over his bladder. He also had a lot of trouble with his hind legs.

      • Thanks!

        I need to be reminded she is safe in Heaven, hopefully with her Mother and Dad.

  2. What a handsome but sad-eyes black dog in the story.

    Not a pet owner so I am not informed re dog illnesses. But I have read several stories of pet owners reporting their dogs and cats going bonkers when exposed to EMFs. Veterinarians, if they don’t already know, need to get up to speed re widespread EM Radiation affecting pets as well as humans. Here’s just part of one FLA lady’s story re hers & her neighbors’ pets. She finally upped & moved to Chicago to get away from her FLA house:

    Kathryn from Chicago
    November 14, 2016 @ 1:24 pm

    We are all in trouble!

    Yes! We are all in trouble. Just evacuated our beautiful home. This EMF is not just inconvenient, annoying… It’s deadly. Believing extreme issue when magnetic field of high tension wires meets RF?

    We live approximately 1mi from high tension wires. About 1.5 years ago I could not understand why my dog kept getting on/off bed in total distress. Took her to vet and the only diagnosis from 4 vets including Gainesville, FL was inflamed intestines saying only see this in show dogs that are under stress. After she died a year later, I began to experience what was happening.

    Extreme high frequency pitch in your ears/head, knocking/rumbling sounds in head, no sleep, can’t block out with headphones or ear plugs because it goes through you, fans seem to make it worse by seemingly amplifying the high freq. Here is the very strange phenomena… the high frequency and rumblings were bad enough- it took me a year to understand what was happening…. Every night when any sprinkler went off- like the fan…it took that already high frequency that exists and amplified it to a dangerous extreme! As if a knife went through my head. I have 2 other dogs and they actually cry when this happens. If it wasn’t for them I would have to wonder if I was going crazy. Researching I have found our water mains are feet away from huge substation. Other theory… Not sure if possible for water (a definite conductor) can carry the magnetic field of sub station to dangerous levels through sprinklers?

    Taking my dogs for a walk one day I found dog throw up. It was then I said this is so extreme and bad I can’t be the only one experiencing this. Round the block I found:

    1. Neighbor behind us had to put dog down because their dog kept hitting her head against the wall in distress.

    2. Neighbor up the street has two dogs that are continuously sick and in distress. We decided to start corresponding and logging our evenings every single night. We have the same recorded sleep patterns though she cannot hear what I hear because she’s older. She went away to Honduras and slept like a baby. Came back no sleep and sick dogs. This is a total environmental issue.

    3. Many of the neighbors are experiencing the same problem with the high frequency and no sleep.

    4. Neighbor few doors up just got 1 year old bird- died today after only months of owning it.
    More at above link but that was the portion that mentioned any pets.

    • Sob-A-Tear,

      My dog’s oncologist also mentioned living close to an electric power station as a cause of cancer. I don’t live near one. Also said, melanoma, the cancer my dog had, only occurs in black dogs or those who have black dogs in their ancestry. My dog was born a silver color, so she definitely had black in her. This isn’t the case for people, though.

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