Putin expels 755 diplomats in response to US sanctions


The (((Deep State))) has shown its hand and the president is folding. Russian president Vladimir Putin is retaliating. Peacefully for now.

President Donald Trump ought to veto the Congressional sanctions bill even though he will be accused of being a Russian spy for doing so.

Then, after Congress passes it again, he should challenge the legality of the act in the federal courts.

Obviously, a significant number of the so-called diplomats expelled from Russia are really CIA operatives, aka spies. In a sense, Putin is draining his swamp by expelling them.

Fox News

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that 755 U.S. diplomats will be expelled from Russia by Sept. 1, according to an interview on Russian television.

The expulsions had been announced Friday in response to a new law passed in Congress that expanded sanctions, but Sunday’s statement was the first time a large number of Americans were confirmed as involved.

It was “a regrettable and uncalled for act,” a State Department official told The Associated Press. Earlier, a State Department official told Fox News, “It is our policy to not comment on the number of individuals serving at our missions abroad.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said it is ordering the U.S. Embassy to reduce the number of embassy and consular employees in the country to 455.

“I decided it is time for us to show: We do not intend to leave U.S. actions unanswered,” said Putin, according to Interfax News Agency.

The U.S. has taken an “unprovoked step towards worsening bilateral relations,” Putin added.

He also said that Russia could consider other options in response to the U.S., but that he hoped it would not come down to that.

Putin noted the recent creation of a de-escalation zone in southern Syria as one example of how the countries have worked together.

However, in terms of general relations, Putin said: “We have waited long enough, hoping that the situation would perhaps change for the better. But it seems that even if the situation is changing, it’s not for anytime soon.”

The new American sanctions were in retaliation both for Russia’s takeover of Crimea in 2014 and Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.

I guess World War III will also be in response to “Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

Israel gets what Israel wants, and Israel wants Russia out of Syria.

Maybe the line of thinking expressed below was a little too optimistic:

13 thoughts on “Putin expels 755 diplomats in response to US sanctions

  1. No way would the federal courts ride in to the rescue.

    It’s clear by now that what America needs is a new Congress.

    I’m still waiting to examine the Clintonist ‘evidence’ of claimed Russian ‘interference’ in the election – said interference being, if I understand the allegation correctly, giving the American voters accurate information about Hillary Clinton. I guess we were all expected to join the cover-up.

    This is nothing but a blatant tantrum by the Democrats and the Clintonist Republicans. There is NOTHING serious about the people making these evidence-free accusations.

    Trump ought to break the back of the CIA. I would send the goddamn 82nd Airborne in to assault the CIA headquarters, force everyone out of the building, and then secure every single scrap of information therein. Then I would simply declassify it all – agents’ names, sources’ names, everything. If they’re so clean, they should welcome such an examination.

  2. Silly rabbit, false hope is for kids. Trump isn’t on your side and neither is Putin. The Grand Deception. Goldman Sachs has Trump by the wallet of debts, and Putin dances to the tune of “The Russian Oligarchs”. The Soviets weren’t killed, so they just changed into “Capitalists”. Like the Magical Fiction of China, where “Chairman Mao”, former houseboy of legendary spymaster Wild Bill Donovan and led the Chinese against the Japanese invasion forces set up shop as “The Peoples Republic of China”, who have mysterious turned into “Capitalists” themselves. Can you lose when you own all the horses? Yes they can. Dark Horses seem to just come out of nowhere. Its almost as if they sit or lie in wait to appear onstage at just the Right Moment.

  3. Putin should kick out the thousands of US agents and provocateurs working as bible thumpers for Jehovah’s Witnesses, other more obscure supposed Christian groups (protestants), Scientologists, other US cults (all of them), George Soros operatives. Above all (((carpet baggers))).
    (((Those))) that dictate US policy can’t hate and insult Russia daily without getting some reprisal. It is obvious that the USA does not need more than one thousand diplomats in a country which they officially hate and call an enemy. Why are US citizens allowed to travel to this enemy nation?

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.
    By the way, when did US voters get to vote on whether to go to war with Russia or Iran?

    90% of US voters did not want to fight Germany in 1939. Congress voted against war with Germany after Pearl Harbor 1941. Just one foreign Austrian man, with no USA voting rights, forced this unwanted war on the USA. Adolf Hitler in December 1941. The USA should have ignored him and not fought Germany until the Nips surrendered or signed an armistice (better idea). Instead fight and defeat Japan, probably in less than two years. Leave the Soviet Union and the UK to stew with Hitler until Japan was defeated. Stalin would never have got all of Eastern Europe and most of Central Europe without the help of the USA.

    What if Putin wants to fight the USA? Does the USA have to shape up to every schoolyard bully? US aggressiveness and extreme self importance is the biggest threat to world peace and has been for decades. There should have been Nuremburg trials to try, and then execute, those that invaded Iraq in 2003 with no justification whatsoever. The same for the destruction of the nation of Libya. The same for arming terrorists in fighting the Govt of Syria. The USA is a war crime nation, which is never punished. Even the 36 million dead of the Pacific War was the brainchild of a Soviet spy in the US State Dept – (((Harry Dexter White))). This unpunished Communist traitor became the first head of the IMF in 1946.

    • I also wondered about Jehovahs Witnesses. Particularly when the Russians banned them(From gatherings,preaching as well as their literature ) This is because their teachings drastically differ from the state approved Russia Orthodox faith. However I did in depth research on them,and have come to see that they are not at all involved in politics and their only mission is to preach their particular ideology based on their interpretation of the bible ,and to convert you,if they can. It would seem that they have been having some success in this regard ,and that reduces the states control of the populace ,as the JWs believe that they are answerable to God only and refuse to take up arms,get involved in patriotism etc. For a state that relies on its people’s nationalism in time of crisis,this is a very dire threat.

      • American run protestant/evangelical churches are doing great business in the FSU as are hucksters and crooks of all kinds. The Orthodox Church requires worshippers to stand. The crafty Proddies allow the churchgoers to sit – this idea is popular. Also Proddies tell people they will be rich in this lifetime, as do Scientologists and other cults.
        Give to us until it hurts – and God will make you rich!

        It is a sad fact that carpet baggers make money in some of the poorest countries on earth. Desperate people do desperate things – like trusting American bullshit artists.

      • Realist is correct re the JWs. Sorry, Robert, you’re wrong on this one. Are you a Catholic?

        The average everyday JW is SO NON-political it is not even funny. They do not pay any attention to politics nor politicians. They do not register to vote, they do not support any candidates, etc. They do not support nor fight in wars, nor do they voluntarily enlist in any militaries. If drafted they seek non-war assignments.

        About 2,000 JWs total were imprisoned &/or killed by Hitler for refusing to “heil Hitler.” In those days they were known as simply “Bible Students” (Bibelforscher in German). They were forced to wear purple triangle patches like the Jews were forced to wear the yellow ones:

        Hitler’s boys raided, ransacked/confiscated their printing presses, books, bibles, magazines, literature, etc. JWs were also persecuted in the USA during the WW eras because they would not promote the war efforts.

        JWs also do NOT promise “riches” in this life, lol, hardly, no such thing, because no such thing was ever promised by the Lord, the 12-apostles, nor Paul in the New Testament. They also do not require “tithing” because they know that was a requirement for Ancient Israel only (to support the Levites who worked in the Temple), & is not a requirement for Christians.

        The RCC & its “priests” have always despised the JWs & have attacked them mercilessly in RCC-stronghold-countries such as Italy, Mexico, etc. I’m guessing Realist’s opinion re why the Russian Orthodox Church is against the JWs is probably just as true, since the ROC is just a “sister harlot” of the RCC.

        JWs have no “temples” like the Mormons, & no “rituals” like the RCC, ROC, Mormons, etc. They don’t “light candles” nor burn incense, nor have “statues,” nor “holy cards” nor “scapulas” nor “missles” nor “stations of the cross” nor any “creeds,” etc., like the RCC/ROC, etc. All of that “crap” is “false works” that are not even in the NT Bible. It was Ancient Israel that had a temple, candles, loaves of bread, priesthood w/clerical garb, etc. So, the big harlot churches of today are actually OLD TESTAMENT churches, which is anti-Christ since God kept moving forward & they all stayed behind, refusing to come forward where God says we are to be today.

        Nobody in the JWs wears “clerical attire.” There are no JW “priests” or other clergy on up the ladder (cardinals, bishops, popes, etc.). There are only “elders” to oversee the necessary functions of each congregation & they wear suits like all men.

        JWs DO believe in baptism (not infant baptism, though), & the Lord’s Evening Meal/Last Supper, & giving out of a “cheerful” heart (as the NT Scripture says) but “not out of necessity” > tithing.

        JWs do believe in “preaching the good news of the Kingdom” & that’s what they do; plus gathering together for Bible studies (as they interpret it; about 90-95% correctly, btw, but it’s that last 5-10% that is incorrect, which is no worse than every other denomination which are worse, in some respects).

        I could go on, but that’s enough for now. Nobody will likely even see this so I’m probably wasting my time. 😉

      • Ah, there was something else I wanted to add re JWs. Three of the best things re the JWs & their history:

        1. During the WW eras, they fought AND WON 40 Supreme Court cases re FREEDOM OF SPEECH & RELIGION. They used to publish a softcover booklet that included the main excerpts of those 40 cases, entitled: “Defending and Legally Establishing the Good News” (first published 1950). It’s officially out of print but here’s a pdf online put up by others: http://da-ip.getmyip.com:8080/PDF/Old%20Publications/1950%20-%20Defending%20and%20Legally%20Establishing%20the%20Good%20News.pdf

      • 2. MUSIC. The JWs produced some beautiful sweet music, orchestra & piano. In their earlier history, 1930s-40s-50s-60s, they had full orchestras at their major conventions. And in local congregations, piano/organ players (like most churches in those days. The difference is that JWs never “progressed” to hard-rock-bands in churches).

        Beginning in the early 1980s, the JWs put some of that orchestra music on cassette tapes & a little later also piano-only versions on cassettes (later CDs, mp3, etc.; old days on phonograph records). Their newer music 2013-2016 w/vocals I’m not wild about. It sounds too “canned.” I like the older stuff, as with most everything. 🙂

        –List of JW Songbooks + Recordings 1879-2016:

        –There’s tons of their music on youtube. Problem is trying to tell which is the older versions vs. the newer, if not stated in the titles/descriptions. If the older stuff sounds too slow, at youtube you can speed-it-up under the settings symbol. 🙂

        –Here’s a youtuber named ALIEN (lol) who has the older 1984 Kingdom Melodies (orchestra) in a playlist:

        –Another youtuber named DAVEY7373 has playlists for the JW music from songbooks dated 1950 + 1966 + 1984 + 2009:
        youtube dot com/user/Davey7373/playlists

        –One person, “gyula szendi,” uploaded a 7-HOURS+14-Mins. long-playing non-stop audio/video of mid-range Kingdom Melodies (versions somewhere in between the older & newer ones):
        youtube dot com/watch?v=TmeHudIeiyk

        This is the kind of music you can have softly playing in the background & still be able to think, & read the day’s news. 🙂

        Even though much of the lyrics are inspiring & based on scripture, some of it is obviously based on the WT erroneous interpretation of scripture such as their “faithful & discreet slave” “governing body” stuff (referring to the NY-HQ guys). Ignore all that & all’s well in music land.

      • 3. BLOOD.

        “That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.” (Acts 15:29, KJV)

        The JW prohibition (for members) re blood transfusions, though the idea has long been DESPISED BY THE WORLD, is actually one of the smartest HEALTH things you can do for yourself. Who wants someone else’s blood? Each person’s blood might have some of the good stuff but it also has any/all bad stuff that person had. If you think the blood-makers can really get rid of the bad stuff, try looking up how “packaged blood” is made, in giant vats, all mixed up with God knows what. And viruses have to be HEATED to be destroyed (it’s why your body instigates a FEVER if you have a virus). Blood can NOT be heated or it is no good.

        Smart doctors who understand those things actually will prevent using blood & will use volume expanders, etc., before resorting to blood transfusions.

        4/24/12: “Blood Transfusions Still Overused and May Do More Harm Than Good in Some Patients – Johns Hopkins study shows wide variation in transfusion use in operating rooms”:
        hopkinsmedicine dot org/news/media/releases/blood_transfusions_still_overused_and_may_do_more_harm_than_good_in_some_patients

        Spring 2013: “Against the flow – What’s behind the decline in Blood transfusions?”:

        6/8/15: “Medicine Without Blood – Proponents of ‘blood management’ hope that transfusions will one day be a thing of the past”:
        theatlantic dot com/health/archive/2015/06/blood-management-bloodless-medicine-transfusions/395054/

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