No charges against comedian Kathy Griffin over Trump ‘beheading’ photo

I don’t think any of us were expecting criminal charges to be filed against unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin. Her loss of her career, at least for now, is enough. However, she’s promised to keep on attacking President Trump. That would be a bad thing to do because people will often forgive a celebrity’s dumbness (remember Hugh Grant and the black prostitute?). What we won’t forgive is a stubborn ongoing meanness.

Sky News

Kathy Griffin has revealed she is no longer under investigation by police after a photo emerged of her holding a bloody severed head resembling Donald Trump’s.

The 56-year-old comedian said she had been “exonerated” after the case against her was dropped.

She shared a story from the Associated Press news agency via Twitter, and wrote: “I am no longer under federal investigation. The case is closed, I have been completely exonerated. Finally.”

The photo is posted at the end of this article to avoid offending those who may find it too gory.

Griffin faced a backlash when the picture first emerged in May, with Mr Trump calling the image “sick”.

She lost her contract with CNN and a number of her shows were cancelled.

The comedian publicly apologised for the stunt and asked photographer Tyler Shields to remove the images, but a Secret Service investigation was launched.

In June, Griffin said she was the first entertainer “in history” to be hounded by a president.

She claimed Mr Trump was using her as a “shiny object” to divert attention away from the FBI’s investigation into the President’s alleged links with Russia.

Griffin voiced fears about what impact the furore would have on her career, but vowed to keep on criticising Mr Trump.

4 thoughts on “No charges against comedian Kathy Griffin over Trump ‘beheading’ photo

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  1. “…I have been completely exonerated. Finally.”

    If they at least made her life miserable for two months, that’s some consolation for us.

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