Have A Laugh GIF: Toddler Leads His Duck Army into Battle

The General and his army even waddle alike.

6 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Toddler Leads His Duck Army into Battle

  1. That is ADORABLE! I wanna go play Lead the Duck Army with the cute Little General! I’m pretty sure I can waddle, too. 🙂

    (I can never figure out how to save animated .gifs. Browser gives me no options to do so, so I have to use QuickTime to take a video of the screen.)

      • Very true re those twitter gifs. Aggravating, as they have some newer screwy .m3u8 or whatever on the end of the url, rather than a simple .mov or .mp4, etc. I guess twitter wants people to go to their site/links so they make things harder for us non-techies.

        I just tried harder to get the direct URL for the duck army gif. Found it by right-click & looking in “THIS FRAME > View Frame Info > Media > Video”! Sometimes that doesn’t work but for anyone else who wants to save it, remove space:

        thumbs.gfycat .com/ ExemplaryMessyDuckbillplatypus-mobile .mp4

  2. My neighbor has a pet Canada Goose that he found with an injured leg in his back yard. After taking her to the vet, nursing her back to health, she wouldn’t leave, but he said she can fly. Charlie’s her name, males don’t change color until about one year, so they didn’t know what gender she was.

    She visits us after heavy rains and of course I have to go out to see her. She usually just walks around quacking…lol. She follows me around just like this little boy. When I stop, she stops. She began to visit a neighbor’s bird feeders. One time I caught her to take her home when I saw that neighbor swapping at her with a broom. To my surprise, she didn’t fight, bite, settling in my arms contently as if she belonged there.

    One of the neighbors complained a lot of male geese were landing on his property; which he said they never did before. He blamed it on Charlie. Someone suggested he put an owl on his property that seemed to have settled the problem.

    The owner said she has laid eggs, one time they hatched. After a period of time, they flew away; which I thought was odd since they were learning from their mother who didn’t.

    One time I heard her quacking, went out to visit, but couldn’t find her. Then, I saw her sitting in a puddle, perfectly blending in with her surroundings. Females are a mottled brown, tan, mix.

    The owner said she lives in the house, only poops after she eats, so they put her in a large crate to eat and poop, then let her out. He said she sits on the sofa beside his son watching TV.

    • Great story. Thanks for sharing. Living in a rural area, which I assume you do, has its advantages. Like being able to make friends with a goose. I’ve made friends with a big fat brown Texas toad. He or she lives in some bushes near the apartment complex laundry room. The toad comes out at night sometime. I go looking for him. Once, in the dark I accidentally stepped on him. But not hard, with all my weight. Thank goodness he wasn’t injured.

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