Claim: Pentagon Sources Reveal that Trump Will Attack North Korean Weapons Site “within the next year”

Here we go again with another Trump story coming from unnamed sources.

Let’s suppose that the president did say he intended to attack North Korea. This is the same president who makes statements for their strategic value and then says the reverse later. For example, during the election campaign he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail. Then he invited her to the inauguration and called her good people.

One commenter at the Daily Mail, the publisher of this story, calls out Trump for sabre rattling. This time honored tactic is cheap. It doesn’t cost anything to signal future military aggressiveness. Likewise, Trump’s recent Tweet expressing discontent with China also costs the country nothing.

Daily Mail

Donald Trump is poised to order a military strike against North Korea ‘within the next year’ after the communist state said it had successfully fired a ballistic missile capable of hitting the US mainland.

Senior military sources in Washington DC told The Mail on Sunday that Pentagon officials have laid out plans to obliterate a nuclear weapons facility operating deep within a mountain in the rogue state.

The move, which could spark retaliation attacks from dictator Kim Jong-Un, would be a major step towards all-out war to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. It comes after North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of 6,500 miles on Friday night.

The Pentagon said the missile flew about 2,300 miles almost straight up before plunging into the sea off Japan about 620 miles from its launch site.

Experts in the US said the missile could have hit Chicago or even New York if it had been launched on a flatter trajectory.

Kim Jong-Un claimed the whole of the US could be hit ‘at any place and time’.

America responded with live firing exercises by US troops in South Korea yesterday. President Trump vowed to ‘take all necessary steps’ to ensure the security of the US and its allies.

Just to keep everyone confused, Bloomberg reports that China is betting that Trump will NOT attack the North.

China is betting that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t make good on his threats of a military strike against North Korea, with Beijing continuing to provide a lifeline to Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson singled out China and Russia as “economic enablers” of North Korea after Kim on Friday test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile for the second time in a matter of weeks. While Tillerson said the U.S. wants a peaceful resolution to the tensions, the top American general called his South Korean counterpart after the launch to discuss a potential military response.

China on Saturday condemned the latest test while calling for restraint from all parties, a muted reaction to Pyongyang’s progress on an ICBM capable of hitting the U.S. mainland. Despite Kim’s provocations, analysts said Beijing still sees the collapse of his regime as a more immediate strategic threat, and doubts Trump would pull the trigger given the risk of a war with North Korea that could kill millions.

“The military option the Americans are threatening won’t likely happen because the stakes will be too high,” said Liu Ming, director of the Korean Peninsula Research Center at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. “It’s a pretext and an excuse to pile up pressure on China. It’s more like blackmail than a realistic option.”

Relations between the world’s biggest economies have soured after an initial honeymoon between Trump and President Xi Jinping. The U.S. last month sanctioned a regional Chinese bank, a shipping company and two Chinese citizens over dealings with North Korea, which could be a precursor to greater economic and financial pressure on Beijing to rein in its errant neighbor.

15 thoughts on “Claim: Pentagon Sources Reveal that Trump Will Attack North Korean Weapons Site “within the next year”

  1. “Donald J. Trump


    I am very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet…
    2:29 AM – Jul 30, 2017”

    Note to the The Don – “Our foolish past leaders” are Jewish bankers and Neocons, not elected politicians. They were not foolish, but wiseguys – they were trying to destroy USA industry and build China. They made big stock market bets on both outcomes. Probably short sold USA industrial real estate also.

  2. The Trump Presidency is apparently already over. Ginning up foreign wars is the last gasp of a failed President. It saved FDR, but both Bush senior and junior will go down as failures for it. You can say W served two terms, but Little Jebbie and his whole damn clan are done because that fake Texan went all in on Iraq. All hat and no cattle. Looks like Trump is just a con job reality star. North Korea isn’t even really a threat. Women are being raped here at home and its not Norks doing it. His token blacks and Wall Street squids have killed his phony political career. The Norks have nothing to lose. Crazy Boy Kim has noplace to go. He’s dead anyway. Trump isn’t even playing chess. He’s another idiot cuck.

    • So far Trump has resisted all out war. I’m sure he’s being pressured by his “experts” to attack. His resistance is good, but disappointing in how the Republicans keep throwing him under the bus. A lot of it is a charade anyway. I wonder how Steve Bannon is dealing with all the drama.

      • Obama resisted all out war, too. Not that I have any respect for that despicable piece of shit, but for that he was called a Muslim sympathizer. Now that Trump is in, HIS reluctance for war makes him a Russian operative. How fucked up can this country possibly get?

      • I’m thinking about how the Jews keep winning. It has to do with their control of money, not just in the USA, but worldwide. Money plus lies equals winning. That’s my current thinking, subject to refinement as time goes by.

        The one thing that Trump has done that never happened before is the exposure of the media as just part of the Deep State. All reporters can’t be stupid, but they all need jobs and an income.

  3. I think he will attack and hope he does. Without China’s cooperation, there’s no other alternative. Most likely Mad Dog has been working on the logistics.

    I’m of the mind, bomb the hell out of our serious enemies. Do it quickly! The earth hasn’t been blessed by any of them. When they’re gone we retreat and take care of business at home.

    I doubt China and Russia would join forces against us in defense of NK and Islam if that’s what everyone is worried about.

    • What will you do when the rest of the world has had enough of America’s shit and the jew bankers decide we’re not worth keeping afloat? Are you ready for the hell that will be unleashed on us? It’s not like our military is here to defend us. They’re off working on the Oded Yinon Plan, those brave, intelligent, fucking heroes.

      • We can sit here and blame Israel for the mess we are in, but then what? We’re still in the mess. Blaming won’t get us out of it. We can also wait to see if Israel will do anything. We can ask them to do it. What if they don’t? Who knows, maybe Trump has already talked to Netanyahu.

        I can blame the other driver who caused the accident, but how will that keep me out of the hospital?

        “rest of the world has had enough of America’s shit and the jew bankers decide we’re not worth keeping afloat?”

        I don’t see bankers ever thinking the US is not worth keeping afloat. Communists want it so bad they can taste it. We observe this every day with all the hysteria against Trump. They will destroy the government and Whites to get it’s wealth; which is what they have been doing.

  4. Kim is likely jiving as much as Trump is.

    Trump wants China to be the bully so he doesn’t have to be.

    It’s Israel who doesn’t like Kimmie, so let THEM blow him up.

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