Chinaman Drops Chink Truth Bomb on Trump’s Twitter

Seen at Microchip’s Twitter

6 thoughts on “Chinaman Drops Chink Truth Bomb on Trump’s Twitter


    This Chinese man is right. The Chinese have one thing Jew-S-A does not have–culture and common sense.

    The Judaists have destroyed American culture and pumped up the most gutter people–the blacks.

    In the university, there were some Indian students and when they saw a negro, they would run away and whisper to each other “kala kakoos”, “kala kakoos.” We found out from them that kala means black, and kakoos means what comes out of the other end of the alimentary canal.

    Literally translated, kala kakoos means “black po…p.”

    Loosely translated, it means “black manure” or “black shit” or “black trash.”

    No wonder the Indian students would say that in their own country, they run away from kala kakoos, but in America, they have to call kala kakoos “Sir” and the Judaists glorify them on TV.

    And Americans think theirs is a great country!!

  2. China has greater wealth because of our manufacturers. They work hard by stealing our technology.

    China would be in dire straights if US pulled all manufacturing done by American companies. Wait until Trump gets after them about fair trade.

    Can’t argue with his “nigroes and transsexual”.

    • We had suspected Chinese industrial spies at the university. I don’t think it’s illegal for them to assemble public information and scientific research, but it’s immoral of universities to bring them in as visiting professors and inflict them on the students. I never met one who could speak English worth a damn. I’m sure that they told their friends in China that Americans can’t speak Chinese either. Thus, I don’t think there was much cross cultural learning going on either way. It was total politics.

  3. China could probably survive without any exports at all, as could Germany (without African parasites). There might be massive social upheavals and shortages, but China is better run than the (((Soviet Union))).

    I am told by FSU locals that even in the 1980s the Soviets spent 80% of their economy on the military and KGB. The Chinese have built high speed trains while the USA infrastructure is crumbling. The USA wastes money on military spending to fight enemies who need to be forced in to becoming enemies. Kicking and screaming all the way, like Russia which has tried to be friendly for over 25 years.

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