Canada: White Man Who Gave Thieving Aboriginal the Boot from Tire Store is FIRED


The story below skips over some important details about how Big Chief was allegedly plotting the theft of a can of oil and a chain. You can read those details here.

Basically, the Red Man was buying a chainsaw and put the two other items inside the box with the machine.

The Injun, who claims to be a victim of discrimination, says that what happened to him wouldn’t have happened if he were white.

A Canadian Tire employee seen getting physical with an Indigenous customer refusing to leave a store in Regina is no longer with the company, a spokesperson says.

“The employee involved in the matter has not been working in the store since the time of the incident and he is no longer with Canadian Tire,” said Joscelyn Dosanjh, the company’s manager of corporate communications, in an emailed statement to CBC News Saturday.

Dosanjh did not specify the circumstances around the employee’s departure and whether the employee resigned or was fired.

Videotaped tussle

Kamao Cappo, an Indigenous elder, said he was shopping for a chainsaw when the employee accused him of stealing.

Cappo disagreed and refused to leave the store. He posted two videos to social media that show the exchange with the worker growing increasingly heated.

At one point, the employee is seen pushing Cappo up against a shelf. He then pushed him toward the exit, with Cappo sliding on his feet.

“We have attempted to reach Mr. Cappo again this morning to express our sincere apologies. We wish to again state that we have taken this matter very seriously,” Dosanjh’s statement read.

‘Step in the right direction’

Cappo said the fact the employee is no longer at the store is a “step in the right direction.”

“If they had left him there, that would send out the message that, hey, they support [these] acts of violence against Indigenous people.”

“To get him out of there so he doesn’t harm anymore people is the best thing.”

Legal action

Cappo has filed an assault complaint, has spoken with a lawyer and is now considering legal action given the company’s response to the incident.

He said a store owner left a message for him on Saturday. Cappo also posted a previous conversation with another company representative on his Facebook page.

Cappo said he feels insulted by what he considers disingenuous apologies and delayed responses from Canadian Tire.

“If I was running a business and my employee did this, I would be completely flabbergasted. I would have acted immediately — any sane business person would have acted immediately, but they haven’t done that.”

I can’t find a copy of the video of the encounter to embed but there’s one at the link. I couldn’t get that one to play, probably because my Internet connection is too slow.

Since in both the U.S. and Canada now, the word and the conscientious actions of a white employee are worthless, let the damn diversity steal as much sh*t as they want. At least you might be able to keep your job.

7 thoughts on “Canada: White Man Who Gave Thieving Aboriginal the Boot from Tire Store is FIRED

  1. Abos are holy and can do no wrong. They cannot steal, because whites stole their Happy Hunting Grounds. This amnesty includes violence and rape against their own kiddies. White authorities these days never investigate such cases and never confiscate kiddies being abused by their Elders. That is “racist”.

    Him Red man, plenty cunning fellow. Watchem dem stock in dem shop. Losum job.

  2. Some stores have a policy that requires the employee to leave the thief alone and just call the police. The store would rather lose the merchandise than have an employee get shot in a confrontation over it. This is true at Walgreens, as well as some grocery stores. I’ve asked employees and have been told this firsthand. This could very well be why he was fired, for violating company policy in regards to how shoplifters should be handled.

    • Until he walks out of the store with the merchandise without paying for it, it isn’t theft … even if he stuffed it down inside his skivvies and out of sight. Once he leaves the store’s premises, it’s a whole ‘nuther ball game.

    • If stores make no effort to protect their property from being stolen, why should police care either?
      The store is terrified of being sued. Why then should not the police also be frightened of wasting taxpayer money by being sued?

      Calling Police should not be the first resort in a minor matter. A library these days has an alarm; to show books/DVDs/CDs have not been swiped by barcode – but swiped.
      Surely a library staff member should politely ask the thief to return and check out the books? If the thief refuses, then call the police. Naturally the thief will be long gone before the police arrive.
      So the police call centre should ask – did you talk to the thief? If not, why not? Were they armed, threatening or use any force? Did they have Holy dark skin (Untouchables)?

      If someone grabs a handbag the lady should call “Stop thief” not just dial the cops.

      The law these days is very much on the side of thieves, not property owners. My theory is that without theft, it is hard for addicts to buy drugs. Without drug sales, it is hard to get bribes. Hence, corrupt police, judges and politicians want stealing to continue, unpunished.

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