Who Will Survive? Redditor Analyzes Scaramucci and Bannon


Anthony Scaramucci’s criticism of Steve Bannon on Thursday suggests that the White House is being inhabited by two men at odds with each other. We’ve been hearing for months that Bannon, a nationalist if not quite a white nationalist, was going to be fired by Trump. Bannon is still in the White House, even if much less visible than during the election.

I found the following analysis of Bannon’s and Anthony Scaramucci’s mindsets on Reddit. I think the commenter who wrote it understands the potential for friction between “The Mooch” and “Trump’s Brain,” nicknames given to the men by the press.

Watch the White House closely the for the rest of the summer. There’s so much explosive potential that no one can really predict what’s going to happen.


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Scaramucci doesn’t get Bannon and he’s threatened by him.
Scaramucci is a sociopathic climber, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing it’s just what he is. When Trump wasn’t the frontrunner, Scaramucci wasn’t on the train. Now that he is, he’ll ride the train because he thinks it’ll take him somewhere. He’s loyal to exactly zero ideas, he’s loyal to Trump because he thinks it’s going to help him.

Bannon is the opposite. Bannon doesn’t care about Trump or about helping himself. Bannon is in this for the culture war domestically and the civilizational war on a global scale. Trump is a tool he’s using to fight his war. Trump understands this, and accepts it. Trump is fighting the same war.

Scaramucci is a self-serving sociopath, he can’t understand the idea that someone might care about ideas more than themselves. He doesn’t understand Bannon or Trump. He needs Trump, and ideally he’d remove Bannon to be closer to Trump.

There is a reason Trump has Bannon as a strategist, and Scaramucci is just talking to the press. He knows what Scaramucci is and isn’t going to let him get in a position he’s not suited for. This is why he didn’t make him chief of staff.

Spez: This is why Mooch said Bannon was “sucking his own dick, trying to build his brand.” He literally can’t understand Bannon so he tries to frame him in his own terms. Bannon doesn’t give a shit about the Bannon brand. He doesn’t talk to the press, he stays in his office, he looks like a hobo. Bannon is in this because we’re in a civilizational war with Islam and China, and we’re going to lose it unless we win the culture war against the left at home.

Bannon is an American hero. Scaramucci is an untrustable weasel, but he’s good at this job.

In response comes this unflattering portrait of The Mooch:

Mooch’s first pick for president in 2016 was Scott Walker, when people thought he was the front-runner, then Jeb Bush, when people thought it was him. During this time, he openly mocked Trump on tv and said globalization was great, because he thought that was the winning side. He pivoted 180 as soon as Trump became the presumptive nominee, and now acts like he’s fully on the Trump Train. But it’s only because Trump is winning. If Trump looks weak, he’ll be the first to stab him in the back to curry favor with the next winner.

He doesn’t care at all about policy, only winning. Mooch is the cunning businessman side of Trump’s personality, whereas Bannon is the Nationalist ideologue side. Both are necessary for Trump’s success, and Mooch might prove useful as Communications Director to get the message back on track, but the Bannon side is what really matters. With just Mooch, you get Pyrrhic victories that look good in the media but mean nothing. Bannon is interested in fundamentally changing America, through drastic changes in immigration, trade and foreign policy. Mooch is just a salesman.

Smooch the Mooch. Women notice:

Dilbert’s creator approves:

5 thoughts on “Who Will Survive? Redditor Analyzes Scaramucci and Bannon

  1. Scrapamucci seems like he has a Napoleon complex! He’s the type of disingenuous ass licking greasball that gives real Italians a bad name! Background in Investments ((weasely)) married to a JUess princess, he smells like the swamp to me so of course Trump will love him! Just enough of a different genealogy but immersed in the JU cesspool swamp! Why do all these ego maniacal social climbers and total tools all fight over their position on Trumps d–k ? Is it too short for to support all these Zio swampers? Sorry for the crudeness but I was going off a mental picture!

  2. Let’s see if Mucci reports directly to Trump or to Kelly. For me that determines his longevity. If it’s a Marine and a General like Kelly, he won’t last long.

    This narcissistic weasel (a weasel will kill anything that moves and looks like prey) thought he scored by attacking Bannon who lays low and so far doesn’t appear interested in making a name for himself. Mucci should sleep with one eye open. We’re watching! If he so much as touches Bannon, Trump’s base will be on him like stink on sh*t.

    • Good point re who Scaramucci will have to report to. Can’t see The Mooch having to “salute” his boss, lol.

      Per Wiki, last week upon his hire, the WH said he would be reporting directly to the President rather than the Chief of Staff/Priebus. But now that all that has changed, maybe Mooch’s designated boss will change as well (??)

      White House Director of Communications

      On July 21, 2017, the Trump Administration named him as White House Director of Communications. A number of news outlets noted that the White House announcement of Scaramucci said he would “report directly to the President”, and not to the chief of staff as Sean Spicer had.[51][52]

      After the announcement of Scaramucci’s appointment, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer turned in his resignation to President Trump. The New York Times reported that he had done so after advising Trump that he “vehemently disagreed” with the appointment of Scaramucci. Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus also had “vehement objections” to his hiring.

      We have to wonder WHY Spicer & Priebus were BOTH “vehemently” against Scaramucci. What do they know that we do not? Or was it merely his pushy personality that they did not like? (since Spicer & Priebus seem like “low key” type of guys).

      Scaramucci had been on the Trump “transition team,” so maybe Spicer/Priebus got a good whiff of his personality then.

  3. “…he looks like a hobo.”

    LOL, that cracked me up, re Bannon. Better to have Brains than Beauty.


    So the Scaramucci-Hate has already begun. Interesting opinions at Reddit. I’m not wild about his flip-flop politics prior to Trump but then Trump had been the same way. And his trash-mouth re Bannon was just gross. So he does have some penance to do now to redeem himself.

    If he’s truly narcissistic, expect more screw-ups & chaos. It would be difficult for a “Communications Director” to “go silent” while he gnaws his “narcissistic injuries.”


    Is his 2nd wife really Jewish? Her name is Deidre Ball. They first dated in 2011 & married in 2014. That’s only three short years yet they created TWO sons in that timeframe, Alexander ‘AJ’ and Anthony, Jr., unless she was PG prior to the marriage. Scaramucci has a daughter, Amelia, from his 1st marriage to Lisa Miranda, per Wiki:

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