Open Borders George Clooney Angry Over Papparazi Breach of HIS Wall

As stated on this site before, the odds are strongly in favor of George Clooney’s marriage to Amal being a phony one. The babies that he allegedly fathered are probably not his either.

The story out of Hollywood is that Clooney is upset over a photographer getting onto his property to take pictures of his babies. The whole story may be a lie. It’s impossible to say. However, Clooney sure wants his privacy. It wouldn’t do to have someone enter his world and see with clear eyes the secrets he’s trying to keep.

Clooney doesn’t mind the millions of invaders crossing borders into the West to intrude on he lives of average people. But let one intruder cross his property line and he’s ready to beef up security.

The hypocrisy emanating from open borders Clooney is a thing to behold.

Hollywood Life

After photos of George and Amal Clooney’s twins surfaced in a French magazine, our sources say the A-lister is frantic over his children’s safety!

Few celebs are as private as George, 56, and Amal Clooney, 39. So when a photographer recently got onto their property in Lake Como, Italy to snap photos of their twin babies, Ella and Alexander, it drove the movie star right up the wall! Not only is George considering pressing charges against Voici, the French magazine that acquired the images, our insider says the incident has him terrified and considering scaling up security for his family! Does this mean the world-famous couple are about to turn their home into Fort Knox?

“This invasion of privacy has set off a huge chain reaction for George,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s now planning to overhaul his security, and not just at his Lake Como home. He’s got five properties and he’s looking to beef up security on all of them. He’s always been fairly blasé about security, even when he had a full-on stalker, he was never actually afraid. But now that he’s a father everything has changed.” Parenthood has certainly brought about another side of the Suburbicon director!

Our insider went on to explain that the photographer’s trespassing has George fearing for his one-and-a-half-month-old children and anxious over what could happen to them. “He’s thinking in worst case scenarios, he just can’t help himself. He’s horrified that someone was able to get on his property and get that close to his babies without him knowing. He’s planning to spend whatever it takes to make sure it never happens again.” Hopefully George and his gorgeous better half will be able to move past this troubling incident without living in fear!


16 thoughts on “Open Borders George Clooney Angry Over Papparazi Breach of HIS Wall

  1. Was she named after the British carburetor manufacturer? I also found a horrible womens rights group with the same name, yuk! “We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women through culinary and restaurant training which leads to job placements.” I do not want disadvantageous people fiddling with my food!

    Here is the good oil, as used on most British Motorcycles of the 20th Century….

  2. Maybe Gooney is afraid someone will snap a picture of his “wife” with a 5oclock shadow or adjusting her junk by the pool. Amal..or Anal ..really does look a man in a lot of gotcha photos! YUK…I hope someone gets a man on man photo of these 2

    • They have matching brows.

      Look at all the brow maintenance videos today. They are trying to normalize the A-rab unibrow.

  3. The Rolling Stones often had unpleasant, downbeat and violent lyrics in their songs, and were influenced heavily by Coon music. The Beatles by comparison were lovey dovey, upbeat, sentimental, cheerful. Result – no Stone stabbed or shot. George Harrison stabbed in the guts at home by an intruder and dies within about two years. John Lennon shot dead by a fan, or by the CIA. It beats me why Mick Jagger and his gang were not shot and stabbed instead.
    A good example that in real life there is very little justice.
    Although I concede that (((John Lennon))) was a globalist society wrecker who even married an ugly Nip. George Harrison did not deserve to get stabbed.

    • The remaining stones look like the walking dead; they should have kicked the bucket years ago. Satan probably keeps them alive; drinking aborted baby blood and buggering toddlers. They even had a tribute album to their dark lord Satan “Satanic Majesty’s Request”

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