Mexicans Show Their Love of America in Beautiful, Inspiring Picture

They love America so much they’re saluting our icons. God bless the Mexicans.

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10 thoughts on “Mexicans Show Their Love of America in Beautiful, Inspiring Picture

  1. Iconoclasts. I got a chuckle.

    “The United States seized the area from the Lakota tribe after the Great Sioux War of 1876. The Treaty of Fort Laramie from 1868 had previously granted the Black Hills to the Lakota in perpetuity.”

    “Him plurry sacred ground. You carvum head him dem four plurry Bluecoat big chief you plurry White Debbils. Him hills dey be buggered up”.

  2. Those mexies love American so much that they keep coming back. I see you have a post about this already, Paladin, but here it is from a different source, Daily Mail.

    “Illegal immigrant who has been deported to Mexico 20 TIMES ‘rapes a 65-year-old woman at knife-point’ just months after Portland released him from jail under ‘sanctuary’ policy”

  3. HA! I wish we didn’t have anything south of our border except ocean.

    Only country I might give a nod to is Uruguay, 90% European…45% Italians, 10% French, Spanish (Spain), of course. This country has taken on so much of an Italian flavor, architecture is Italian. Many grape growers and wineries. Italian restaurants. European classical music. Montevideo, the capital, is 65% Italian.

    Around 3,500,000 people, 6% Mestizo, 4% black, Jewish 0.3%.

    Fertility: 1.8% Low birth rate among Europeans definitely contagious.

    As of 2013, there were about 57,000 Uruquayans, 25% born in the U.S. Most came after 1960 because of economic instability.

    A bit of history we might be interested in.

    A violent MARXIST urban guerrilla movement named the Tupamaros beginning in the “1960’s”, led Uruguay’s president to give up control of the government to the military in 1973. By year end, the rebels had been crushed, but the military continued to expand its hold over the government. Civilian rule was restored in 1985.

  4. We are the Lincoln Log Cabin full of ghey and cuck, based on the proposition that whores don’t need reasons just excuses. Send your man to a foreign land, get raped and raise a dumb brown slug that has no future. The Lincoln Future is like Star Trek. Socialist Fiction based on lies and cheap excuses. Please clap. Its bizness as usual all fuct up.

  5. I can understand their contempt. It took the talent, creativity, and thousands of white man hours to carve Rushmore.

    That is something our unwelcome guests could not even begin to accomplish with even a mere lump of Mexican clay.

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