Men Have Periods Too: Trans Artist Free Bleeds to Prove Whatever


If you needed more proof that trannies are mentally ill, here it is.

I’m not sure what the message is. It’s no great accomplishment for a female to affect a male hairstyle and manner of dress. It’s also no great accomplishment to “free bleed,” which I take to mean bleeding into your crotch during that time of month.

So, what reaction does the “artist” want? All I see is a freak dissatisfied with life who is an attention whore looking for a little fame.

Daily Mail

A transgender, non-binary artist has blown up on social media after sharing an image which shows themselves ‘free bleeding’ in public.

Cass Clemmer, a menstrual health activist and artist from Washington D.C. who does not confirm to a specific gender, and prefers to use they/them pronouns, caused quite a stir online after sharing the image on July 12.

The photo features Cass sitting on a park bench, having bled through their khaki pants, while holding a sign that reads: ‘Periods are not just for women.’ They then added the hashtag #BleedingWhileTrans.

Along with the powerful image, Cass also included thought-provoking a poem that they read at a spoken word event which took place during a menstrual health conference last summer.

Cass has also become known for creating and running the Instagram account of Toni the Tampon, a travelling tampon that raises awareness and answers questions about menstruation.


While they identify as non-binary and trans, Cass does menstruate and is very open about the struggles involved, both in terms of dealing with a period in general, and menstruating as someone who is not a woman.

‘I wrote these rhymes to help you see, I’m not tryna bring up something shallow, Periods are honestly pretty traumatic for me,’ reads Cass’ poem.

The artist talks about experiencing gender dysphoria – a feeling of inner conflict over gender – and a fear over what bathroom to use while bleeding.

However Cass is determined to prove that periods are not just something that affect women specifically, and they are eager to raise more awareness about what it means to menstruate as a transgender, or a non-binary person.

Part of that process involved publishing a 20-page coloring book late last year, which featured a character that Cass created – Toni the Tampon – a googly-eyed feminine hygiene product who comes complete with their own fun-filled Instagram account.

Their book, The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, was created to help introduce children of all genders to the concept of menstruation.

However, while many people praised Cass for the clever creation, they also experienced a brutal backlash on social media following the publication of the book – and decided to publish the provocative free-bleeding photo in response to the criticism.

Cass hopes that the post helps shed light on how people of all gender identities deal with periods, though acknowledges that much of the reaction has been transphobic.

Haha. It’s very politically correct of the Mail to refer to Cass as “they.”

Overall, nobody cares about Cass and “his” issues other than a handful of equally freaky freaks.

3 thoughts on “Men Have Periods Too: Trans Artist Free Bleeds to Prove Whatever

  1. I could not read all of that spew, but I read most of that sick nonsense. What I did read was a pack of lies, unless the person is a woman or a hermaphrodite (incredibly rare and not in the LGBTQ canon i.e. should be LGBTQH). I read about 40 years ago that there would be about 10 human hermaphrodites alive at any one time, so not much more than one in a billion people. They are born that way and are not fruitcakes unlike the millions of trans queers.

    This man is bleeding because he cut his dick and balls off and he keeps the wound open due to mental illness (performance “art” of the Weimar kind). Or, he has a “vagina” made by sick doctors and he allows sick men to shove their penis in to his male body via this open wound, which keeps it bleeding. Good way to catch AIDS I would think. For him a normal bottom at the rear was not enough. He wanted a “front bottom” like girls have.

    “While they identify as non-binary and trans, Cass does menstruate and is very open about the struggles involved, both in terms of dealing with a period in general, and menstruating as someone who is not a woman.” BULL, unless this freak was born a woman. If she is a woman she is a horrible hoaxer.

  2. EUREKA…if you are having your period you are a woman…you just answered the new age question of “what gender am I” Congrats dumb ass your a big girl now!

  3. As a woman who struggles with period issues all of my life, this type of behavior infuriates me.
    This “person” has no idea of the real pain, problems and health fears some real women have to face. Of all the PC movements this one makes me see red (no pun intended). I get so angry that they appropriate what I own as a natural born woman. I’ve endured and survived with periods, and for someone to be flip about periods angers me. I own this, it belongs to women, real women, not some mentally deranged loony who wants to be the special person Du Jour for his 15 minutes. Grrrr…….go appropriate something else, “it’s” not getting any pity from me.

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