Dindu Murderer to be Freed From Mississippi Jail After 11 Years without a Trial


Mississippi was exceptionally nice to Steven Jessie Harris. Because the state ruled him mentally incompetent to stand trial 11 years ago, he’s catching a big break. The madman is going to be released from custody because he got lost in the system.

Fox News

A Mississippi man who has been in jail for 11 years without a trial for the alleged murder of his father soon will be released.

Police say Steven Jessie Harris was arrested in October 2005 for the murder of his father, Malichi Randle. He was indicted with 11 different counts including murder in 2006, but a later ruling declared him incompetent to stand trial after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott says Harris at the time went on a crime spree shooting his father and cars. He also allegedly carjacked and stabbed a driver. Deputies pursued Harris and the spree ended in a shootout with police injuring three deputies, according to police.

Scott says Harris spent much of the past 11 years in the Clay County Jail in-between medical evaluations.

“He’s right back on the streets,” Scott told Fox News. “There’s no justice at all for the victims in this thing. The criminal courts and law enforcement [have] no jurisdiction over him at this point.”

Harris’ lawyer Carlos Moore says his client’s rights were violated and is working on a lawsuit against Clay County for damages. Moore took over Harris’ case last year after being approached by his brother.

“You have a constitutional right to speedy trial, there shouldn’t be any cruel or unusual punishment,” Moore said. It’s very cruel and unusual to lock somebody up and throw away the key for 11 years without a trial. You have a fourth amendment right to no unreasonable searches and seizures. There were several constitutional rights that were violated.”

Moore notes that charges theoretically could be brought back against Harris if his mental state changes in the future but says he doesn’t see that happening. Charges levied against Harris were dismissed due to his mental status and he is expected to be released soon.

I imagine that liberals are shaking their heads and thinking along the following lines:

1. Harris was a victim of racism.

Prove it, liberals.

2. Harris was mistreated.

Actually, if he had gone to trial he might have received the death penalty.

OK, liberals. Since you are so concerned, you take Harris and raise some money to move him into your neighborhood.

It’s the least you can do for a po’ ole’ Nigra.

12 thoughts on “Dindu Murderer to be Freed From Mississippi Jail After 11 Years without a Trial

  1. “There were several constitutional rights that were violated.”

    At the time the Constitution was ratified, the idea of giving rights to negroes was considered as ludicrous as giving rights to cows and chickens. Only after a bloody civil war where all opposition was wiped out did such a lunacy become law.

    But hey we all bleed red (cows and chickens too) soo…

  2. Could not the (((psychiatrists))) and their Witch Doctor skills not cure him in 11 years with their magical potions? If he was cured he could be tried. If he is not cured, he should not have been released.

      • He should have been tried. It is probably unusual to lock someone up for years without any trial. He has not been proved guilty – then put in a mental hospital for reasons of insanity.
        In effect his locking up is unrelated to the crimes – which should be deemed unsolved since this guy was never tried.

  3. Hi dindu nuffins, da YT owe him reparations….oh about 100 bazillion dollahs and a rap album contract, and das fo starters

      • Women and libturd hand wringing voters say “it is cruel to kill people unless they are foreign and we drop bombs on them”. So that means that local killers will themselves never be killed by the State. Murderers are thus deemed more valuable to society than their victims. Only one group can be allowed to breed – murderers, not their victims.
        Chares Darwin would foresee some issues with this. The fittest to breed are the criminals. The unfit are their dead victims.
        If the death penalty had been banned 1000 years ago, the West would be like Russia or Brazil or Africa as far as murder rates go, maybe worse. Due to more criminal genes being passed down to the present time.

      • Right. Historically, our European ancestors may not have understood the scientific concept of the gene pool, but they did understand the concept of bad blood. They tried their best to eliminate it. Today, we actually celebrate “bad blood” via worship of rappers and similar trash.

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