Buy At Home Campaign – 1930s Educational Documentary

In the Great Depression, a filmmaker took to movie theaters to advise people to buy local. This advice is a sort of 30s version of Donald Trump’s civic nationalism. The old footage captures cars, homes, businesses, and people of that era. Thirteen and a half minutes.

Published on Jul 26, 2017

Made by San Francisco based producer Maurice Blaché during the Great Depression, the “Buy at Home” series promoted local small town commerce across the western United States. This example was made in Burlingame, California. It features ads for merchants and various citizens, from firefighters and police officers to students of McKinley Elementary School and members of the Burlingame San Mateo Lions Club.

One thought on “Buy At Home Campaign – 1930s Educational Documentary

  1. Well, I love looking at those cute cars. Boys & girls riding their bicycles in traffic? Female students wearing dresses and socks, males, pants and shirts. Police officer with his tight pant legs looking like a Nazi officer? What’s with the few boys who rolled their right pant legs up with hands in pockets? Students standing in front of McKinley School, waving, cheering, for this film. Everyone is White.

    Very interesting!

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