BREAKING! American Renaissance Conference Under Antifa Attack, Gunshots Reported

Big, if true.

At this hour the only information I can find on the reports of violence at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference being held in Tennessee are from an antifa woman’s Twitter. Here are all the Tweets, starting with newest first.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING! American Renaissance Conference Under Antifa Attack, Gunshots Reported

    • When I wrote “Big, if true” I was expressing some reservations. Since I still can’t find anything about any incidents at the Amren Conference, I have to assume that the antifa woman is a drama queen. However, the pictures are interesting, so maybe this post has some value.

      • Those leftists were planning to be working with Hillary as frontal assault troops, backed by leftist Democrats, against regular Americans on our own homefronts.

    • Although I know you were banned at Amren, try to be more rational about it. When I discovered Amren and Stormfront in 2005 these were the only sites that were talking about racial issues. I remember being amazed at the news items and the comments on Amren. Jared hasn’t been a game changer, but so far nobody except Trump has been able to shift the Overton Window. And Trump was helped by millions of trolls on Twitter, 4 chan,8 chan, and elsewhere on the ‘net. So in one sense Jared has been a failure. He tries to be respectable but all the general public knows is that the SPLC calls Amren a hate group, so hell it must be a hate group and he must be a racist. Amren news articles are a way to radicalize our fams and friends. Anglin’s articles are a good way to turn off normies because too many people still love the Jew since the Jew isn’t bombing and killing like the Muzzie.

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