Wartime Rationing: Food And Magic – 1943 Educational Documentary (Bonus: The Good Humor Man)

Less than 10 minutes. World War II housewives learn about all the food that goes to waste and are encouraged to eliminate that waste. Professionally done by Hollywood filmmakers to further the war effort. Popular movie star of the day Jack Carson is the lead.

Published on Jul 27, 2017

Jack Carson is a carnival magician who lectures an audience on nutrition and food waste using feats of magic to emphasize his points. He urges Americans to produce, conserve, and share food and to make adjustments to certain shortages. He demonstrates the nutritional value of certain foods. Three men bid and argue for a piece of meat in a sequence showing the need for rationing and price regulation.

Jack Carson stars with the lovely Lola Albright in this 1950 Hollywood comedy, The Good Humor Man.

Go back in time to white America, when folks still went to the movies for a laugh and a bag of popcorn. Warning to dog lovers: There are some adorable pooches in this hysterically funny, clean, old fashioned movie.

Published on Nov 4, 2014

Ace “Good Humor” ice cream salesman Biff Jones, while on his peddling route, is attacked by three thugs chasing a platinum blonde, Bonnie Conroy. They leave after stuffing Biff into the freezer compartment of his delivery vehicle. Biff loses his job. Bonnie shows up and asks Biff to spend the night in her living-room as protection against the gang. He agrees but awakens to find Bonnie a cold corpse. Biff thinks he has killed her but when he returns with the police the corpse has disappeared. Biff is implicated in a murder and robbery at a factory where he was seen making his rounds on the night of the crime. His girlfriend, Margie Bellew, secretary to Stuart Nagel, special investigator for the Peerless Insurance Company, warns Biff he is the prime suspect. Together, they hunt for the missing blonde in order to establish his alibi. Johnny, Margie’s kid brother, and fellow-members of “The Captain Marvel Club” save Biff and Margie in a schoolhouse where they have been cornered by the gang.

One thought on “Wartime Rationing: Food And Magic – 1943 Educational Documentary (Bonus: The Good Humor Man)

  1. I do like Jack Carson, poor guy, he rarely got the gal at the end of his movies that I saw. Just started watching this one, but suspect he got lucky.

    Surprising how elementary productions and ads were from the 40’s to the 60’s, as if the predominantly White population couldn’t understand why rationing was necessary without showing planted seeds, grown wheat, and a huge pile of bread. This really is grade school stuff.

    But, I did notice the 40’s style dress, men’s shoulder pads and streamlined suits…strong shoulders, slim hips; women straight skirt suits, fitted waists and shoulder pads, as well. But I suspect, men today think that female style was/is too masculine. But, styles represent the times. Gone was the real feminine dress of the 30’s. The country was at war; cutting back on everything, and tailored styles for women.

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