Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student in Airplane Bathroom


Assuming that the facts are as stated in this story, we have a first.

Plenty of teachers have been having sex with their students, but this is the first instance of drunken sex in an airplane bathroom that I’ve seen.

Although a hearing panel found teacher Eleanor Wilson guilty, there are still some questions about whether her behavior was as bad as claimed. To me, it seems extremely unlikely that a teacher and student would be having sex in an airplane bathroom.

Now that she’s been banned from teaching, what’s the lady to do? Read to the end. She has a surprising new career. And a defender who says that the allegations against her are rubbish.

New York Post

A physics teacher has been banned from the classroom after taking her student on a quantum leap to the Mile High Club in a airplane bathroom, according to a report.

British teacher Eleanor Wilson, 28, got physical with the boy during a trip back from a visit to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, the Metro of the UK reported.

The drunken woman engaged in oral sex and had intercourse with the student during the July 2015 flight, according to an academic panel that found her guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

“During the flight home from the trip, Pupil A gave evidence that he and Miss Wilson were flirting at the back of the plane, whilst looking after another pupil who was unwell,” the National College for Teaching and Leadership panel said, the paper reported.

“Pupil A gave evidence that Miss Wilson was intoxicated and that he had himself drunk approximately five miniature bottles of wine on the flight,” it said.

“Pupil A gave evidence that he and Miss Wilson entered the toilet, kissed and had oral sex and intercourse without using protection,” it continued. “Miss Wilson denied this allegation in its entirety, as evidenced within the notes of the school’s investigation.”

Wilson and the student continued their relationship for several months, communicating by text messages and meeting outside school, according to Metro.

“These findings of misconduct are particularly serious as they include findings of both serious dishonesty and sexual misconduct,” said education official Alan Meyrick about the South Gloucestershire schoolteacher.

“I consider therefore that a prohibition order with no review period is required to satisfy the maintenance of public confidence in the profession.”

In doing more research on this story, I found this claim by Wilson’s brother that she’s innocent. According to this story, Wilson is in the Royal Navy now.

Jethro said that his sister is in the Royal Navy and is currently backpacking on Dartmoor as part of her training. Her new partner is also in the Royal Navy, he said.

He added: ‘She worked so hard to be a teacher and it’s a shame because she doesn’t want to do it because of what’s happened.

‘She mutually left the school but nothing sexually happened with the student and for it to come out that it was on the plane was a bit bizarre really.

‘A student can easily say one thing that has ruined a teacher’s career.

‘She had a drink in Switzerland and allowed students over 18 to have a drink, that was all and now it’s this big.

Wilson’s brother continues on with a passionate defense of his sister.

From the evidence available for the public to consider, it’s just impossible to determine the truth in this case. The key resides in a complete examination of the electronic evidence, represented to be text messages sent via phone. There are no allegations of exchanges of nude photos, which seems to always be a common denominator in these cases.

If any of us were innocent of charges that led to our downfall, we’d surely appreciate the way that brother Jethro is sticking up for his sister.

5 thoughts on “Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student in Airplane Bathroom

  1. Awful lot of these lately involving older women. This would be called an epidemic if it were men and there’d be a push to exclude men from teaching.

    • The possibility of innocence plus the sex in an airplane bathroom set this case off from others. As does her brother’s passionate defense of her. There is reasonable doubt about her guilt in my mind. The question is how to prevent this sort of injustice from happening.

      • Stop feeding the beast that cranks out false narratives about white women. Then you will see a decrease in the number of these stories.

        More defilement of white women

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