Lost Dementia Patient Found by Bloodhound Who Sniffed Her BOTTLED SCENT


If you know a likely candidate for bottled scent, you might discuss this article with their family.

Bloodhounds are amazing. So much fun to watch them work. Last year I had the privilege of working with Buster, a big redbone coonhound. We were trying to track a little dog that went missing a month earlier, but Busty lost the scent after a while.

Sky News

An elderly woman who went missing has been found by a sniffer dog because she bottled her scent.

The woman, who has dementia, disappeared from her Florida home for around two hours on Monday.

But she was found less than five minutes after a sniffer dog was given a sample of her scent to trace.

The elderly woman, who made the sample around two years ago, was returned home safely.

In a Facebook post, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said: “Do you have a SCENT PRESERVATION KIT? K9 Ally hopes that you do.

“Last night K9 Ally and her handler, Deputy Justin Williams successfully tracked a missing endangered elderly woman with dementia.”

Scent preservation involves using cotton pads to swab underarms and putting them in sealed containers to retain the smell.

Traditionally, sniffer dogs would take the scent of missing people from their pillows or items of clothing.

Police forces in the US are encouraging people to use scent preservation kits to make searches for lost friends and relatives easier.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, which offers the kits for free, says they are especially helpful for people with “diminishing mental faculties or children”.

Scent preservation kits are more effective than old rags because they haven’t been contaminated by other smells.

K9 Ally was rewarded with an ice cream for tracking down the missing woman.


3 thoughts on “Lost Dementia Patient Found by Bloodhound Who Sniffed Her BOTTLED SCENT

  1. Although my dog is a Doberman Pinscher with a pedigree, I swear he it part bloodhound. His entire world revolves around his nose. When I come in with something in my hand, he always wants a sniff. When I walk him, it is all nose, all time. Sniff and pee, sniff and pee. I have no doubt that he would find me by scent.

    • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lots of dogs like to smell human crotches. Our scent must be stronger in that area of the body. There are some little dogs in the apartment complex who are too short for that, I’ve noticed that they like to sniff my shoes.

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