White Woman Fired for Confrontation with Somali in Which She Threatened to Kill All Muslims

Social justice warriors from around the country flooded Amber Hensley’s employer demanding she be fired after the 28 second video below went viral.

They got their wish.

Another white woman thus becomes permanently unemployable for not taking shit off diversity. It’s especially galling because the filth that started the confrontation are the lowest of the low–deadbeat, parasite Somali apes.

Amber did the usual thing and apologized, but that did not matter. Thus, as we always say, “Never apologize.”


FARGO—A confrontation at a Fargo Wal-Mart parking lot is creating a national media frenzy after a video of an argument went viral.

A Mapleton, North Dakota woman telling three young Somali women they are going to die.

Amber Elizabeth Hensley has since apologized, saying she lost her cool.

Amber Hensley lost her job Wednesday.

Her employer, a CPA firm, fielded calls all day from around the country, sometimes multiple phones ringing at once.

A WDAY viewer told us on Wednesday, she witnessed Hensley inside WalMart before the parking lot episode, visibly upset about customer service in Lawn and Garden.

Telling a manager to hire people who speak English.

The three women involved in the parking lot confrontation, say they feared for their lives during the incident, which they say erupted after they parked too close to Amber Hensley’s car.

Hensley confronted the driver, Leyla, and according to the women made fun of Leyla’s crossed eyes.

“Then she said, I see the problem in your eyes, that is why you can’t see. I just ignored it,” said Leyla Hassan.

After that, the conversation went south with both sides name calling, but the women say, Hensley threatened them.

“She said I am going to kill you guys,” said Rowda Soyan, who was involved in the confrontation.

Now the ladies tell us it was midway through the confrontation that they took the phone to document it and post it on social media, but some on social media have been critical, saying there appears to be parts missing, the video edited, but the ladies say they used SnapChat.

In the short snapchat video clips, Hensley is telling the women to “go home”, she then, according to the video, tells the women, “we are going to kill everyone of ya.”

Then one of the girls in the confrontation saying, “you’re fat.”

Hensley later issued a Facebook message, saying she apologized for, what she called, “horrible things” she said.

It was not a Christian like thing to do, she wrote, I lost my cool, she wrote, I am terribly sorry.

During the confrontation, the women admitted to calling Hensley a fat bitch.

The women now say the whole incident was unfortunate, and they know Hensley has apologized.

“Everyone makes mistakes, you know, and if she says sorry, we accept her, maybe she had a bad day,” said Sarah Hassan, West Fargo.

We reached out to Amber Hensley for comment.

She did not get back to us, but on Facebook she responded to the backlash.

She said she is not perfect, that she has been praying and asking for forgiveness, but another on Facebook responded, “You threatened people who just want a new life. God has no room for hate, so you better pray hard.”

There is no evidence that I am aware of that Amber is a Trump supporter, but social media and youtubers are calling her that.

12 thoughts on “White Woman Fired for Confrontation with Somali in Which She Threatened to Kill All Muslims

  1. Now, let’s wait for the moment when the shoe is in the other feet when a SJW got a taste of his/her own medecine when he/she get beaten by a Somali for example.

    • Wait, there’s also doing a mash-up video of that girl with a video of a black who tell then he’ll kill all whites and said “your double-standards at work”.

  2. Just another example of how the “government” doesn’t need to enforce thought crime punishment. The citizenry will turn on their own far more zealously. I’ve seen people have their businesses blackballed on a local neighborhood forum for daring to have a mind of their own. These people are sick in the head and need to be made an example of for taking food off the table of another person for speaking their mind. A lesson to be learned: in almost any public argument or altercation, you are being filmed. Behave accordingly.

    • Right.

      Do stuff to these people where there are no cameras and no eye witnesses.

      Yep most ‘white’ people are idiots. Many have procreated with DieVersity in the States so they are sympathetic to the brown hordes. Can’t call them white- they are ‘off white’.

  3. I notice the first resort of the turds when confronting a white person is to call them “racist”, as if that is supposed to be some sort of a psychological club. Soon, it will no longer work. Yes, I am racist, i love my folk, and I am Nazi to the core. One day, I will be proud to say that I was Nazi when Nazi wasn’t cool.

    National Socialism – Love Your Folk

  4. Pat Buchanan – “In 1900 there were three white men on earth for every black man. In 2060 there will be three black men for every white man. That is a 9 to 1 ratio change”. (Quoted from my memory).

  5. First, let me say how much I love this site – I read here daily, most days more than daily.

    What I wonder here: What occurred before the recording began for this lady to go off like this. I am inclined to think that we are not getting the whole story, i.e. these two were harassing her before this outburst. It’s just so unlikely that a single lady alone in a parking lot would start up like this, unprovoked.

    Myself: Generally, I am reserved and like most, I would not usually say anything at all, no matter what. One time, ONCE, I lost it in a parking lot at a gas station. This was because another woman leaned on the horn unjustifiably, scared me, was yelling at me. This was about 7pm after a long difficult work day. I told this woman: “Am I in your way?” She yelled Yes! I yelled back “Good, I don’t care! The thruway is right there to your left. Get on there and go back to your own shithole state ; you don’t belong around here. We don’t want you here LEAVE!.”

    You can see that starting with “Good…”, if that were recorded, I would look very bad. What happened here is likely similar. I was lucky and was able to just drive away and laugh at the ridiculousness of what I did the rest of the way home. This lady, not so lucky.

    • Thanks for commenting. Your point is absolutely spot on. Something happened to set her off and it happened before the Somali started recording. Until the era of the cell phone camera these kinds of incidents would go unnoticed. Sadly, she’s lost her job and her reputation unfairly. I wish I knew what to say about that. The injustice of it bothers me greatly.

      • COMPLETELY Agree! She has the right to do and say what she wants outside of work, this is nobody’s business. Her livelihood should not be taken away because of a non-crime done on her personal time.

        Point of Clarity: Not that I would have looked good if the whole conversion I had had been recorded. It was a stupid thing to do, for sure. I should have just said nothing and carried on. But I would not have looked out of control/like a crazy person at least. There would have been context for what I said; that is missing in Amber’s episode as well.

        Back to her job: I really do think there are more and more people waking up. I bet she gets another very soon.

  6. No one asks why there are Somalis in Fargo, ND. No one asks as to who was calling this women’s workplace (the answer is kike groups like the ACLU, ADL, $PLC, etc.). Also, never apologize to the muds or kikes.

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