Trannies Have Their Panties in a Was Over Trump Trans Ban

Mentally ill people who think they are of the sex opposite to that which they are born are upset with President Donald Trump since he Tweeted out his opposition to transgenders in the military.

Their particular form of mental disturbance forces them to demand acceptance and when in the military, extraordinary medical care.

This post shows the hostility among them toward Trump’s move.

Excerpt from Associated Press

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, denounced Trump’s declaration as “simple bigotry.”

“This attack has nothing to do with military readiness, reason or science,” she said. “It is indefensible.”

Among those dismayed by Trump’s tweets was Lt. Cmdr. Blake Dremann, a transgender man who’s served in the Navy for 11 years and received his latest promotion after the policy change last year.


“Trans service members are continuing to do our jobs,” Dremann said. “People know who we are now and it becomes personal, especially when you’ve got families that are going to be affected by this.”

Another active-duty transgender soldier, Army Capt. Jennifer Peace, said she was concerned how a possible ban would affect her, her family and other transgender service members.

“My command has told me in the past the only thing that we should discriminate on is job performance, and I hope that military leadership will handle this issue the same way,” Peace said in an email.

Capt. Jacob Eleazer, a transgender man who serves in the Kentucky Army National Guard, said he was stunned by Trump’s action.

“Fired by tweet. It was honestly pretty shocking,” said Eleazer, who took the day off from his job as a therapist in Lexington, Kentucky, to assess the situation.

It’s unclear whether Eleazer’s career will be affected.

Eleazer, 31, has been in the military since 2006. In 2014, he told his superior officer he was transgender, and he got full support.

Attorney Sasha Buchert, a transgender woman who works for the LGBT-rights group Lambda Legal, recalled feelings of fear and isolation while serving in the Marines in the 1980s, decades before her gender transition.

“It’s not a question of whether transgender people will serve,” she said. “It’s a question of whether they’ll be serving openly or will be hiding like they did in the old days.”

Another transgender veteran, retired Army Col. Sheri Swokowski, said it’s important for transgender people and their allies to push back against Trump’s decree.

Swokowski, 67, of Windsor, Wisconsin, transitioned to female after retiring from the military in 2004.

“The military has taught us to fight and this administration shouldn’t be surprised when we do,” she said. “We need to impress upon the administration that we’re not living in the dark ages.”

Styx argues that when the moral issue is set aside, that legally the issue of trans males and females in the military will be decided like sodomite marriage. That is, Trump’s policy will be declared unconstitutional.

Furthermore, Styx believes that a policy in which trans people have to pay for their own hormones, surgeries, and such would be a legal workaround on the issue that trannies cost the government taxpayer dollars.

Read more about the legal issues at HuffPo.

10 thoughts on “Trannies Have Their Panties in a Was Over Trump Trans Ban

  1. The courts have turned into a digital Julius Caesar. If Thomas Jefferson were still alive, he would call for these judges to be placed on trial for high treason.

  2. “This attack has nothing to do with military readiness, reason or science,” she said. “It is indefensible.” Wow. Just. Wow. How far in the sand is your head?

  3. Please cover that damn disgusting chest, Sticks.

    No court would uphold a “soldier” having to pay for their own medical treatment even if said injury is self inflected. For example, when a sailor on first shore-leave in a foreign port gets ‘screwed, blewed, and tattooed’ he will suffer the legal consequences of any health issues that arise because of his willful actions. Plus he’ll likely be ‘standing tall before the man’ as well to answer for his actions. Yet the taxpayers will pick up his medical cost. You can even be ‘wrote up’ for getting a blistering sunburn if it takes you off duty.

    Pay their own chop-it-off-me or add-it-to-me expenses? BS. A buck sergeant etc, wont ever have the money for such expensive treatment and followup.

    It’s about operational readiness and effectiveness. Styx, like most hard-core, oh so open minded libertarians, ignores these problems. Homos, lesbians, and trans-men are mentally unstable. They shouldn’t be around weapons, planes or at the helm of a ship.

    Straight women however can fulfill military roles, just not in combat, combat support, or on floating brothels, (AKA the US Navy), except hospital ships. Women were critical in the ‘Stupidest Generation’s’ big WWII, or was it WWJEW?

    It will come to pass however, that thugs in black robes will order the military to pay full costs for service members to mutilate their ‘members’. Styx put a finger on the real problem, judicial tyranny. One thug in a black robe can now run immigration policy, school policy, and just about everything else. Congress clowns could and should abolish all federal courts and reduce the supreme court to just one Chief Injustice.

    Did I hear Styx right? Did he say there was a work-around to the problem, or did he say there was a reach-around?

    • I refuse to watch any video by a creepy weirdo with his shirt undone. I also rarely watch any videos by good looking young women, advising me how I should think politically.
      Beard, glasses, long hair, this guy styx has it all. I once had long hair and a beard, but that was 40 years ago and was the fashion at that time. I once had hair!
      To me right wingers should normally have a short hair cut these days. Hippies and tree huggers are lefties.
      Back in the 1970s and 1980s even tough bikers had long hair. Check out the Angels at the Altamont concert when a Coon gets a well justified knife to the head after pulling a gun. Happy days, though that concert was said to be the end of the peace and love (((hippy))) time.

  4. Bulldykes are not as mad or as dangerous as men who want to cut their own dicks off. Most bulldykes are proud to be women (who lick women). Why must some nutter lesbians also demand they are now men? Trump is right.

  5. Trump is like the boy who cries out “The Emperor has no clothes on”! Everybody knows it is true – so the boy gets away with it. The shyster (((tailors))) who exposed their Emperor to ridicule are executed. In my version of the fairy tale, anyway.

  6. “Attorney Sasha Buchert, a transgender woman who works for the LGBT-rights group Lambda Legal, recalled feelings of fear and isolation while serving in the Marines in the 1980s, decades before her gender transition.”

    Here it is in a nutsack:

    This Marine didn’t have his mind on the job at hand but on superfluous silly matters involving his dick.

    Ergo this man didn’t belong in the USMC, and what’s needed is better admissions criteria that rule out individuals who are this trivial-minded and incapable of bonding with fellow Marines.

    This entire tranny issue is no more than the latest escalation of using absurdity and legalisms to rot our legal system from within by requiring it to take on Talmudic thought-games foreign to the genetics of those whose ancestors framed and fought to estabish this Republic and its constitutional system.

  7. I would have something to say, but the man in the following link says it better, and with more details following:

    “You might think that getting your dick cut off probably doesn’t cost that much but you would be wrong. It turns out that getting your dick cut off and all of the other disgusting things that go along with that is actually very expensive. Well before the African Occupation of the White House ended, they sought to render the financial barrier for mentally ill people to get their dicks cut off by providing a go around. It turns out that if they simply announced that the government would start paying for the mentally ill to get their dicks cut off, that probably wouldn’t sell very well. So what to do? The answer was to allow the mentally ill to join the military and the Goyim taxpayers could pay for their dicks getting cut off in exchange for their “service”. It was a great plan until the Trumpening happened.”

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