Sweden’s “Nazis” Draw Rainbow Flag Waving Protesters to Streets

Sitting here in America, a white nationalist can envy the activism of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). If you click on the link to Wikipedia after the story, you can read about the various criminal acts the group has engaged in as part of its activism. The NRM is a group of bad boys, not the least like cuckservative Gavin McIness’ Proud Boys.

The Local Sweden

A diversity demonstration was held in Visby on Friday in protest against the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement’s presence at Sweden’s iconic Almedalen politics festival.

Several hundred protesters waving rainbow flags took part in the diversity parade in Visby on the island of Gotland, where the annual Almedalen politics week is currently underway, in protest against the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).

Prosters, including Green Party ministers Gustav Fridolin, Per Bolund and Alice Bah Kuhnke, chanted “No racists on our streets!” as they marched through Visby, and stopped by the NRM’s marquee.

Some 30 members of the neo-Nazi group lined up and chanted back in response:

“Crush the gay lobby!”
“Long live national socialism!”
“White revolution, no excuses!”

The event was monitored by a large group of police officers, as well as crowds of onlookers.

In May, the Gotland municipality granted the NRM space at this year’s Almedalen week. But the municipality later made a U-turn and asked the police to stop the neo-Nazi group from attending, saying they regretted their previous decision.

The police granted the NRM permission to attend, however, citing Sweden’s constitutional freedom of assembly.

An art installation next to the NRM’s marquee consisting of a pile of shoes, in reference to the Nazi crimes of World War II, was vandalised by members of the militant group upon their arrival to Almedalen on Friday. NRM activists tore the installation down, and loaded some of the shoes into a car before they were stopped by the police.

“At present around ten people are suspected of arbitrary conduct,” police spokesperson Carina Skagerlind told TT newswire.

At 5pm on Friday, the police had received four reports of hate speech, including Nazi salutes and the use of Nazi symbols.

On Saturday, a NRM activist was arrested for violent resistance when the organization caused disturbances in connection with a Green Party press conference, Aftonbladet reports.

“We received a call about a number of people causing disturbance. Most of them got out of the way when we arrived, but one person resisted and was arrested,” Skagerlind told Aftonbladet.

Skagerlind would not say whether the person belonged to a certain group, but the NRM confirmed on its website that one of its activists had been arrested.

According to anti-racism foundation Expo, the NRM was the key force behind a surge in neo-Nazi activity in Sweden last year, with propaganda-spreading being their most common form of activity.

“They’re the most extreme end of this white supremacist area. There’s a lot of crime associated with them, they have a relationship with violence,” Expo researcher Jonathan Leman told The Local.

Several organizations have chosen to boycott this year’s Almedalen week in protest against the neo-Nazis’s attendance.


he Nordic Resistance Movement advocates an immediate stop to “mass immigration” to the Scandinavian countries, and as soon as possible implementing the repatriation of the majority of peoples that are not of North European descent from the Nordic countries or of closely related descent. It also advocates the eventual creation of one unified Nordic self-sufficient state with a common military, common currency and central bank. Mass media shall be owned exclusively by citizens of the new North. Domestic as well as foreign media that act and behave hostile towards the Nordic people, shall be banned. The Nordic state will introduce national military conscription and expand the military. All those who have completed service in the Nordic military service will keep their weapon and gear. Each citizen should be able to aid in the defense of the nation towards domestic as well as foreign enemies. Memberships in The European Union and other similar associations will immediately be terminated.[2]

4 thoughts on “Sweden’s “Nazis” Draw Rainbow Flag Waving Protesters to Streets

  1. The NRM needs to expand all over Europe to wipe out the mentally ill gender fluid JUed up and too stupid to know it zombies! Sounds like a lovely group of patriots fighting the JWO! Much success!

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