North Korea Has Threatened to NUKE the USA Today

There’s probably no political leader more mocked and ridiculed than Kim Jong Un.

The only problem as I see it is that North Korea has no Rothschild central bank. That makes the country and its leader a target for Western propaganda.

It’s true that Kim is a blowhard, full of hot air and empty threats, but since the West covets North Korea, what’s a man to do other than act tough.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

US officials are concerned that a North Korean missile test launch will take place today.

Government sources in South Korea told the Yonhap News Agency that transporter erector launchers carrying ICBM launch tubes in North Pyongan province have been moved by North Korea.

Speaking anonymously, a US defense official said if a test was to go ahead it would be of either an intermediate-range missile or North Korea’s ICBM – known as a KN-20 or a Hwasong-14, and would take place ‘probably’ today as North Korea celebrates Victory Day – the 64th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement.

Experts assessed it could have put Alaska in range, bringing Pyongyang’s long-held dream of a missile that can deliver an atomic warhead to the United States within reach.

A South Korean government source told Yonhap: ‘Movements by transporter erector launchers carrying intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch tubes have been continuously observed in North Pyongan.

‘There is a high possibility that the North may carry out (the test launch) around the July 27 armistice day.’

A second US defense official confirmed the fears, adding: ‘They’re setting up for something.’

If the launch goes ahead, it would be the second time Pyongyang has tested an ICBM after its July 4 rocket launch.

State-run news agency Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported a threat to strike the US on Tuesday in response to comments CIA Director Mike Pompeo made last week.

He said Trump’s administration needs to find a way to separate the country’s Supreme Leader from their nuclear weapons, CNN reported.

Pompeo said: ‘As for the regime, I am hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system.

‘The North Korean people I’m sure are lovely people and would love to see him go.’

Though he did not say that the administration was actually working on that, KCNA said the comments are ‘over the line’.

‘It has now become clear that the ultimate aim of the Trump Administration… is the regime change,’ the agency added.

According to KCNA, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson said: ‘The DPRK legally stipulates that if the supreme dignity of the DPRK is threatened, it must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it, by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones.

‘Should the US dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the US with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time.’

The propaganda we read in the Western press says that Kim is a madman. Maybe. But maybe he’s just a crafty survivor who prefers not meet the fate that America meted out to its onetime ally, Saddam Hussein.

10 thoughts on “North Korea Has Threatened to NUKE the USA Today

  1. N Korea is on the PNAC JU hit list as were Libya,Afghanistan,Iraq…and still under JU and USA attack …Iran and Syria …those Devils in charge can’t stand when a country doesn’t allow them to screw their economy with usury! If all these countries would just aim their rockets at Israhell we could all be free if the “vampire squid”

  2. No missiles, or submarines, or aircraft, are needed to explode nuclear weapons inside any “free” country large city. I will not give any ideas, but any white man with an IQ of 130 and above with creativity, could manage the ideas needed. Luckily, shitskins, blacks and yellows lack this type of imagination. E.g. the Jap attack on Pearl Harbour was stupid and they were always going to lose the war.

    Think about this. If ten tons of highly illegal cocaine can be smuggled inside the USA to a big city – why not a ten ton Atom Bomb? Disguise the bomb as drugs! I can think how to get a much heavier bomb in to a cuck nation, say 1000 tons. Or 100 ten ton bombs.

    Those 100 hot Mexiturds in the Coon truck would have weighed about 7 tons, and nobody knew they were in the USA – or cared.

    Maybe Border Security, DHS and the military should start to worry about smuggled in nuclear bombs.

    Kim has the motive, the means and the opportunity. He saw what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi.

    • Our own deep state has had a number of hidden nukes in select former US cities for some time now for a future rainy day false flag. I learned that while in the military

  3. A nuclear blast in Washington DC might lead to the total dismantling of all nuclear weapons. Most of the dead would be Coons plus 100 senators, 400 Congresspersons and 1 President. A small price to pay for world peace. Blowing up either New York or Moscow would lead to a devastating nuclear war in my opinion and billions dead. So Washington is the go – or maybe Ottawa or Brussels would do. A bomb is Switzerland woudl be great. The “neutral” Swiss make money from every war.

    • Good luck finding the perfect day when,at best, most of those lazy,low life,low IQ,compromised, Israhel first, welfare recipient lap dog stooges we call politicians are actually in DC doing their jobs…It would be the perfect target 🎯

    • if a nuke hit Washington AC/DC, it my not drain the swamp but would help in vaporizing part of it`.

      Nuking Mexifornia would decrease the moonbat population and stop a lot of the after dark whispering bushes in SF

      Nuking Michigan would take out a lot of fast breeding Jihad monkeys plus act as a quick demolition of Detroit other bombed out urban cesspool cities

      • If North Korea is logical, which one can not count on, they should be very careful not to improve the USA by wiping out black and brown bludging bastards or (((swamp creatures))). They should target all the bigmouth (((neocons))) and (((media barons))) before any war takes place and warn them what will happen to them. Saddam and Gaddafi could have done that.
        Stalin was always trying to get Tito (Yugoslavia leader) killed by his agents. So Tito warned him – if I get killed you will be killed by my agents in Moscow.
        So Tito was safe after that.
        Do people like Kim, Qaddafi and Saddam not read their history books?

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