It’s the Law: Allegedly Downlow Mohamed Noor Has to Give a Statement on the Justine Damond Shooting, But …!!!

Still employed Officer Mohammed Noor should have been subjected to police questioning the night he killed Justine Damond. As of this writing, he hasn’t been questioned, but he’s had plenty of time to put together his story. In fact, since he was riding with another officer at the time, both should have been questioned already.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Noor allegedly fired around his partner to kill Justine while they were in the backseat of their patrol car. Were they having queer sex in the backseat, interrupted by Justine who had called police to report that either people were having sex in the alley behind her home or someone was being raped.

Remember, this is Minneapolis, where the Chief was a lesbian woman and the city is committed to “inclusiveness,” meaning hiring degenerates of all kinds.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Mohamed Noor has a constitutional right not to talk with anyone pursuing potential criminal charges in the shooting death of Justine Damond on July 15.

But he’ll still likely have to talk with investigators.

If the Minneapolis Police Department opens an internal investigation into the shooting, the law requires him to talk if he wants to keep his job. But even if he does that, what he says to internal affairs can never be used in a criminal case.

“That’s the trade-off the Supreme Court made,” said Twin Cities employment attorney Marshall Tanick.

Tanick is referring to a 1967 ruling, Garrity vs. New Jersey, involving police in the Garden State accused of corruption. When the officers were questioned, they were told they could invoke their constitutional right not to talk, but if they stayed silent, they’d be fired. Prosecutors later used their statements to convict them.

The officers appealed, with the U.S. Supreme Court saying anything that public employees say as part of an internal investigation cannot be used in a criminal case.

“The Supreme Court wanted to encourage people to talk,” Tanick said.

In Minnesota, public employees under internal investigation are now read a Garrity Warning, which says that though they are not legally required to say anything, their employer requires it. If an employee doesn’t cooperate, or fails to tell the truth, they could get fired.

But the statement makes clear that any information gathered during an interview can’t be used in a criminal case.

“Because you are being required to provide information under the threat of disciplinary action, the information you provide, and any evidence resulting from the information you provide, cannot and will not be used against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding,” the warning reads.

Any use of information provided to internal investigators could derail a criminal case. Defense attorneys for two Minneapolis police officers charged with felony crimes unrelated to the Damond shooting are trying to use the Supreme Court’s Garrity decision to help their clients.

For Christopher Reiter, who faces a felony third-degree assault charge for allegedly kicking a man in the face in May 2016, his attorney is arguing that police and prosecutors used information from Reiter’s internal affairs interviews to help the criminal case. Reiter wants a hearing that could see the charges get dismissed.

Efrem Hamilton wants the Hennepin County attorney’s office tossed from his case as he faces felony assault charges for allegedly shooting at a car. In May, his attorney filed a motion arguing that prosecutors used internal information gathered as part of their case.

Judges for both cases have not ruled on the motions.

It’s worth noting that Garrity rights do not apply to private companies and employees. The constitution only protects people from the actions of government, said Don Taylor, a labor professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Garrity rights, Taylor said, are “a manifestation of the [U.S. Constitution’s] Fifth Amendment rights that everybody has that you can’t be compelled to incriminate yourself.”

8 thoughts on “It’s the Law: Allegedly Downlow Mohamed Noor Has to Give a Statement on the Justine Damond Shooting, But …!!!

    • At this point, it’s not confirmed because nothing has been confirmed. When there’s a cover up going on, like in this case, we can try to flush out the truth by reporting the allegation. If they won’t deny it, it becomes very telling to truth seekers.

      If the shots were fired from the backseat, that’s where the majority of gunpowder residue would be. Have the police checked on that? We don’t know.

      What is clear is that cops would have no reason to be in the back seat other than sex.

      • Somalis are tall. And butt-ugly. The degree of difficulty would make it an impressive feat of human contortion if they were….you know….. That or it was the world’s most aggressive headie. Seriously, this is different to just about every other Police shooting in the US, and yet there seems to be a concerted effort going on to not get any facts out. The cop is the Dindu.

  1. I am sure the investigation of this matter will drag out for months until it is finally flushed down the kosher memory hole.

  2. To be fired for murder is a light penalty (sarcasm). Cops are often fired for stealing an item worth one or two dollars.
    The (((Supremacist))) Court is always on the side of criminals and never on the side of victims. Corrupt cops are the ones the Jewpremacists strongly prefer. That is why (((they))) hate Darren Brown who killed a violent black robber still carrying his stolen booty. Noor killed an innocent white woman – so this ISIS hero should get a medal of some kind, for “valour in the face of no danger whatsoever”.

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me. DL brown fagz are the biggest woman haters out there. They hate white women because white women can get more d$&k than them. Hahahaha. ”Tis true. They view us as competition.

  4. This Garrity Ruling does not apply here. This “officer” was performing his sworn duties and must make a statement or face obstruction charges.

  5. Forgot to add that the kikes/sodomites/libtards in Minneapolis will do their utmost to cover for their Somali pet.

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