Bernie Sanders Has Allegedly Been Caught Raping a Mailbox

Thanks, Senator Bernie Sanders. You’ve confirmed stereotypes associated with two groups:

1. Jews: You’re a cheapskate Jew too anxious to squeeze a penny to save money when you’re worth millions.

2. Socialists: What’s yours is mine. Redistribution of wealth.

The Gateway Pundit

According to Chris Plante, a man living next to the 75-year-old socialist Senator called the Washington Post angrily threatening to cancel his subscription because he hardly ever receives his copy of the publication. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that his neighbor, Bernie Sanders, had been stealing the Post directly from his mailbox. Perhaps the Senator just considered this “redistribution”.

Buy your own subscription, Bernie. You can afford it.

If you don’t buy your own subscription, remember that theft from a mailbox is a federal crime. Watch out! Here come the FBI!

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Has Allegedly Been Caught Raping a Mailbox

  1. Why did the man not contact the FBI directly, or the local police, or film Bernie doing the crime? It would be nice to see a wealthy Commie Jew politician going to jail for stealing.
    Commies believe that what is in your wallet, or mailbox, – in theirs.
    What a Commie has in his wallet or mailbox – is also his.
    Do not expect logic from (((Marxists))). They want to share your money – not their own money.

    Nobody in the world gets more upset about having their property stolen than thieves.

    • The funny thing is that I doubt that many people have any trouble believing this story.

      I believe it was another source that told the complainer that a white haired man was seen by the paper delivery taking the paper inside his home. The complainer then recognized Bernie from the description.

      I doubt the American police would even respond to a phone complaint about a paper theft, much less arrest anyone.

      Bernie got away with it this time. Maybe he’ll be caught shoplifting sometime.

  2. Bernie is part of the welfare recipient (((entitled class))) Our pampered whore politicians always expect the best for themselves while they deny their constituents…entitled..they have the best healthcare, pensions, live off the taxpayers money and work for Israhell? All these perks aren’t possible for the average American. Why wouldn’t an entitled whore steal his neighbors paper? This communist JU has to go!

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