Study Finds Huge Drop in Sperm Count Among Western Men, Sparking Fears of Human Extinction

A public health study out of Israel has gotten widespread media attention over the last 24 hours.

The sperm count of “Western” men, which I think it’s reasonable to interpret as meaning white men with European ancestors, has been plunging. The decrease in sperm counts is so bad that the Jewish scientists warn that humans could go extinct.

The sperm counts of nonwhite men have not been dropping, so it’s hard to see how humans will go extinct. Unless you believe that only whites are human.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Humans could face extinction if sperm counts continue to drop as fast as they have done in the last four decades in Western countries, a study warns.

Researchers claim the Western lifestyle has more than halved the sperm count of men in the US, Europe and Australia since the 1970s in a new study published by Human Reproduction Update.

Sperm count is the best measure of male fertility, and lead author Dr Hagai Levine said the findings are an ‘urgent wake-up call’ to investigate lifestyle factors, chemicals and environment that could cause the human species to go extinct.

‘If we do not make a drastic change to how we live and the chemicals we are exposed to I am worried about the future,’ he told Daily Mail Online.

‘I think the data serves as a wake up call, because I am personally worried about that [human extinction] if we do not address current environmental issues.’

Researchers at Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai looked at 185 studies collected between 1973 and 2011 regarding sperm count and concentration in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

They found 59.3 percent average decline in total sperm count and a 52.4 percent average decline in sperm concentration among these men.
The men researched in those studies were not chosen for the studies based on their fertility status.

In contrast, there was no significant decline in South America, Asia and Africa, though far fewer studies have been conducted in those areas.

The research team then restricted the studies with a sample collection between 1996 and 2011, and found the slope to be equally steep and significant, indicating that the rate of decline is not decreasing.

This study did not examine causes of the decline, but it has previously been linked to environmental and lifestyle factors, such as exposure to chemicals and increased rates of obesity in Western countries.

‘Given the importance of sperm counts for male fertility and human health, this study is an urgent wake-up call for researchers and health authorities around the world to investigate the causes of the sharp ongoing drop in sperm count, with the goal of prevention,’ said Dr Levine.

Dr Levine also said the findings have public health implications because it demonstrates the proportion of men who are infertile are increasing.

Additionally, recent studies have found that reduced sperm count is related to increased morbidity and mortality, meaning the ongoing decline points to serious risks to male fertility and male health.

This vague attribution of smaller sperm counts to environmental factors is surely not a satisfying explanation. Specifically, let’s go into tinfoil hat territory and ask if there is any group that has promised to reduce the white population?

It turns out that there is such a (((group,))) which regular readers know all about.

White genocide is real. The means to accomplish white genocide via a reduction in sperm might include through food additives, chemtrails, and vaccines.

Now that we know for sure that there’s a problem affecting white men, the next step is to engage in academic studies that can identify the source.

If I were cleverly trying to kill off the white race I might invent something called fast food and load it up with harmful chemicals. I’m not sure, but I might also hook men on porn and have them masturbate their way to infertility.

Since white women are being exposed to the same things as white men, we should ask if white women are also becoming infertile.

Finally, I wonder if the Indians know how to fix the problem.

63 thoughts on “Study Finds Huge Drop in Sperm Count Among Western Men, Sparking Fears of Human Extinction

  1. This article left out the fact that older men are still punching full weight when it comes to sperm count. It is younger men losing their sperm. Blaming “lifestyle” is silly and unscientific. I do not think fat men in past ages lost their fertility. To me this is almost certainly caused by the chemicals industry, (((Monsanto))), and perhaps also the wireless transmission of various types of invisible rays and waves, VHF, UHF, microwaves, mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices, TV broadcast. Manmade atomic radiation of all kinds. Fluoride added to tap drinking water.

    Farm chemical fertilizers, chemical poisons for weeds and insects, growth hormones and antibiotics for farm animals. Without farm chemicals and farm machines – billions of human locusts will die from starvation. GMO, nobody knows what this will do to humans, insects and animals. Fracking for oil with chemicals underground, which are dumped there for ever.

    I am just scratching the surface with this list. If a young woman wants a healthy baby – she needs to find an old man and demand a Rogering.

    Maybe whites need to run away to poor countries – and leave the blacks to get poisoned and irradiated in the West.

    Nature’s solution to humans wrecking the earth is the same plan as the Jews. Kill all the whites. Civilisation then collapses; then 80% or more of humans will die from starvation.

    • LOL. A little promotional testimony in favor of older men isn’t going to hurt anything. I fear, though, that any decent young lady who has followed Hugh Hefner’s recent sexual exploits is going to be totally turned off toward the idea of a romp in the hay with an older male.

  2. Booz and drugs and wifi.

    Years back I saw an article noting how make up, plastic surgery, and hair chemicals might be related to infertility as all that fake stuff is absorbed through the skin

  3. Yesterday this was all over the Marxachusetts Boston media, adding that it only seems to affect whites from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the former USA. Nooze said the drastic drops in sperm and testosterone do not see to affect Africans. Asians, Indians, Latrinos and muzzies

    The articles also said that anyone who thinks this is a NWO conspiracy are mentally ill; whites are genetically an fragile inferior race

  4. What about porn? I doubt people were masturbating as much as they do now. I’d like to see how the study measured the sperm count.

    • YES!!

      Was going to mention that.

      Our ‘seed’ has been afflicted by the spiritual war inflicted on us via porn

      • Well i agree that porn isn’t good and might be considered a weapon of war against us, BUT i meant, well, men masturbate a lot more now with porn than before so if they do each day or even other day, doesn’t compare to how it will be after a week, a month or more without masturbation as it probably was before.

  5. Try telling a parent they shouldn’t let their kids irradiate their genitalia with a laptop or a phone all day long. See the look you’ll get.

      • It’s become a daily “taking mental inventory” game with me of observing the zombie masses on buses and trains and in cafes and other public spaces. Honestly 90-95% of all have their noses buried in their smart phones and tablets; almost all having earphones on I notice most of the males cram their smart phones into the front pockets of their skinny hipster jeans pressed against their junk.

        Honestly creepy

    • I agree but the blind will always refuse to see. A responsible adult hold place the West on emergency suicide watch.

  6. Testosterone drop in younger white men. Pussified by feminism. All younger white men have been brainwashed my female teachers (Marxists) at school. Most of my school teachers were male. Even 50 years ago the English literature curriculum was (((Spew))) selected by The Chosen. (((Authors))) were prominent.

    Plastics industry. Vaccinations. There was an idea that Bill Gates was going to kill a billion Africans this way, maybe that is the wrong way around. Blacks get the good injections, and whites get the WhiteSpermBGone injections.

    Zoloft, Prozac, Ritalin – all for mostly white people.

    • The Mexican male president at the U. of Texas, SA, Ricardo Romo, did everything he could to demasculinize white males. All the while, the POS was going after white p*ssy. Finally, three white women accused him of sexual assault. The Mexican way of going after women is caveman like in its brutallity.

  7. Re: Young Girls’ eggs being so deranged by EMFs/WiFi that future healthy children will not be a given: Dr. Barry Trower’s report from 2013 about that subject specifically, entitled:

    “WiFi – A Thalidomide In The Making, Who Cares?”

    In .PDF 1MB, at this Irish radio site (& many others) along with other Trower’s reports, plus a brief bio:

    For anyone who wants an html version, the GeoEngineeringWatch site also posted it: geoengineeringwatch dot org/barrie-trower-wifi-report-humanity-at-the-brink/

    Trower is probably about 73-74 now; he’s no longer teaching I don’t think; if I remember correctly, he was booted from his last teaching job for being an international Wifi Whistleblower.

  8. Re: Young Girls’ eggs being so deranged by EMFs/WiFi that future healthy children will not be a given: Dr. Barry Trower’s report from 2013 about that subject specifically, entitled:

    “WiFi – A Thalidomide In The Making, Who Cares?”

    In .PDF 1MB, at this Irish radio site (& many others) along with other Trower’s reports, plus a brief bio:

    For anyone who wants an html version, the GeoEngineeringWatch site also posted it:
    geoengineeringwatch dot org/ barrie-trower-wifi-report-humanity-at-the-brink/

    Trower is probably about 73-74 now; he’s no longer teaching I don’t think; if I remember correctly, he was booted from his last teaching job for being an international Wifi Whistleblower.

  9. Re: the men, here’s just one study re EMFs & sperm from 2014:

    Cent European J Urol. 2014; 67(1): 65–71.
    Published online 2014 Apr 17. doi: 10.5173/ceju.2014.01.art14
    PMCID: PMC4074720

    The influence of direct mobile phone radiation on sperm quality
    The number of spermatozoa with progressive movement in the group, influenced by electromagnetic radiation, is statistically lower than the number of spermatozoa with progressive movement in the group under no effect of the mobile phone. The number of non–progressive movement spermatozoa was significantly higher in the group, which was influenced by cell phone radiation. The DNA fragmentation was also significantly higher in this group.


    Human eyes, female ovaries, & men’s testes are the only OVAL SHAPED organs in humans, & they all have teeny tiny blood vessels (vs. say, your arm or leg which has larger veins). For this reason, other experts have said that is why microwaves affect these organs more readily as blood-flow is decreased (clogged up) by microwave frequencies.

    • Great post. Thanks for the link.

      Certainly the proliferation of wireless microwave devices has occurred chiefly in the West. It would be interesting to study the graphical correlation of the data sets pertaining to the decline in male fertility and the increase in WiFi, cellphones, and other wireless devices over time.

    • USA Negroes should also be affected by mobile phone use. Also, they are more likely to live in low priced neighborhoods, which may have more mobile towers and other industrial type towers, old industry pollution and so on. OTOH, maybe such towers are not placed in Coon residential areas, for the safety of the maintenance workers?

      What about living under a fight path, especially close to an airport? This would affect many third worlders as well.

      • Us negro reproduction is wY down. The imported turds from the Carribean and Africa over the last decade have replaced them

  10. I really think much of this has to do with several factors/

    Emasculated men and too many alpha men spreading their autistic seed

    Older parents

    Chemical exposure

    Poor health/Overweight

    Use of toxic makeup

    Birth control – the pill use for several years

    Porn and over masturbation

    …. finally, race mixing. And this leads to all of the above.

    White women donning on fake boobs and overly made up … over the top hair =She boon

    White men wasting their seed whacking to trannified porn hoez

    People using birth control that in effect sterilizes them

    I could go on here….

      • I find that many men touted as or viewed as ‘alpha’ tend to lack empathy. While this is looked at first by dumb women as manly, I believe it is really Neanderthal autistic behavior… toxic masculinity that has been promoted at the expense of civility

    • Re the so called alpha males – who define themselves and are proud of being a lowlife swine. They tend towards psychopathy and I think have always made more babies than the much laughed at and hated Betas. (Women hate betas, not men).
      The triumph of the Beta over the past one thousand years or so looks doomed.
      Animal breeders succeed in changing (improving) species very fast by using males – not females. A female breeder is valuable but a male breeder is many times more valuable. A special cow might have a dozen or so babies. A bull may have many thousands of babies.
      The same with thoroughbred breeding of horses. A large number of champion racehorses can come from the one father, but not from the same mother. Though champion mother and champion father is the best of all, and is often done in racehorses – at great expense to the buyers of the foals.
      So animal breeders choose the best and discard the worst males. In humans the opposite tends to happen, except in rare periods in history of calm and prosperity and mutual cooperation.

      What this means for humans, is that the human race is fast devolving due to the tendency for a small number of “alpha” males to have a large number of babies. The failure of this system is proved in the Muslim world which is generally a human cesspit of low quality people. Western “betas” are vastly superior humans to Muslim alphas, who typically have four wives and a large number of children.

      Yet there is no doubt in my mind that the Muslim alphas and black alphas are now creating the billions of humans who are going to destroy civilisation. It is not too late for whites to stop this process inside white nations, but it is not likely. Even now it requires the guts to remove millions of people via ethnic cleansing and white men no longer have the stomach for this, except a few tough people like those in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland. WWII Germans were kind hearted pussies, even SS men. The invading British and Americans were more brutal in Western Europe than the Germans had ever been, including stealing civilian property. The cruelty of the Soviet Jews exceeded anything the Germans could manage.

      As I see it, in Germany there was only one alpha – Hitler. Same for the Soviet Union. Stalin was the only alpha. In Africa today – almost every male is an alpha. In the West, most white males are betas. “Nice guys finish last”.

      • just because some people procreate like fruit flies does not make them superior. One of my kids is worth ten of some sociopath and his ghetto hoe spawn. No doubt.

        Westernization will kill off the swine via economics. The American black population has dwindled in the Kwa since the 70s and that is because one cannot live off welfare anymore. Bush brought in millions of blacks from Africa and the Carribean. Having to work will kill these losers off.

        White quality women need to care more about self preservation. Charity and shyte needs to go.

  11. I also think this study is flawed due to cultural issues in medicine.Many whites are more apt to be open about medical issues versus people from other countries who refrain from self report due to perceived shame. In short, the results are skewed.

  12. Also, many Indian men et al are single and are here on visas. They come to the west to make $ and then go back home. They are less likely to start a family and/ or pursue fertility services. You also have to factor in that in these stats are pulled from people broadly diagnosed with infertility and these include same sex couples and single females who use health insurance for services. Singles and LGBT all get put under the same infertility label therefore making these results seem more robust than what they are.

    Don’t fall for psy ops snd hype.

  13. Been saying this for a while now. Environmental issues are playing a bigger role in shaping modern male behaviour and biology than simple morality-based explanations can offer. They seem to have the bases covered everywhere we turn.

    • There are good environments and bad environments.

      Good / bad…who can judge?

      I don’t judge…. but there is good behavior and not so good behavior

      • I meant the physical environment around us, not the social environment, but seeing as you mentioned it, add that in the mix and you get a picture of all-round degradation unfolding.

      • No such a thing. It is called DDT.
        The USA used it a lot until 1972 when it was banned.
        “The publication in 1962 of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring stimulated widespread public concern over the dangers of improper pesticide use and the need for better pesticide controls.”
        She was not writing about Australia – but the USA. I have read the book. The use of DDT or Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane has been banned in Australia since 1987.

    • I do think that ‘they’ have created psychosexual environment out here that is fomenting antisocial and addictive behavior in ‘white’ men.

  14. I am sure that the elite and transgender have frozen their offspring in advance before the chemtrails, polluting water and food and the air we breath. I went to Irvine, Ca to do an exam, When i exited my car I could smell Roundup. My heart started racing and I felt like throwing up. The mexican gardners had surrounded the 17 story building with Roundup for the grass, trees, and bushes. I was so sick. I then proceeded to the 15th floor and had a asthma attack from the smell coming off the carpet and the central air conditioning. I do not have asthma. The CEO white guy had no clue why I was vomiting and coughing and had to be excused to the bathroom. He was so used to it that it did not affect him. This is why The working white guy can not keep their sperm count up.

    Most young white men do not take prescription medication. They do take IBP and Tylenol for pain from working out.. If you go on line you will see that they contain Women Harmones. Include meat that is injected with harmones. They are lowering all White men’s sperm count.

    So you see that GOOS have thought well in advance on how to defeat the successful white man. The ones paying the taxes for the Moolisms and the welfare black folks.

    God Bless Us All.

    • Sophie B Hawkins had embryos frozen from the early 1990s. If you recall she was a songstress and I believe bisexual. She had an embryo implanted in her just a few years back.

  15. OK everyone…here’s the skinny on testosterone. Very interesting how looking at feminine women raises testosterone. How lowering it was planned. Video…about 20 minutes.

    Testosterone & The Cultural Revolution

    • “…looking at feminine women raises testosterone. How lowering it was planned…”

      My guess at reading that was: They have made women MORE UGLY!! (tattoos, unisex look, chubbies, sloppily dressed, manly attitudes, etc.).

      The guest being interviewed says USA men’s testosterone has decreased 25% from 1980 to 2014. He also said it was…

      “…orchestrated by Fabian-style genocide upon male Americans.”

      “We are being turned into women,” he said (via toxic chemicals, BPA, etc.)

      Me: The Luciferian end game is ANDROGYNY for all (think: Baphomet).

  16. Interestingly this article from 1996 NYT, states that not very many sperm at all are needed for a man to be fertile. And white men apparently have a lot more sperm than men of other races (testicle size is what matters most in sperm count I guess). So, why are they pushing this alarmist study all over the mainstream media? Is this to have an excuse as to why white population is dropping? It’s your fault men with your wimpy sperm. Has nothing to do with the fact that we are flooding your countries with foreigners and encouraging miscegenation. Ignore the fact that we keep sending you off to die in wars and selling you heroin and meth…first in the doctor’s office and then on the streets. Pay no attention to the fact that we are sterilizing your children with puberty blockers and cross hormonal treatments. Sterilizing your women with long term birth control is not a factor at all…

    • Good points A.Ash. Also women choose to have abortions. “Choice”. That is one of the main reasons the white birth rate is way down, not just contraception. So white men could have ten times more sperm and it would not help. 50 years ago abortions were illegal.

  17. Here you go, Lemmings. Following each others prattling about Yids this and Jooz that and Sheenies are schmucks and can’t be trusted ever. And that is true. They can’t be believed; Jews can’t stop lying.
    Here’s all this trash from these lying Schmaltz who give you blue proof this week and change it to red proof the next. You know that they lie to you, Lemmings. Yet you poor pathologically trusting imbeciles continue to ignore their psychopathy.
    Dearest, departing Lemmings, on your way over the cliff, remember that it was the Kike who encouraged you to take a running leap.
    Don’t you get it? Who said there was any ‘study’? How was it supervised? Who wrote the conclusion and who decided on the rhetoric?
    A half arsed study by nincompoop Whitys is worth so much more to White lemmings than any full arsed weaponized study by Shlomo snakes, who enjoy attacking silly Goyim.

    • Per Saboteur’s post at the top, the study was done in conjunction with Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

      The lead author, Dr. Hagai Levine, can be seen in these videos discussing the study. Please watch & let us know if you think he is lying:

  18. And if anyone hasn’t heard, 5G is on the way thanks to Tom Wheeler’s rush to get it going (former FCC commissioner) with “mini” cell-towers to be added every few houses/buildings everywhere.

    This is a legitimate link, it’s the online newsletter of the Environmental Health Trust. It has a list of the status of USA states which are allowing this additional nightmare, to be completely rolled out by 2020:

    (I tried removing the link contents after the .HTML but then it didn’t work. It works fine with the full link as above.)


    Here’s a list of 15 countries, all of whose laws, except 2, have MWR limits at TEN (10) OR LOWER microwatts per centimeter-squared.

    However, the USA & Canada allow ONE THOUSAND (1,000) microwatts per centimeter-squared.

    They include links to each country’s info below the chart.

    I had hoped to find a .jpg visual of the same info but was unsuccessful, even though I’ve seen them before.


    I just saw this below 7/31/17 comment today 8/4/17:

    superdrove wrote om Jul 31, 2017; 5:57pm


    Did anyone see CBS News a few nights ago? They had a story saying that men’s sperm viability is down 50% in the last 40 years. And if things continue as they are, people will become extinct or we will be grown in test tubes. The News anchor actually said, “But don’t panic and don’t stop using your cell phone. It is probably something in the environment like pesticides”. More public disinformation.

    Sure there are many things that contribute to lower sperm counts in men, like plastics, drugs, hot tubs, Chernobyl and Fukishima, but it is a fact that STERILITY is the number one overall health effect of wireless radiation, and the powers that be know it!!! They used cell tower proliferation very successfully in India to sterilize a large portion of the public. This story just goes to show, they are right on track with their diabolical de-population plan.

    3/14/16: “Why Do Men Have Fewer Sperm Than They Did 50 Years Ago?”
    By Missy Wilkinson

    Sound the sperm alarm.
    The total male sperm count has decreased by about half since the 1950s, according to a large study that came out in the early ’90s, which showed sperm counts had decreased from 113 million sperm per mL to 66 million sperm per mL over the course of 52 years. Though that study was critiqued, an analysis from a decade later reached similar conclusions, and the World Health Organization even lowered the numbers for what’s considered a “normal” sperm count in 2010, from 20 million per mL to 15 million sperm per mL.
    What’s going on here? Could there really be a massive sperm extinction taking place right under our noses?
    Could my cellphone and laptop be frying my swimmers?

    A 2015 study suggested a link between cellphone use and sperm concentration, which would be bad news for pretty much everyone. “Many studies in a number of countries confirm that cellphones can damage sperm,” says Dr. Devra Davis, visiting professor at Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center and Ondokuz Mayis University Medical School. “As Consumer Reports recommended… nobody should keep a phone in their pocket, because doing so exceeds the as-tested exposure guidelines.”

    Laptops are also a sperm killer — not because of radiation but because of heat. “Testicles are outside the body in order to keep sperm slightly cooler than your body temperature,” Dr. Hernandez-Rey notes. “A less common but easily correctable cause can be prolonged heat from… laptops placed right on your lap.” So put a pillow under your laptop and move your cell phone to your back pocket. “Distance is your friend,” Davis adds.

    Another commenter, NoRad4U, added these additional studies at his site:

    1_Wireless laptop influence on human sperm:

    2_WIFI radiation damage reproduction organs in adults:

    3_Drosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sources:

    4_Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study:

    5_Cancer in Korean War Navy Technicians: Mortality Survey after 40 Years:

    6_Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from GSM (0.9/1.8GHz) mobile phones induces oxidative stress and reduces sperm motility in rats:

    7_The effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on sperm function:

  21. Free Documentary viewing 8/5 thru 8/11/17.

    This is the updated 2017 version of the original 2013 “Take Back Your Power” documentary by Josh Del Sol re the Smart Grid. The subtitle says “Uncovering a Trillion Dollar Crime”!

    Mercola has an article about it with the video embedded:

    8/5/17: “Must-See Documentary Reveals Dangers of Smart Meters”:

    It’s 1-hour 23-mins., I haven’t watched it yet, just heard about it.

    • PS: Prior comment from circa 8/4/17 is still in moderation because it had a handful of research study links re “Spermageddon.” 🙂

      • I have a pretty good search function, but found none of your comments in the pending file. Everything that came through has been posted. If you still have a copy of it, can you repost it again? Thanks.

      • OK, thank you for checking. I don’t think I kept a copy of it.

        I had put in caps along the top something like, CBS NEWS SAYS DON’T STOP USING YOUR CELLPHONE…

        That was based on a comment by a guy who said, after the info/study in your original post at the top hit the airwaves, CBS covered it but they said No Problem, use your cellphone anyway.

        The guy commenting was shocked since he knows re EMFs & because the study says EMFs harm sperm, etc.

        Another guy chimed in & included at least a half-dozen other research studies re sperm & EMFs, so I had included those links as well, knowing it would go to spam or moderation or wherever too-many links-in-a-comment goes.

      • I never look in the Spam folder. Your use of the word prompted me to do so just now. Ha. I found three of your comments there. I’ve released them. I think they were all on that same post. I have no idea why that happened. I’ll have to keep an eye on the Spam folder from now on. It’s separate from the Pending folder, which I check when the number of pending comments changes.

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