Black Human Trafficking Truck Driver Had His Commercial Driver’s License Pulled


I can’t find the reference, but I believe I saw that the big rig trucker whose trailer held at least 100 illegals has a criminal record. This story explains more of how the border patrol works to stop illegals before they make it as far as San Antonio, which is 150 miles from the border.

The driver of the truck had his license to drive big rigs taken away because he’s a diabetic AMPUTEE! The former owner of the trailer is also under investigation. It’s had problems with the law too.

Excerpt from Expresss-News

As authorities tried to determine how a tractor-trailer carrying at least 100 immigrants — 10 of whom died — avoided detection at a checkpoint, Florida officials said Tuesday the truck driver accused of human trafficking lost his commercial vehicle license three months ago.

James Bradley was disqualified from driving commercial after he did not provide a medical card, as required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, according to Alexis Bakofsky, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. That would prohibit him from driving commercial vehicles in other states, as well.

Bradley was diabetic and had to have a series of amputations, most recently the removal of his leg this spring, according to the Associated Press. He lost his license in April.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations allow commercial drivers with amputations to drive, if they get a special certification. However, a person who uses insulin to control their diabetes, especially to prevent loss of consciousness or disorientation, is typically denied a license.

Also on Tuesday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration told the Associated Press that the agency is investigating the company Bradley was working for, Pyle Transportation of Iowa.

The agency said its findings will be shared with Department of Homeland Security investigators, who are conducting a criminal investigation into the immigrants’ deaths, according to the Associated Press.

When contacted by the San Antonio Express-News, an employee at Pyle Transportation declined to comment.

Bradley, of Kentucky and Florida, was charged Monday with human trafficking after authorities found eight immigrants dead and 30 others suffering from heat-related illnesses in a tractor-trailer at a Walmart parking lot at 8538 S. Interstate 35 on the South Side. Another immigrant was found in some nearby woods. Since then, two more people who had been in the trailer died.

Bradley told authorities he was hauling the trailer for Pyle Transportation from Iowa to Brownsville and made some stops along the way, including Laredo. He said he was unaware people were inside until he parked the trailer in San Antonio and heard people inside.

Pyle Transportation has a history of safety violations, records show. Its license was downgraded to conditional, which means the company does not have adequate controls to ensure compliance with safety standards, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.

Agents with Homeland Security Investigations, meanwhile, are looking into how Bradley was able to bring the trailer full of immigrants through a Border Patrol-run traffic checkpoint on Interstate 35, about 29 miles from the Mexican border, the San Antonio Express-News confirmed.

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar of Laredo said he was told the trailer passed through the checkpoint around 10 p.m. Saturday. Police arrived at the San Antonio Walmart parking lot at 12:23 a.m. Sunday.

“The tractor-trailer was inspected with negative results,” Cuellar said. “That doesn’t mean they actually opened up the trailer. … Inspected could mean they stopped the truck, asked them questions. Nothing suspicious alerted them.”

The trucks are not weighed, and the vehicles will only be X-rayed on secondary inspection, he said. But the Border Patrol agents will look for signs that might raise suspicion and require that fuller, secondary inspection.

“Because of the volume of traffic, they have seconds to determine whether they want to investigate the truck further or not,” Martinez said.

But if no suspicion is aroused, trucks are let through.

“In this case, if the guy didn’t show signs of nervousness, there was no need to hold him up,” Martinez said.

I’ve been stopped by the Border Patrol on I-35 outside of Laredo. This was back in the 80s. They thoroughly searched my car. They may have been looking for drugs, I don’t know.

4 thoughts on “Black Human Trafficking Truck Driver Had His Commercial Driver’s License Pulled

  1. If he was on the USA side of the border, & had not been to the Mexican side, why would he, or anyone, be stopped?

    I guess it was just a regular truck-inspection-station, like are found everywhere on the Interstate & highway systems.

    Either way, I wonder why the people inside did not bang on the walls when they felt the rig slow down & stop? (Unless he had not picked them up yet.)

    Maybe he was in the usual years-long battle to get SSD & had not won it yet, so he needed money.

    Maybe the Pyle Trucking, that does not even have enough employees to make sure all the required rules are followed, is a 1-2 man trafficking operation, owner/driver.

  2. Surprised we haven’t heard anything about Walmart allowing trucks to park overnight in their parking lots. Heaven forbid, there’d be dead illegals in one of the trucks that was party to Walmart’s generosity.

    For those not in the know, the worst thing that can ever happen to Walmart is to be criticized. They usually go on crying binges.

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