New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier sets sail with no urinals

I think if I were shipboard, I’d pee standing up by taking aim into the ocean.

New York Daily News

The USS Gerald R. Ford — the newest U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, and the first in its class of ships — is ditching urinals, introducing “gender neutral” bathrooms.

Each sleeping quarter — what the Navy calls a berthing area — will have traditional porcelain bowls in the heads (or bathrooms) of the newly designed aircraft carrier, which can hold over 5,000 sailors.

With universal bathrooms, switching the room assignments for each berth between the genders will be much easier.

“This is designed to give the ship flexibility because there aren’t any berthing areas that are dedicated to one sex or the other,” Operations Specialist 1st Class Kaylea Motsenbocker told Navy Times recently.

However, most bathroom specialists think traditional restrooms are way less efficient. Bathroom experts told the Navy Times that urinals cost less, take up less space, and are more sanitary (fewer men miss their target with a urinal).

The Ford is the first new class of aircraft carriers designed in 40 years, making urinal-free ships the wave of the future, meeting the increasing number of women joining the Navy. In fact, it was under actual President Ford in 1976 that women were first allowed to join the Naval Academy. 81 of the 1,300 inductees that year were women — just 6%. 2016’s class, on the other hand, had 24%, just above the average 18% female population of the Navy overall.

With these numbers, it looks like urinal-free ships are here to stay, so brush up on your target practice, gentlemen sailors.

Booths are a great place to have sex. Are there going to be lube dispensers in each booth to facilitate the hanky panky?

Since booths take up more space than urinals, we have to ask if the space utilization on the new ship is optimal. It would be easier to issue women those funnels that allow them to pee standing up at a urinal.

8 thoughts on “New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier sets sail with no urinals

  1. Well, construction of this aircraft started under the reign of Hussein the Ape, hence the reason why some elements of his monkey business were left …

  2. I thought it only proper for Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme to christen Ford, as this would properly fit the joke this monstrosity is. Lyn could have ridden up on her Harley, jumped off, and done the honors complete in her little red riding hood outfit.

    Yet you have to give credit, with the Ford and the two others like it under construction the US Navy is fully prepared for Yamamoto when he comes sailing over the horizon.

    The Ford won’t go into service until 2020 due primarily to flaws in the non-steam catapult system installed over a mechanism that has worked well since the 1930s. The planes themselves, (F-35) are rife with glitches. This white elephant comes in at something like 13 billion and that doesn’t include support ships, planes, helicopters, subs and so on to protect this huge target. Serious critics claim that the availability of fast relatively cheap missiles, attacking in swarms, have made carriers obsolete even for intimidating third world countries. A carrier can put only put a small percent of it’s firepower on target, the rest is reserved to self protection. The bang per buck (pun intended) is very small.

    And, there’s the personnel. Large numbers of sailor-girls, homos, girlie men, and negro males must be recruited, trained, gender adjusted, sensitivity qualified, and so on. Trump should turn this ship into a large container vessel, sell it to a private company, and stop construction on the other two.

    Meanwhile, the Marines have been demanding enhanced shore bombardment capability with the heavy 16 inch guns of a couple of battleships. All four operational battleships are now off the registry. The Navy’s answer was to give Marines the high-tech Zumwalt destroyer and it’s small 155mm guns with range enhanced shells. Is this a joke? The Zumwalt even broke down while transiting the Panama Canal not long ago.

    The purpose of new carriers is to provide jobs, make contractors rich, and create additional admiral and flag officer billets, (we can’t say officer slots anymore). No self respecting ambitious saltwater officer would be caught on the deck of a 70 year old ship, no matter how effective the tub fit a unique niche. Besides, these old ships haven’t been gender neutralized as they still have urinals.

    The odds are that the first operational Ford commander will be a she-boon, beaner, power cunt, fine noble negro, queer, lesbian, a trans, or a combination thereof.

    • Great post Black Heart. The USA had four modern aircraft carriers nearby that new Yamamoto was coming. But they stayed away so the “day of infamy” lie could be used. Plus, they were needed for the (((US planned))) war with Japan, whereas the Arizona battleship was obsolete.

      Why not just build hundreds of 5 star hotels all over the USA and put all US military personnel in them? It would be much cheaper, and no wars would be necessary. Each hotel would need a Navy Captain in charge, or a General perhaps if Army or Air Force. Job creation! Great porcelain toilets in all rooms, no urinals, and room service at tax payer expense. More job creation. My guess is if all this was done the US military budget would have to be cut in half!!!! Maybe cut by about 80%.

  3. Where’s my air sickness bag! I was a carrier sailor. I have talked with sailors during Klinton’s and Muslame Monkey boys reign of terror and not one sailor had anything good to say about the NEW improved neutered Navy….good for them!

    They’ll still need to install bidets and tampon dispensers in all the heads; to be PC of course. Maybe male sailors (can we still say male?) can use the bidets as standup urinals.

  4. I wonder how much money this shit costs.

    NPR (not that I’m that fond of that left wing new station) had a show about cutting Food stamps for Americans. Many poor whites in my area are barely rubbing two nickels together. If these poor young white women didn’t get SNAP or WIC, they’d be fucked. Yet the current administration is perfectly fine with paying chicks with dicks restrooms.

    Makes me sick……….

    I tell every young poor white man or woman I know, get all you can in government benefits, work the system, stay at home with your kids if you can and game shabbos goy boomers if the situation allows it.

  5. “Bathroom experts told the Navy Times that urinals cost less, take up less space, and are more sanitary (fewer men miss their target with a urinal).”

    Who needs experts, when idiot lefturds and mentally ill LGBTQAIDS folks can decide what is for the best?

    Everybody who has been to concert, or opera, knows that women’s toilets always get a queue; mens never do, due to several urinals taking up less space than one booth, and quick for men to take a leak at one. So, the PTB let the women in to the mens toilets, at the Sydney Opera House during busy interval times. Then men are too scared to go in with all these female spectators queuing for the cubicles. I do, of course, as usual, and unbutton the mutton and use the urinal as usual. Men are so gutless these days and this was 20 years ago, the last time I saw an opera or snob music concert there.

    Why porcelain which can be smashed during drunken rampages? Stainless steel would be cheaper, easier and more sanitary on board ship.

    “Booths are a great place to have sex. Are there going to be lube dispensers in each booth to facilitate the hanky panky?” Paladin you asked for it….. I have a 2017 eyewitness report from inside a Google office. Great food etc., no surprises there. But – the mens toilets has free lube and free condoms. Make of that you will, but I fear Google is encouraging men to bumfuck men in the cubicles. I do not know what the ladies toilet area contains – vibrators, batteries and lube maybe, plus condoms?

    China or Russia could sink this multi-billion dollar ship, with conventional missiles. Only weak and poor nations like Syria can be attacked by these obsolete vessels. In fact, Syria could be attacked and bombarded with a 1939 battleship or even a 1914 battleship.

    Only a bully nation sends in giants to fight blind pygmies who are in wheelchairs. That bully nation is the USA, the attack dog of Israel.

  6. It does seem like we are fighting the last war, with weapons from three wars ago. One of these things get hit by a missle and women won’t be so anxious to join the new navy. If you were an enemy of America wouldn’t you be working as hard as possible to develop a missle that could destroy an aircraft carrier?

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