Justin Bieber Cancelled His Purpose Tour to Rededicate His Life to Christ


Has Justin Bieber fallen for a “Christian” scammer? For that matter is the flying Jew in the sky one giant scam that has persisted for thousands of years now?

We can each have our own beliefs about the flying Jew. I’m not going to criticize anyone for any belief set related to Christianity. I do know that the glories of ancient Greece and ancient Rome came before Christianity. From that, I conclude that it was the white racial makeup and not Christianity that’s behind the greatness of Western civilization.

If Bieber’s pastor, Carl Lentz, is a con man, then it might be part of the (((entertainment industry’s plan))) to at some point in the future leave Bieber demoralized and contemptuous of Christianity.


Justin Bieber pulled the plug on his Purpose tour because he “rededicated his life to Christ” … sources connected to Hillsong Church tell TMZ.

Bieber’s decision seemed to come out of the blue, but our sources say it was squarely based on what Bieber believes is religious enlightenment. Bieber said he canceled due to exhaustion, but that’s simply not true. Plus, his remaining touring schedule was not taxing travel-wise.

We’re also told Bieber’s crew is “incredibly pissed off at him” because it has impacted their financial well-being without any warning.

Bieber has been virtually joined at the hip with Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz over the last few months — including at a huge church event in Australia — but we’re told Lentz did not advocate for cancelling the tour.

Lentz will not preach against faggotry. Check out this video. Four minutes:

False prophet!

10 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Cancelled His Purpose Tour to Rededicate His Life to Christ

  1. If he starts talking about the real nature of the industry, including who runs it and what they do to those in it, then I’ll believe he’s hit the wall and looking for a way out. Otherwise, I fear its just another cynical career move.

  2. OK, this is a Christ scammer, will he tell his audience about Sodom and Gomorrah. This is another attempt by the powers that be to eradicate true Christianity,

      • Taking a long look at the picture….hmmmmm, the good pastor sets off alarm in my head “warning warning Will Robinson poofter! alert”

        ALso the text on the buff padre’s shirt is alone from John Lennon’s Imagine, an ode to the glo9balist NWO if there ever was one, my money’s on Bieber and the padre taking each other up the seat

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